Painless suicide methods that can appear as "accidents"

Asking for a friend

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>become gun enthusiast
>designate a specific day of the week for cleaning your guns
>make sure everybody knows it
>"dude can't make it sunday afternoon, that's my gun cleaning time"
>do this for months
>one day "accidentally" shoot yourself while cleaning your guns
perfect plan

Drowning is painless

These aren't painless you jokers

Will look into it

But who cares how it appears. You're gone, you're dead. What does it matter

He doesn't wanna disappoint some of his family or traumatize his younger siblings.
It's easier for them to handle "bro died in an accident" than "he killed himself"

t. emotional manlet that has no ties to family or friends
what he said.

Bullets travel faster than the brain can process pain, so a gun to the head is painless provided you don't miss

>provided you don't miss
That's a chance not worth taking.
Dude can't even get out of bed without a reminder, doubt he can competently learn how to pull a trigger on himself.

Living, dying, pain is somewhere.

I would just stick to living and being grumpy about it. I hope you find a reason to stick around user. Personally Ive been a bit miserable for as long as I can remember. The older I get the less meaning I see in life and as of now I think its really all one big thing of nothingness. Truth be told, I am wrong and I know it. I chose to enjoy my day and challenge myself so maybe in 5 years im in a better spot. Life is all about moving forward not backwards.

>Shots to the brain have a much higher fatality rate likely to be nearer 90%, or even higher if a shotgun is used.
You would have to be pretty bad of a shot to fuck that up. But if OP follows my gun enthusiast plan, he will get the firearm discipline necessary to accidentally blow himself away.

everyone giving op ideas is going to get fucked by karma

>being a poo that believes in karma

You don't understand user.
This guy is trying to die, and I need to help him make it happen by may

Shut the fuck up. Op should live.

>this person I don't know should live so my jimmies feel good

back to topic:
also looking for ways to end it as painless as possible. Guns aren't an option because of shitty gunfree country.
Does'nt even need to look like an accident.
I dont give a fuck what people will think after.

warm bath and cutting, drowning, jumping? god knows. i wish someone just killed me too, having to think about this shit is so tiring when i just want it to end

>t. emotional manlet that has no ties to family or friends
How the fuck did you come to that conclusion?

Wait so now you don’t care if it looks like an accident? If you still want it to look like an accident then take up hiking as a hobby, then after a few months climb up somewhere with a really big cliff and “slip” off the edge (make sure you leave a slip mark so that investigators don’t think you jumped)

Playing with a cub while the mama bear is within sight difference.

People die from bears all the time.

>But they're hybernating!!

Bears don't actually "hybernate" they will wake up if disturbed enough. Just go in a bear den and start playing with the cub. Mama will rip your face off promptly and it'll look like an accident. Just say you went hiking. Literally happens all the time.


Suicide is painless

One of the most legit painless ways to do it is heroin overdose
Just shoot up an extreme amount of heroin and lay down sideways so you don't start choking on puke
It'll be pure heaven, but if I you truly want to listen to advice, killing yourself really isn't worth it, this coming from someone who attempted suicide 3 times
Life does get better eventually, you just need to take it less seriously

Get drunk and "accidentally" fall from your balcony
Go somewhere inawoods/a mountain, get drunk or high and "accidentally" fall somewhere/get hypothermia
Also check this song out before dying