So, my bf let me peg him twice. I did it because I was curious...

So, my bf let me peg him twice. I did it because I was curious, I've never had a partner let me before and the fact the he was willing to let me was fascinating. I wanted to see his reaction. He says he didn't like it and to never speak if it, but he was hard and asked why I was more rough with him and why I didn't pull his hair.. I was honest, I'm a small girl and I couldn't reach and Tbh I could barely mount at all. Thoughts on this? It seems like something he's very ashamed of but enjoyed it, should I be prepared for him to go full beta on me?

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Ooooooof he's gay as shit OP run

"If you let her do that, it's going to be like this: it's going to be life before this and life after this"

Congrats OP, you created a faggot.

Can you peg me too?

>should I be prepared for him to go full beta on me?
He already did.

But is he beyond hope? He told me to never speak of it and when I asked why he was hard/did he like it he was really defensive and said no

What position(s)?

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Only a matter of time before he leaves you for a trap

Flat on his tummy and ass up with me beyond, but it looked like a Chihuahua mounting a great Dane.

You're the only judge of whether or not this makes him beta. Imo since you are asking, probably it does. You said you didn't even want to do it, you just wanted to see if he would let you. It sounds like some kind of demented test, but Its up to you whether or not he passed the test.

This is my fear honestly.

It was more like curiosity, would he let me, how would he react, how would i feel, etc. He said he let me "just cuz" and that he wanted to make me happy, which is cute and all but its not something I'd find interest in doing weekly.

Why shouldn't this turn him on? I don't think it makes him a fag or trap lover at all. There's lots of things that stimulate people, men and women alike.

Women that like being dominated in bed, doesn't mean they wanna be raped in the outside world, does it?

>should I be prepared for him to go full beta on me?
This is what you want to happen, is it not? Stop pretending.


>hey user let me do this sexual thing to you
>guys my bf came when i did this sexual thing to him!

Wrong. He wishes that he was a lesbian and wants nothing more than a girlfriend who will turn him into her trap boyfriend even though he knows he will never be passable and accept his feminine side that he has kept hidden away his entire life and doesn't even know how to express.

No wait. That's me. Nevermind

not a dude, but don't dudes get hard to like random things? It's not a surefire sign of arousal.



I'll be honest, I've tried a dildo up the ass. It didn't do anything for me whatsoever. He was probably hard because men have prostates and if you stimulate it you get hard. It's possible he just wanted to experiment and it wasn't what he thought it would be. The fact that he wanted to try it at all means he is pretty perverted (I should know), so if you want to be with a guy like that then that's up to you. Like I said I tried it, I blame porn addiction, I didn't like it and I don't feel attracted to guys at all. I suppose it comes down to how you both feel about it. If you don't respect him as a man anymore then you should find someone else and this time don't peg him.

Ignore the trolls.

Here's a wild and crazy idea. Why not ask him?

You need someone to be rough with you, not the other way around. Not good breeding material.

This could very well be true too.
But I still think it is a huge redflag that he let his girlfriend mount him. I would've told her to get on her knees right then and there to show her who's the boss just for floating the idea.
OP, sounds like you have a pussi boy. Go to church and get yourself a principled man.

yeah I'm getting hard to this thread and I'm 100% straight haha

That's so many people you don't even have the foggiest idea.
The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.

Depends but it's possible.
It's literally just blood pumping into porous/spongy tissue (in layman's terms) so it's not like it requires some magical set of words.
"Ynroh teg!"

First day on Jow Forums? People come here because they're functionally stunted, not because they're terribly wise or suffering an actual predicament. This is the answer to 90% of relationship threads and they could all be dead in one post but no, partners seem dead set on having a bunch of dickhead wonders like those of us on Jow Forums to steer them right in their relationship.