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how is babby formed?

Hey males itt, what're your opinions on "funny self aware awkward" girls? Like Jess from New Girl

Fellas, is the view bad when you're giving oral or do you not care?

How girl get pragnent?

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I am looking to finally try to do something about my crippling social anxiety.

Girls, how would you react if out of the blue a guy you used to know very well throughout highschool/your early 20s suddenly made contact asking to catch up, even though you and your friends used to endless try to invite this person out to social events and they ditched every time leading you to slowly give up on them. You haven't seen this person in 4 or so years.

not care, depending on the angle all i can see are tits anyway.

similarly you girls see the same thing looking past our dicks up to our faces during blowjobs right?

I'd be thrilled. I have several friends who fell out of contact despite my best efforts, and I'd always be eager to hear from them.

I was popular with girls in high school and even grade school. If I haven't become disgusting, should I assume there are girls out there who like me, even if I don't see it

No guys watch New Girl - post a clip from the show.

why do most women seem to hate bi guys?

Do they actually exist?

If they do I would probably befriend one.

>similarly you girls see the same thing looking past our dicks up to our faces during blowjobs right?
Yup lol

damn. i must look ugly af from that angle

I have known guys who watch New Girl but for you user here you go
Sometimes I think I have similar traits so yes they exist.
But you would see her as just friends or would you wife that

Bc we want all the attn on us. I want the dick inside me, I don't want to watch or know of the time u got pegged in the butt. How is that a turn on for me

Is the new girl at work into me?

>First week she starts I walk into the office and see her and other female coworker googling my name looking for my facebook.
>This prompts me to strike up a conversation and pretty much meet her for the first time outside of work questions.
>Our job roles mean that we interact 4-5 times a day so each time she comes to me or I go to her we get to know each other a bit more.
>Out of the blue during a group conversation she jokes that she wants to get more active and lose a bit of weight and invites me to go hiking with her.
>I politely decline because I had plans.
>A few weeks later I am standing next to her desk on snapchat and she comes over, asks if I'm bored and slides her phone into the view of the camera with her QR code showing so it prompts me to add her.
>She never snaps me.
>I snap her for the first time like 2 weeks later joking about something from work.
>Since the first snap the conversation has never ended and has been ongoing for weeks with both of us replying to each other up until just after midnight.

By this point I am definitely crushing on her and coworkers begin to notice/comment.

>Our interactions drop back a bit at work in response but we still snap each other daily.
>She insists I come into work on the last day just so we can hang out for a few hours before driving to Christmas work drinks together, even though I was just going to meet everyone there.
>We drive there and don't leave each others side the whole party.
>She leaves early to go to a dinner but asks me to snap her everything and that she will catch up with me after her dinner when people head to different bars in town.
>I get too drunk and she says she is tired and calls off meeting up but suggests that we meet for lunch/drinks over the Christmas break.

The only issue is that she has a boyfriend of 5 years which I only found out about overhearing another conversation.

*shrug* I'm probably overthinking it & she's just looking for a friend.

>has a boyfriend

You should have made that the first line in the post because it's the most relevant. You don't shit where you eat, especially not if you're going to try and snake some dude for her.

Whether or not she likes you is irrelevant - and I don't know that she does - because you can't and shouldn't do anything about it. Maybe she's into you and her relationship is on its way out and she's branching, cool, wait for the relationship to be over before taking it anywhere. On the other hand though, girls especially, in long term relationships you get to a point where you are so comfortable with your partner that other people no longer really look like dating options at all. She looks at you and sees a friend and a coworker and someone she gets along with and she never looks at you and wonders if she'd date you or not.

If she's wanting u as a friend, she could've casually brought up the bf (not in a crazy I have a bf f off type of way) so u wouldn't get led on. She's leading u on purposely 99.9% likely bc she wants the attn that her current bf isn't giving her. Don't hold ur breath. If she's willing to be sneaky likd that to her current bf, she's not worth it

Also agree with thus guy to a certain point. Specifically right after the "branching out part"
This is ask the opposite gender, which I am. I'm so certain she is attempting to play both of you, even if her relationship ends, why would you want her? She will do the exact same thing to you. You're not special to her, you're a victim. (I've witnessed a handful of girls do this exact thing to more than one boy)

With the amount we have talked and sent snaps back and forth talking about weekend plans or what we are currently doing, nowhere did she ever mention (and still hasn't mentioned) a boyfriend. I'm not sure she knows I have even overheard it.

I definitely backed off once I learned about her boyfriend though, I have no interest in getting involved in some cheating love triangle, especially with a coworker, especially when the rest of the office knows we are flirting.

I'm just coasting currently, I'm definitely still into her, and if her relationship does end then yeah maybe I would give it a shot?

This is definitely an interesting discussion though because i was just assuming it was all in my head, not her keeping me on the back burner.

Oh boy. I'm telling you man if you give her a shot she will do the same to you. Why enable someone like that? Isn't that a turn off, you can do better man.

Is it bad to have a Latina fetish?

Every time I hear that a woman has a last name with a Spanish or Portuguese origin my chances of a huge boner increase exponentially

1) How do I get a girlfriend as a 25 year old guy who's never been in a relationship?

I'm too ugly for Tinder, never get any matches. Don't have many redeeming qualities, average height, balding, bad teeth, glasses...

2) Do women think their orbiters are pathetic? I've recently become really close friends with a (taken) woman at work, I don't have any feelings for her but the closeness of our relationship feels weird to me like it's not appropriate for co-workers

Ask a woman on a date who you think is attractive but are not obsessed with. See what happens from there?

I don't know. Maybe this is me being naive, but if her current relationship runs its course and then we do start something up afterwards, no issue right?

Maybe you guys and girls are right though. If she is into me then she is jumping the gun which should be ringing alarm bells.



If you don't want to fuck her then you're not an orbiter. Men and women can just be friends even if it's sometimes difficult.

femanon here: she is into you for sure. that is well beyond coworker territory.

Thanks, maybe I will give it a go. I'm just afraid of what it will do to me if they don't reply. I know it is my own fault but still.

>I don't want to watch or know of the time u got pegged in the butt
what if i dont tell you or ask you to watch?

The grass is greener is even larger for them. If you are with someone without a past they will want to explore. Now imagine that haven't explore the whole other side of their sexuality. That could be you, or that could be someone else.

It's not worth it.

Wondering if I should ask my female coworker out or if it would make things awkward

I'm attractive, fun, cool young woman.
I've had boyfriends before.
I'm at a point where I'm it ready to even try again.
However I still feel lonely around the holidays and birthdays.
I don't mind spending them alone but it has always been this way and people are all saying how depressing it is that I have no one to spend them with. Everyone I know is busy.

What's the problem?
I mean it's not something I can change and I want to be unbothered by it. But it's just so drilled into society that people without family, lovers, and friends are too busy to do anything for holidays is a bad thing. I can see my friends any other time except xmas and new years.

Why do men feel uncomfortable when women show them affection?

Or, how should I be affectionate with a guy without scaring him away?

Then as long as you're dedicated to the female that you're in a relationship with then they shouldn't find it "gross"
It's kind of a double standard, speaking as a bi girl. Most men like the thought of female w female but girls think of male w male differently.

What kind of affection? It makes me uncomfortable if it's someone my age that I'm not romantically interested in. If you think he likes you even a little bit then be as affectionate as you want.

Because as an adult these holidays are the only time (most) people get off work. It's depressing to squander it by not having plans with a significant other.

I found my boyfriend's porn and the women in it all look nothing like me. They all have blonde hair and big tits and asses, and it's a lot more rough stuff than he does with me. Does he want a woman like that or is it just that that's what he likes?

Ask him.

im not sure what you mean. theyre scared i might turn gay?

how true is the myth of girls dumping their attractive boyfriends because of jealousy?

It's not women, it's people. And it's not bi guys, it's bi people. Everyone hates all of us. Mostly fears of infidelity because they think bi people are sluts, or fears of fickleness since they think bi people 'can't decide', or insecurity about not being 'enough' since they can't 'compete' with the opposite gender. It's stupid.

How would I bring that up with him? The sex we have is the polar opposite of the porn he watches and I don't think I'd be completely comfortable trying some of it.

Need advice from some guys. I met a 25 year old doctor recently. He gets super nervous and shy around me. I wanted to ask him out, but there was never a good time. I wondered if it was just his personality and he really wasn't into me, since I'm about 15 years older than him. I figured what the hell, I'll send him a friend request and just say hi. Because unless I need to go to the ER, I have no way of seeing him again. He didn't accept or deny the friend request, it's still pending. My friend sent him a friend request from her alt account, and it was immediately denied. I sent him a message but per the icon, he hasn't ever been notified of the message. So it must be in his other folder. Not sure what to do next. Don't wanna seem like a stalker. But he definitely seemed like he was super into me.

I never wanted to dump my attractive Chad bf's because of jealousy. I dumped them because they were boring and plain.
So not completely true but I could see it as possible.

Hugs, kisses, physical shit basically.

If it's with a woman I'm interested in I would be very reciprocal with that sort of affection.
What's your relationship with this guy? In what scenario do you plan on being affectionate with him - on a date?

how did he get to be a doctor by 25

He's probably still in school.

girls, what is the best way to respond to snapchat nudes?

I'm not currently with a guy. There were men in my past whom I hugged and kissed, and who ran away from me soon afterward.

Don't worry about scaring guys away with affection - it does quite the opposite. Ask them why they ran away.


how shit is your life that you actually spend time on Jow Forums

just as shit as yours, apparently

Yeah, he just graduated. Junior doctor or something.

Good to know. I have a date with a guy in a few days (right after Xmas). I'll definitely keep this in mind.

Too vague. Depends on the situation.

I don't like when women force affection towards me just because they're lonely/need company/want dick. Granted I'm probably not like most guys since I can spot fakeness really easily, I'd just rather have a woman whose honest.

Usually because the woman is too forward and her affection is smothering me. And when I don't find her attractive.

Guy here, I exchanged numbers with a co-worker before we both left the company a couple of weeks ago. I did not get to interact with her much during work, even though i really wanted to. I had a couple of online chats with her, mostly about what we do now, which she seemed to enjoy, but I don't know how to gauge her interest. I initiated all 3 convos until now. Should I just ask her out or would it be a better idea to wait the holidays out and see if she makes any move?

Just ask her out. She'll appreciate it.

What does a size 12 woman look like? Is this considered fat? Images or links to images appreciated.

Try google images, brainlet

Kill yourself.


>doesn't know how to use Google
>goes seething when user points it out


Lol, you're absolutely seething.




Zooey Deschanel is 10/10 wife material

My issue is, when I approach guys I usually do it as if I'm approaching a wounded animal, because I'm way too scared any sudden moves will scare him away. This causes me to come off as boring and personality-less. Is there a happy medium? What should I be doing?

why men hate women so much?

does height actually matter?

Yes it does. I'm a tall girl (6ft) and guys reject me because they feel humiliated at being shorter than their gf.

i meant for guys

I come here to study human psychology.
And apparently self loathing people really do project it onto everyone else to feel better about themselves.

Femanons, is it a big of a deal if a man is really short?
I'm 5'3 and 18 yo so I guess I lost the gene lottery.

>What do you want to know?
Everything. Girls, tell me everything.

you are finished

i knew a guy with mad scoliosis who hit the gym after high school; the muscles forced his spine into position and he got a couple of inches out of that. though even if you could do the same, just up to 5'6 it wouldnt matter

fuck women are shitty people

i don't know if i am royally fucking up or not
just came home from my ex-gf
spent the night at her place after being at a party
we fugged even though it was weird full knowing some other guy fucked with her in her bed
i am going to spend this evening and the whole day tomorrow with her
and i believe that she is falling in love with me
as she drove me home and waited, looking in my direction as i was walking to the door

she told me i was driving her crazy
the way she looks at me, the way she kisses me
she asked me if the "situation between us hasn't changed" her actions clearly depict something
oh and she was the one asking me if i had time tomorrow and this evening

If I ever get my first ever date in this life, when can I put on an enthusiastic voice and tell her, "Congratulations! You're my first ever date"?

Take in mind that it could be b8.

Start swimming while you still can grow a bit


it's hard to tell what is true at all.

What about "you made me unlock the achievement 'Get Your First Date'"?

Girls, what can you more easily feel and what feels better, a load shot in the pussy or the ass?

Ladies, which one is the most matters: Dick size or endurance?

you cant real feel it in the way youre thinking

Why does it make people so mad when their partner sleeps with another person?

It's honestly just gross. There's not much else to it.

Was my first boyfriend just an asshole, or is it normal for guys to never initiate conversations, never try to continue a conversation, promise to do things that he never will, and make me feel unloved and unnecessary?

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here are my red flags:
>shy, timid
>30 yo manchild
>lives with family
>no professional career, but decent paying job with benefits
>small social circle
>plays vidya all day

what would be a redeeming quality? the x factor? something that'd make you look past these flags?
>inb4 have 8 inch cock
don't have that either otherwise i wouldn't be here

With my highschool girlfriend that I dated for 3 years, we would hang out everyday, and I would walk her home every single day. In fact, there was only one time that I didn't and I still feel like an ass for not doing it.
My next girlfriend was long distance and we dated for around 2 years, and I would skype/message her every single day.

I was just doing the bare minimum, so don't take anything less than that.

yes you are a dumb thot who finds assholes attractive

Need a girl opinion on this...

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you lost, move on

It's not a contest...

Shy/timid and 30 year old man child would negate any positives for me to be honest.

ya it is, youre competing with every other guy for her

I like it when old friends get back in touch