I don't know whether to study Music or Math

I don't know whether to study Music or Math.

What do?

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Study your penis instead

Do math, not meth

Music Is Math

do you want to be a math teacher or a music teacher?

based and failurepilled

Based /mu/ poster
Boards of Canada is overrated tho

Yeah I'm actually not too into them. Geogaddi was posted so much back in the day though, one of the first albums I remember /mu/ pushing on me.

Compose music in accordance with mathematical principles. Bach, for instance, is mathematically beautiful.

Or how about just study Math and play music as your main hobby?

joint major?

Music. Math is boring and you can't really impress girls with it.

Math, get a PhD and become a quant on Wall Street. Not even kidding, supposing you're good at math

They are really the same science. Why not both?

If you have to pick one do math. Math is beautiful.


Pick physics!

If you can do math, go with math. Math is much better choice for your future career.

I will check my own trips out of desperation

Both lead to teaching or unemployment. So which would you rather teach?

Which of the two makes you want to kill yourself the least? Go with that and follow your heart~

God that's tough. I'm gonna say math bro, but i'm definitely biased.

Music major here
Study math. There is nothing that studying music can get you that you can't get in your spare time.
Studying an art in college is a meme, it's a total con and 95% of it is just creating work to meet criteria you could pay somebody to set for you. The degree is worthless, even at honours level.

I'd say follow the one that makes you want to kill yourself the most, OP.

If you want to study both then you're probably pretty smart. I'd say it depends on which one you are more talented in. Math also has an edge in terms of making money.

You shouldn't base your entire future off of what will impress the most girls.

Math might be boring to you, but it's interesting to plenty of other people. Besides, other than teaching at a school, there isn't really any job that requires a music degree