I'm 20 and never had a girlfriend but I've been self improving a lot lately

I'm 20 and never had a girlfriend but I've been self improving a lot lately.
In the unlikely event that I do get a girlfriend how do I accept the fact that she probably ( 99% ) already had a boyfriend and that I will be compared to him a lot in her mind.

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I was bitter when I was 19 and had this happen to me

She was still a virgin, but I never dated in high school so I was hella jelly.

It's good to be jelly tho. It means you aren't jaded and bitter so just embrace those jealous feelings, cause I can't even feel them anymore and do you really want that OP?

Just keep her close

Ok first you need to do some more focusing and self improving on yourself. They will not compare, at least the ones that will actually be worth it. You have self esteem issues and you need to work on that otherwise you're in for one hell of a ride
Speaking from xp

Keep her close? What kind of advice is that? You're stoking this flint into a wildfire here in this specific situation, 99% chance this guy will get clingy.
I'm a female. I never compared the current partner to my past ones unless there was a toxic one and I was comparing red flags.

Why do you want a girl who will compare you to her previous bf?

I doubt I can find a virgin at 20+
I can't see how it can be good desu.

I'm trying my hardest to improve

I pray you are a larp

OP avoid any girl that uses the word 'toxic' for starters

It's not that I want it's that, realistically, everyone does it at least subconsciously

I wish I could get jealous over a girl man

I just see them as stupid and spoiled now

I kinda agree that a lot of girls nowadays seems spoiled but there are good ones still.

waiting to find one man. I'm probably going to die soon and it sucks to have never had a relationship that even lasted a year despite being in many

think about that OP

I mean I know that 1 long relationship > many short ones if that's what you're getting at.

It is what you want. Because few girls would do that. Or if they do, it will be because they like you a lot better.

>I'm trying my hardest to improve
You are not trying very hard if you continue to be an insecure whiner who has a virgin fixation.

Are you terminally ill or something?

I need a shot a month for the rest of my life to live so yes

I know it's easy to fall into this trap, but it's just in your head.

1. 20 is young, most girls haven't had a good relationship yet. Teens are immature shit heads.

2. If a girl catches feelings for you, just being around you , talking to you or touching you will make her feel really good. She'll dig you and the past doesn't matter.

My advice is: Don't get stuck in this hole, this anxiety will be your worst enemy and years can pass by before you realize how irrational it is. Work on yourself to become confident and independent, and things will work out.

Did you say you are a girl? Then we could at least have some carnal fun before you kick the bucket.

From friend's experience it is what they do, maybe it's an age thing.

Well I can't just stop that, it's a slow process. But I'm sure I'm better of now than 3 months ago for example

No, I am a straight male unfortunately

I can roleplay for you ITT if you want

oh yeah bby I like it when you want to do carnal things to me

The point about being young still stands. I don't think 20 year olds are much different than teens, at least from my experience and from girls around me.

I will try not to get stuck in the hole but I won't know for sure until the time when I get a girlfriend comes.

Not OP, but I'm also 20 and I only had a LDR when I was 15. I know my case isn't that bad but I'm not very lucky with girls (a few girls were attracted to me in the past but they weren't my type) and I tend to compare myself with my friends a lot and I'm starting feel bad for being a virgin/not being in a relationship. I'm making a big deal out of this? Should I be less picky?

You ARE making a big dead.
You are NOT being picky, that's your desperation talking out of you, you're not that desperate don't drop your standards