How do you let go of Hate?

Hate life
Hate death
Hate libtards
Hate cuckservatives
Hate women
Hate SJWs
Hate jews
Hate nigs
Hate muzzies
Hate trannies
Hate white trash
Hate fat people
Hate hollywood
Hate celeb culture

Hate myself

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Well I guess I'll just wax philosophical with ya

you just let it go like elsa man. really. it's not worth it. you gain allies and form bonds and soon your allies outnumber your enemies- at least in terms of interactions. Go find them

Also don't fuck Casca

The virtual world promotes hate. Get out into the real world and connect with actual people. Totally different experience.

for me it was just realising that none of these thoughts actually made my life any better, and working from there

but once you've been blackpilled, how do you go back?

You go backpilled

Life isn't like anime. Hate doesn't accomplish anything. It doesn't power you up, or protect you from pain. It just kills you and everyone who comes in contact with you little by little. Your hatred of whatever kind of people won't stop them from existing. They will still be living and dying long after you're little more than a rotting forgotten corpse in some graveyard. Hatred can only be released or acted upon.

Like others have said:
Get off Jow Forums, connect with people and stop letting things you have no control over ruin your life and mood.

Your attitude is common among Jow Forums basementdwellers

How do you release hate without going postal?

The internet makes the most vocal cunts seem like they represent average people. Even Facebook makes me hate people I became friends with IRL.

You're better off getting off the internet internet for awhile.

I second this

Be my friend.
You remind me of myself. The hate is unbearable now.

Deleted my FB. No value whatsoever. Just people using it to hide or be vapid.

The virtual world lets people say what they want without any negative consequences to their reputation, so the "real" world is actually a lot less real than online, ironically.

Those people all have those inner thoughts when you talk to them in person, they're just suppressing them. Everyone is actually an evil piece of shit wearing a mask, and by choosing to not use the internet you're essentially taking the blue pill.

I learned to stop caring and I found some good instead. I used to be just like that, but as time passed I slowly realized there was no point over shit I couldn't do much about. I found future goals and got my life on track and managed to be get some hapiness. And its true, spending tons of time of online will cause you start hating things, I sometimes get drawn in with an argument with an sjw or a nig, but in the long run you can't stay angry forever.

Have you tried self inflicted brain damage? Hate is the only rational response.

>Your hatred of whatever kind of people won't stop them from existing.
Hate pulls triggers, nigger.

I guess you don't hate retards or you'd kill yourself already.

Idk, tell me if you find a way.
I hate pretty much everything. If something doesn't make me smile unconciously, it's worth hating.

You don't. You learn how to channel it.

witness to christ and realize you control 0 of that accept yourself and be content with that. It has helped me deal with so much stress in my life.