Insane guy in uni halls

>In uk uni halls
>Insane guy in room next to me making my life hell

It started when I caught him in the shared kitchen drinking straight out of my milk carton that i bought with my own money. He just muttered "s-sorry" and marched away very autistically. We dont have our own toilets in our room either so sometimes ive walked into the shared toilets and heard him masturbating in the cubicles or showers and making faint moaning noises

Last week was the straw that broke the camels back when, at 2am, i was in bed sleeping before a test and he was still awake playing video games and he just went into an autistic shitfit after he died. All i hear is "FUCK, FUUUUCK, FUUCK, FUUUCK" in a muffled voice but still loud enough for me to hear through the walls. Then he starts throwing his furniture around and breaking glasses and plates and shit and doing banshee screams. When hes done with that i can just hear him sobbing and making autist noises for literally an hour until he must have fell asleep. I got 2 hours sleep before my test

I tried to demand that the uni let me move into a new halls or room somewhere because this shit is unbearable. Or that they kick him out. I just got the email this morning to say that there are no new rooms for me to move into in the entire uni, and that they are also unable to remove him from his room and that this is a "personal matter" that i need to sort out with him. I cant take this and am considering dropping out of uni at this point to escape him because its ruining my mental health and making it impossible to live or study or do anything. I also have no friends because i was put in this shit floor of the halls with no normal people on it. What the fuck do i do Jow Forums?

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Bully him into submission and hope he doesn't stab you whilst you sleep.

Well a few weeks ago i did get angry and go up to his door and started pounding telling him to shut up, and he just screamed back "FUCK OFF" in this guttural autist voice and now im kind of scared of him

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Up the ante, terrorize him a little; steal his food and clothes, bang on the walls at night, verbally abuse him. Really try to get under his skin and then tell him that you'll leave him alone if he stops pissing you off.

Maybe come at him at a less threatening level? If the guy is known to have anger issues it's dumb to try using anger to threaten him.

Talk to him like a normal person op, like at full length about all the issues that are bothering you. See if he changes and if not then talk to him again about it but more firmly and then maybe layer on the pressure. You get a lot more with sugar than salt.

The guy has no social skills, literally zero. I have tried to make conversation with him in the shared kitchen when i see him but he just responds with one word or non-verbal gestures. Like i'll ask "what are you studying", he goes "maths", i ask "haha cool are you enjoying it" and he just nods with a blank expression. I tried to ask him what games he plays and he just stared at me and started twitching a bit, like he was having an autism attack. I think he'll shit himself or try to kill me if i confront him

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Make him fear you. His actions cannot go unpunished.

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Don't you have a warden at the halls? I know you say you've brought it up with the uni but this sounds like something more appropriate for a warden. They can definitely kick people out of halls for this. If you want to do dirty get him in trouble for drugs, very easy way to escalate shit in uni halls.

It’s in the UK so all their police are too busy investigating offensive tweets and checking for tv loicences

No we dont have any wardens. In UK unis we just live by ourselves in halls and occasionally we have cleaners come by or student support teams to check on us, but these people have effectively no authority

> (You)
>No we dont have any wardens. In UK unis we just live by ourselves in halls and occasionally we have cleaners come by or student support teams to check on us, but these people have effectively no authority

I went to uni in the UK, we had a hall warden.

Well we dont. Most of the time there is no one to keep track of what goes on which is how this guy gets away with his shit.

If there is a warden then he is absolutely useless at his job because i have to hear this retard at all hours of the evening bashing his desk, grunting, yelping, throwing shit, crying.

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Report him again. Don't just complain but log all his odd activity and describe in detail so they will see that there is something objectively wrong with him and you're not just being bitchy

Confront him. Legit be an asshole to him a bit. He'll probably smarten up.

>I think he'll shit himself or try to kill me if i confront him

I mean he might but it's also probably the best way to get what you want. He most likely doesn't know all the things that are bothering you and it'd be easiest for him to learn if you just knock on his door and talk to him about it. He might have social skills just not give a flying fuck about you.

People are scum. All you can do is try to limit his effect on you. Get a mini-fridge in your room to protect your food, Get ear plugs to wear at night. That sort of thing. Just take this as a learning experience that living around people is hell on earth. Work hard so you can buy a house instead of an apartment.

My mom has this horrible shih-Tzu
the thing yips and whines constantly but her favorite time to yip is about 2 a.m. - 4 a.m.
there isnt much i can do to quite her down and so obviously ive lost a lot of sleep in this past
but recently i found a solution that doesnt involve smoothering her with my pillow.
I bought this "calming spray"
it basically gets her so high that she just lays there in a daze and doesnt make a sound

I got it a petsmart and they have dosages for larger dogs. How much does he weigh? It also has no sent so he wont know what hit him. Just spray it on his pillow or controller or something hell have close to his face and you should get a decent nights rest

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You're the one that's making it a problem. All problems are relative. I had some major stress recently and take a step back and think about why it's annoying you so much. Try mindfulness meditation or just thinking about your stresses in a mindful manner, just simply be aware of what's going on and don't react to it. I know this sounds a bit hippy-ish and out there but it seriously works, I'm a pretty normal dude and have found this to help me deal with my problems greatly.

I was that guy once, but only for few nights because I injured my dick so bad I thought it was never going to heal. I got noise complaints because I would stay up all night weeping loudly until I finally snapped and almost committed suicide but was taken to the hospital by the police. Luckily my dick healed (took almost two years. it's still not the same.)

Basically, you never know what's going on with people.

My girlfriend lives off campus for a reason, OP. Living on campus is absolute CANCER.

Fuck that shit.

(Fortunate user who goes to a University 10-minutes from one of his dad's apartments off campus) I essentially live alone in a really nice area. I have to admit my ability to study in a quiet, reliable environment is a major facet of my 4.0 GPA

this reply was just to brag about your GPA

>Living on campus is absolute CANCER
Unless you live over an hour drive away from campus. Then the commute is fucking cancer.
Why the hell would someone brag anonymously?

>why would someone brag anonymously?
He probably focused on the thing that mattered most to him. I was just trying to state that living off campus>on campus. And using my GPA as a consequence of my living off campus. It has been really helpful not having to deal with the cancer of dormitories.

Yeah I know exactly why you did it. I was pointing out the flaw in the other guy's logic. He accused you of doing something pointless.

because they're self gratifying pieces of shit, why would you brag in general

When I dormed we had guys in our Hall who made a GoFundMe to get someone removed from our hall by paying for his room transfer fees lol.

Is there anyone else that he has annoyed? If so, form a group & continue to voice your annoyance with the staff that own the building. They cannot just ignore you, make their life hell until they do something about him.

I'm gonna regret this but, how did you hurt your dick? What was wrong with it?