Things girls do that are deal breakers

Femanon here, asking for my own self realization and self improvement.
I don't know what it is, but over the past 2 years there have been quite a few guys that I really liked, and they seemed to like me a lot too, but as soon as I act on that and start being affectionate or trying to talk more they just go complete cold shoulder and stop talking to me all together. I'd consider myself a 5/10, pretty average, on the thinner side, and the guys I like tend to range anywhere from a 4/10-7/10.

To the guys, is there anything that a woman does when trying to hint that she likes you that really turns you off? Is there anything you wish women would do differently when being affectionate?
I have no luck with Tinder, only guys who want to fuck and dead conversations that go nowhere. Am I just boring?

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I cannot just tell you if you are boring or not by just reading a paragraph, i can only advice that, take a slow approach at relationships if you want them to last long, if a guy wants to talk to you, then talk to him, if he wants to take you to a date, then go if you want to, you can have relationships the way you want them to be, i dont think that there is anything that should turn anyone off in a relationship, other than attitude, just be a little bit enthusiastic and im sure you will be fine, remember attitude > looks.

No that's reality. Most guys suck. Women too. Most people suck in general. I can't say what you might be doing but I will say you shouldn't find your self worth from others. Giving control over your self esteem from the general population is the biggest mistake you could make. The average person is retarded.

Also dating apps are a no. Guys sebd hundreds of messages a day hoping for a reply. They make threads because they can't even decide how to introduce themselves properly. Why would anyone want that? You are a number to them.

Meet a guy in real life and if they can carry a conversation then you can get to know each other and see it if might have potential.

If you want specific advice you have to share an actual example because there is no general advice for the complicated nature of socializing.

As a guy, before I had a gf, I'd frequently do that. You can't blame guys for wanting to know you better and realizing that it is not a good match, but some guys definitely handle the latter part better than others.

Basically, ask yourself what your own red flags might be. I've met way too many girls with interesting personalities only to later realize that they were broken inside because of depression and/or drugs.

Well I can give you my most recent example of this, this was probably 1-2 months ago.
>A friend of mine introduces me to his friend at a party
>we hit it off instantly, talk for hours even after everyone else has left
>add each other on facebook and make plans to hang out again
>hang out once or twice after that, play video games together for a few weeks online
>suddenly he just stops messaging me or responding to my messages, so I stop messaging him too.
>He comes to a party of mine shortly after he stopped talking to me, of invited him to this party weeks prior
>we greet each other when he arrives but he doesn't seem to have any interest in talking to me

I can elaborate on details but that's pretty much what happened, so what gives? This is the kind of thing that happens to me, 90% of the time I've met the guy irl too, so I know I must be doing *something* off-putting but I really just can't put my finger on it.

Maybe you should try asking him instead. How would anyone here know?

the only thing I wish women would do is workout twice a week and make the first move... instead they be eating ice cream out of the container and sewing ppl for looking at them...
Also yeah you're boring but all women are so it's not a big deal... I mean sometimes yea it's a big deal cause I'll be like "you like books?" and she'll be "yeah" and I'll be like "what's your favorite book" and she like "spongebob" ofc in this instant of time the small, subdued hope of having a talk bout postmodernism in the back of my soul just shriveled up & died, and besides that it really dont help a conversation that much... I mean look at the pic you used for this thread... what is that shit? You boring fucking midget, what is that? A monkey? In pajamas? What the fuck? You stupid ass hoe.

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Lmao chill bro. You sound like a bookworm virgin in college who gets asked relationship advice when he hasn’t even been in one and can actually give decent advice every now and then.

It makes sense when you brought up the “you like books?” thing but maybe s/he was trying to relieve tension as intellectual conversations are extremely boring and political no matter how you look at it. Being that similar with you in that prospect, it is difficult or even pointless to have that thought in the back of your head as not many people appreciate that from an intellectual because odds are the people in the scene are all about drama and high school bullshit that in reality we could do without and mainstream social media is ruining these things.

One thing I advise for you user is to relax. I started out the conversation as if I was pretending to be a 15 yr old edgy teen just to show you that that’s the mentality of people out there and if you want to spend time or even remotely find a friend, partner, or relationship then you need to ease off and remove remarks from your vocabulary/mentality such as:
>”you like books?”, “what’s your favorite book?”
>she replies spongebob (where I would’ve laughed my ass of and you ended up disappointed because you are seeking an individual similar to your ideals/personality/mentality
To which I advise:
> - 1: Opposites attract and don’t even remotely need to be exactly like you (which you never will find one anyways because that implies perfectionism exists when it realistically doesn’t)

You just simply need to enjoy their company with you, interact and socialize together to keep things from going stale
> - 2. Adapt and socialize at places where you feel more comfortable which aligns with your intellectual properties

Additionally, accept that humor is an underlying factor to achieving a mate because it involves rapid critical thinking which is desirable in life.

No bro spongebob was just a stand-in for hp lovecraft or wallace stevens lol

Follow these tips im about to give you and you will find man of your dreams.

1. dont talk about politics with male your little brain wont comprenhend and you will make fool out of yourself which is fine because you are female
2. walk about 3 meters behind your boyfriend/husband.
3.Lean to cook and clean
4. Suck out your boyfriend every day
5. Dont talk to blacks
6. Dont talk to brown people
7. Dont talk to other males
8. Bring your female friend for threesome
9. Be respectful and cute
10. work out no one likes fat and ugly girls

Did i miss something?

I think you missed that trolling isn't allowed here. Go masturbate.

I am completly serious.

Jow Forums

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>don't be a shallow whore
good luck trying to not fail that one

I only do this to girls that dont look good enough to even have sex with.

don't talk about past sexual partners (makes you look like a slut)
don't complain about other people (makes you look like you cause problems)
don't bring up finances or ask how much money he makes (makes you look like a gold digger)

If you bring up self harm or even worse show a picture/results of you self harming, I'm ending it right there and then, sorry.

Mind games, excuses and justifications.
If you fuck up, own it; if you need to, explain it; if it's unimportant, drop it.
Cooking, cleaning and doing laundry are universal. If you-- man or woman-- can't do these at least to a level of decent survivability (and yet are fully able an capable, just unwilling) you're not fit for a relationship just yet.

this is a personal list and its gonna get personal so take for what its worth
>has to be the center of attention
>will talk to any stranger and not shut the fuck up for hours if you let her
>talks about other guys
>would flip the fuck out if i talked about other girls
>she can have all the guy friends she wants but i cant have girl friends or she flips the fuck out
>says if i cheated she would kill me, but she cheats and says at the end of the day all she did was 'hurt my feelings'
>high maintenance, needy, insecure
>keeps in contact with exes from years ago
>no real skills and uses her pussy as a meal ticket
>unrealistic goals and expectations while putting in no work to achieve them
>constant lying and manipulation
>plays the victim even when clearly not
>everything is everyone elses fault and never hers
>asks for advice but never listens or changes

i could keep going but thats enough

Also, don't say that you're bisexual. We really hate that. I won't over-analyze it here but just keep it to yourself and never mention it.
But on the opposite side, it's very reassuring to hear when a girl is actually 100% straight.

>Why would anyone want that? You are a number to them.
You're not wrong at all but as an average guy, it's impossible to make it on those dating apps without shooting hundreds of messages and seeing what sticks.