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I just want to say that I hate niggers so fucking much more than I thought!

I fucking hate old people. There should be an age limit to how old you can get before you get the gas.

After we broke up we promised each other to be there for ourselves but she went no contact after a week. I don't miss her romantically but fuck man... I miss talking with her...

I wish rapist had publicized torture.
Tied up and humiliated like in the past. Historically this only happened to women for being raped, suspected as witches, or having a child without being married and yet men are the ones raping and doing basedcams and revenge porn and shit and still have the nerve to act like they are the victims all along.

I hate psycho bitches who say they are feminists but are actually just as sexist as the average man these days and women are not perfect either. However even so rapists never get punished. Sex traffickers, spy can, porn, al this shit goes by fine because gov only cares about drugs.

I am deeply and hopelessly in love with someone who I know will never return those feelings and I want to rope knowing that we will never cuddle under a blanket and play video games together

Stop inviting me to group gatherings and nothing else. We're not friends anymore if I'm just an invite to beef up party numbers.

Holy fuck cunts. Either hook up or dont. I want to go home. Its been 7 hours and counting.

Guys I noticed recently that I have memory problems. For example I'm going to do something and I forget what I'm supposed to do right before doing it (even if I planned to do it a few seconds ago). I also forget the names of a lot of famous people I used to know, even people I'm a fan of. I also forget with whom I've had conversations I've had in the last few days (I remember what I said or what they said but I forget who was talking to me).
I'm 25. Is this normal or is it something I should be concerned about?

I get brain fog too and i never took it seriously but turns out it was a symptom of a serious disease that i have. It's possible you have something similar and I'd recommend speaking to a neurologist

Kind of a sad feeling when you start not enjoying a hobby you've vicariously enjoyed for years. Not really due to depression or anything, just that phase of your life is over.
I've been watching anime for years, and I've seen a LOT. Yet, this season I haven't watched anything. The first season since 2015 where I didn't watch anything. I tried catching up on an anime that seemed interesting, but I just can't muster up the motivation to watch past the first episode.

Just sad to see something that was once a huge part of your life to silently go out like that.

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Not really. That's just human development. Maybe you're just moving on as a person, no need to make it into something it's not.

I hate roommates. I try to stay in my bedroom as much as possible, but it seems like every time I go out to the kitchen these assholes start swarming around.

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Ah that happens though. Your tastes do change and quite frankly a lot of anime is trite AF.
Go ahead and take a break though d00d, we need that after a decade or two.
I'm on a break myself, actually. Been about a year and a half. Got lots of good shows pooled up now that I'm actually looking forward to watch, too! Right now I'm more in a gaming mood so those good shows are gonna wait till I get the TV mood comes back. But that's my circumstance, user. Yours may be different.

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You don't understand, I was REALLY into it. It's all I did, every day, for years. I even picked up Japanese and still read Japanese literature.
I couldn't imagine a time where I didn't watch anime and didn't refresh /a/ every 10 minutes or so.
I am moving on as a person though, you are correct. I almost feel like I'm growing up and losing that innocence I once had. I'd enjoy anything that would pander to me and I wouldn't care. Now everything has to be high-brow and high quality.

I've been watching western shows myself. Restarted up Supernatural and been itching to get into Monty Python's Flying Circus.
I still enjoy anime movies though. Loved the shit out of Liz and the Blue Bird and I'm looking forward to the Natsume Yuujinchou movie and Mirai Mirai.

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That can happen I find. Something about 1 person moving around can jostle others to find something to do or remeber they had something to do. I find myself one of the jostled sometimes, too; and I'm the roomate inside their room most of the time

I am extremely blackpilled, and there is nothing going on in my life. I've spent the last two years doing nothing but sitting on my ass trying to distract myself by lurking the internet, trying to find any piece of content I can consume to keep my mind from thinking about how blackpilled I am about everything. Even that is drying up, when in the past I could spend the entire day listening to various podcasts and watching videos, now I can maybe look at videos for a few hours before the boredom sets in and I start doing dumb shit like overeating, drinking and smoking to pass time.

I don't see how anything in my life or the world as a whole could ever get better, but I don't want to make it even worse by adding additional issues like alcoholism to it. Keeping in shape and being healthy are the only things that are still going fine in my life.
Eventually I will run out of money and I will have to move somewhere so I can work a shitty job, but then I remember how fucking awful my life was when I was working. The shitty workplace I used to work in turned me into a fat alcoholic who would smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, the only reason I am not fat and alcoholic anymore is because I left and became a NEET. I know that when I eventually get forced into some shitty job working 8 hours a day I will end up killing myself. The only thing keeping me away from it is sitting on my ass watching shitty youtube videos and playing the occasional video game.

I'm a frustrated virgin I'm that frustrated that I nearly fucked my cousin because I was too horny. I'm a femanon tho


All I can say is;

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Yeah I've been watching some westren shows, too. Not so much right now - I have a taste for episodic drama right now and that's few and far between for modern shows it seems - so I just got "Highway to Heaven" for that desire right now... but I might go and rewatch Batman TAS for a pick-me-up.
I can't do the movies much because of ADHD makes me hyperfocus too deeply for long things - otherwise I'd be watch some of them like yourself.

I also noticed you said high brow and quality to the other user. Yes. Please do that even for westren shows unless you just plain enjoy the show for whatever reason. The feeling you get when you actually find something of a high level o quality is almost sublime and (for me at least) makes you appreciate the medium again. But in any case, do it for your sake of taste - because you ought to enjoy what you do in your hobbies not suffer through trash.
Good luck whatever happens, d00d. Hopefully you'll find something to enjoy in your spare time.

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What the hell do I do when the love of my life, the only person who understands me, the person whom only I understand, the only person who shares the way I see the world and self, is not interested in having any relationships at all? It took me 23 years to find a person who's "off" in exactly the same way as I am, yet she's just not open to a relationship. Is this what despair feels like? This has to be it. God damn it, I patiently waited and waited and waited and searched and searched for the right one all my bloody life. I never faltered, never relaxed on my principle of finding the right one. I finally found someone who really understood me and didn't treat me like a complete nutjob, and this shit happens? Why does it have to be this way? I don't want to live masked in order to have relationships, I don't want to lie, I don't want to be someone I'm not, yet there is no other way. I guess I'll fucking live alone, then. Nobody to hold me, nobody to support me, nobody who understands me, all alone. Fuck me, right?

I want to do something new and exciting, I'm really tired of doing the same shit over and over again.

I'm evicting one of them. It's my name on the lease and I can do this, it just means I will have to pay his share of the bills, which is well worth it to be rid of this monkey. He's black and is a filthy inconsiderate baboon. I gave him until the end of the month to find a new place to live, but this morning while clearing off his dishes (before leaving them dirty in the sink) he "missed" the garbage can and left the garbage on my kitchen floor. I told him that if he is going to pull this shit I will immediately toss his belongings out on the street and change the locks.

I’ll let go now. I’m sorry it took me so long.

I'm losing my best friend or I've already lost her and I'm just feeling so much pain about this that I'm wanting to act out more on spontaneous thoughts.

She doesn't take me into consideration as her friend, like she doesn't respect me. And it sucks because there's only so much I can put up with. She's always right no matter what. Losing somebody I used to be able to vent to, who used to hear me out and never go off on me the way she does now.

I know what she means when she feels like she isn't being respected by me... I understand how she feels.
I just wish she treated me the way she wished to be treated.

I'm nearly out of tears
I can't seem to cry like I used to.
I'm just out.
And I just feel empty inside.
Because I have to say goodbye.
Because when I'm called out on avoiding her I'll have to explain myself.
I'm just empty inside.

I'm trying so hard for myself. And trying to take everyone's negativity and just put an end to that cycle. But I'm just being consumed.
I just feel empty inside and it hurts so much because I shouldn't be feeling this way about my friend.

Oh man that's way worse than just the usual annoyances. Fukkin been there - ended with their shit on fire in my yard. Hope it doesn't get that bad. Anyway, Good luck gettin' rid of them and finding much better (maybe those others, too) - but I'd lock up your valuables until that one is gone because someone obviously is a bitter cunt that you won't clean up after them like their mommy does

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Neckbeards on every female comedian YouTube comments

"It doesn't matter that hundreds of people are laughing in the audience and thousands more find her funny. I don't so therefore she is not funny because only my opinion is valid. And if you doubt it I asked all my friends and they said so too!!!! So you see women aren't funny."

Except not even remotely that eloquently. They're so mad that since they aren't funny or appealing that if a woman is it's a personal attack.

I know they're here too.
Let's see if any make an appearance.

Be their friend. Just because you connect with someone doesn't make them obligated to fuck you. Christ.

I was assaulted and abused and found the power to heal and take responsibility for myself. These bitches who play the victim and power play, and falsely accuse are only making it worse for those of us who just want to move on with our lives, heal, and to actually think for ourselves. Feminism is cancer and I have sympathy for men.

Wow you have vacation the same day he leaves? Such a coincidence, I really wonder why everyone thinks you're together!
Please never come back. Please get in an accident and die. It's the only way you'll finally leave me alone.

Everytime I watch something inhumane, criminal, or evil and twisted, I lose my will do try. Its been happening a lot lately, stupid things that happen everyday but are painful to watch nonetheless just make me want to stop trying and not do anything anymore. I'd rather do nothing and be comfortable than take a risk and get hurt trying to grow. I wish I wasn't such a massive pussy.

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Is this a viable text message to give my boss when ‘calling’ in sick?
“Hey, I’m sorry I woke up feeling really sick and I don’t think i’ll be able to come in today”

Most places make you actually call in. But yeah if they give you shit then you have a shit job.

There’s no place to call. I work at a restaurant and us employees usually just text the owner.

i cant get over this girl. we stopped seeing eachother almost half a year ago. ive been dating other women but it doesnt help. in general shes a shitty person and i know it cant work and its over, but i miss her so fucking much and i cant get it out of my head.

are you cute

>decide to touch base with girl i went out with earlier this week
>50 minutes goes by
>get a "hi" response and nothing else

it's over, isn't it?

Over the last year I’ve been unable to shake increasing romantic and sexual feelings for this girl who moved away. We were always pretty friendly due to being in the same social/career circles, but nothing ever happened between us and we both had other relationships despite being close friends. She ended up moving far away somewhat unexpectedly for work and since then we’ve kept in touch a ton. It feels so intimate despite the distance and I know we are both major important parts of each other lives. We chat regularly over the phone and text. Our communication has become so easy, on the same page and highly affectionate and playful. At some point a few months ago I realized how much I wanted to be with this person. I never thought she was unattractive, but I truly wasn’t interested in her in such ways before. Neither of us has had a serious relationship since she moved. I’m going to visit her soon and I don’t know if I’m more afraid she will reciprocate what I’m feeling or not, how this will work out seems like such a mystery. It’s exciting but I’m losing my mind over it until then.

Replied and said that I wanted to touch base and so on. Guaranteed I'll get a curt reply in like an hour and that'll just confirm everything I guess. Gonna be another great Christmas for me!

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>It's the gf dream again
Fucking hell, and it was the girl I'm not sure I like too. These dreams are never even sexual, just a nice activity together and lots of head resting on my shoulder.


I don't know at least 5/10 I think but I'm socially awkward and extremely shy

more like you can't make conversation and seem bored yourself. be more charming. she could have ignored you but didn't. at this time women want to see if this is a guy is takes the lead, takes chances, has any charisma.

that's what I would expect if it were me. If I reply I expect you to start a convo or even just one of the two

"Hey how are you?"


"Hey it's hot/cold/rainy today"

I was worried about seeming too pushy or something since it's been a few days. But I did follow it up with a "how are you" and we chatted a bit. So I guess we're still okay for now. My anxiety just gets the better of me at times.

Wanna date me? I'm 5/10 also and very shy. ;_;

You're golden then.

You're on Jow Forums how should I know who you are also I think we don't even live in the same country and desu it seems a little pathetic

Fuck you too then, bitch.


I don't trust you. I wish I did. I want to. But something won't let me. And yes, it would be a lot easier if you still didn't talk to your ex. But we but know you're not there yet. I love you, but you make it so fucking hard

alright yeah it's obvious you're not that interested. I just wish you'd straight up tell me you don't want to be bothered with me instead of leading me on, but whatever. Let's see if you ever "let me know", lmao.

Train your fucking dog. It's whining all damn day and night.

Based and redpilled

Thank you for this. I thought i was alone about this but I see I'm not the only one.

they are the worst

Stop samefagging

stop samefagging

I hate you. I hate how I know you still love her but you continue to pretend like you could possibly maybe like me. stop fucking with my head. you're all I think about and I can't fucking take it anymore.

t. the one leading them on

Fuck this stupid ass family,
Feels like you're walking on a minefield, can't say or do anything without causing someone to be offended, I'm tired of seeing my brother throw tantrums and treat my mother badly for no reason. Didn't make the food perfectly how he likes? He is gonna act like a child. My other brother gets offended and pissed off at every little misunderstanding. It feels so tiring having to deal with all this shit, I feel like i'm at a SJW con.
Is it so hard to just fucking eat the food instead of acting like an angry spoiled kid, is it so hard to respect our mother because she worked her entire life to feed us properly and still has some energy to make us good food on the weekends, why do you gotta talk shit just to make her feel bad, cuz you didn't get what you wanted.

Two days ago my best friend, which I’ve been in love with for ages, hit me up to hang out at like 11 pm. Subconsciously I think I knew it was a hook up call, but I couldn’t believe that it was, as she has been in a relationship for over 3 years and we never did anything more than cuddling on a few occasions. When I got to her place I noticed she had a few drinks, but she didn’t seem that hammered, she started holding my hand and leaning on me while we drove around, it felt so good. We stopped at a empty park, and she looked at me with her devilish eyes, and told me to hit her. I couldn’t, I was so confused, angry, sad, she said she knew I wanted to, I didn’t. After a few minutes of silence and confusion she threw herself on me and we made out, I kept asking if she’s knows what she’s doing and that it’s cheating, but she just kept shoving her tongue down my mouth when I tried to talk. She kept telling me she’s loves me and doesn’t want to lose me. Half the time I sat there staring into oblivion as she kissed and rubbed all over me, the other half I was captured by her body and I was exploring it, making love. When she finally tried to fuck me after a bunch of dry humping, my dick fell soft, and it’s been that way for days, only today could I even jerk off and it all looked watery. The next morning she said she blacked out and didn’t remember anything besides leaving with me and seeing me naked under her. She said it was her mistake, we talked for a couple hours. I found out I was the only person she’s ever cheated with, she cried a lot and got into a very suicidal mindset, and told me to not tell anyone, because she still loves me and wants to stay friends, to forget it ever happen. I agreed, because I don’t want to make a scene, but it’s hard, especially when my neck has 4 hickies. I’m so fucked up right now, she’s so nice and caring, but when she’s drunk and horny she’s crazy. Idk what to do, I’m stuck home hiding my neck.

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man i feel the same way

A few years ago I had a crush on a girl who was "trying desperately to stay single", a sentiment I only now understand. All I've been able to focus on during the last 2 months is finding a girlfriend. Its unhealthy and making school difficult. There's one girl I'm crushing on pretty hard but I know she's not into me. I can't seem to really get over her. There is another girl, however, who I'm also sorta interested in, though she may be a bit young for me (I'm 20 she's 17), so I kinda feel weird about it. Like when I asked if she wanted to hang out she said "I have to ask my mom first" which really turned me off, because I've been beyond having to ask my parents to do anything for years now.
I feel a bit stuck. I still really like this other girl but we won't ever end up together, we've already been on a date and everything and she's into another guy, etc. etc.
I'm afraid that I'm rushing to fill the void my ex gf of two years left, and that I'll ultimately remain unhappy regardless of who I date. I just want a girlfriend, perhaps not necessarily a specific girl. Though, these girls aren't just random people I don't know, I know them pretty well and I like them for substantial reasons.
I don't know anons, I'm still struggling to cope with the fact that this girl doesn't feel the same way about me as I do her, and can't help but think that NOBODY can like me for who I am.
I feel like I got things going for me. I'm on my way to Grad school, have a lot of hobbies, play music, and am relatively independent. I'm not bad looking; I take good care of my hair, style, and hygiene. Maybe its only a matter of time, but I'm so impatient right now. Three weeks off of school should be nice, but that just feels like 3 less weeks of meeting new people. I feel so god damn alone.

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I finally realized I had a curse over me for 4 years from my previous engangement.

I loved her, but we didn't work out and I couldn't figure out why w never got married. Today that curse was lifted finally, and I realize that I can finally press on

I'm sad and lonely. I want someone to eat and drink with, and hang out and shit. I don't want to go to bed alone all the time. The only people I want to date are either in relationships, and my options otherwise are tinder sluts.
I need someone to get me out of this rut I'm in.

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Feeling defeated in life. 23 / Femanon with no more than 10 clothes. Can definitely deflate a girl's esteem. 3 jobs, literal box apartment, no one to hang out with, wasn't invited to my boss' house party for his employees - I got a crush on him. My health is failing too. No family cus I was an orphan. I'll try harder though

Buy yourself some clothes for Christmas.

Come live with me dude, get a job here and then you just party all day and get wasted and fucked up.

I don't know what college I should go to but regardless I know I have to. I'm depressed as fuck living in a really broke country where it's guaranteed i won't get any friends considering me being a completely different 'americanized' dude than everyone else, they all love their culture and i fucking hate it. don't know what to do niggers, i hate this shit and i hate south europe. regardless i need to start having friends i spend my time alone like 90% of the time

Wish there was a drug forum for this, but apologies if it's the wrong place.

Had a plan to go out tonight with a group of people I got £100 worth of coke, people already paid but didn't turn up and said to have it.

Cut forward to 12 at night, forced it all down me thinking that it would be better to just get it done and out of sight, then I can go sleep and not have to deal with it for another 6 months.

Now I'm quite fucked, and doubt I'm gonna go sleep any time soon.

Well, how to I get to sleep having taken all this shit.

i just really need some Jow Forums on this thread anons TL;DR
>abusive ex with charge of DV that happened few months ago
>coming to terms with rape that happened earlier, same person
>report it
>only evidence of it is message he sent soon after rape
>says disobedient and says sorry for what he did in intimacy but justifying verbal abuse not of selfishness but out of extreme emotions
>also sent pic to me of my inimate clothes at scene
>enough evidence?
>address is public in previous charge
>scared what do

I feel trapped. Thinking more about how worthless I am is making me feel worse. I feel like I can't breathe. I distract myself with constant entertainment and this weekend I've done none of that. Everything is closing in around me. I want to cry but I don't want to purposefully provoke it. I've never felt this low before. I don't know what to do.

I miss female contact. I don't remember how it feels anymore. Why does she have a boyfriend? Why couldn't everything fall in place nicely?

I kind of despise women now. No, I didn't come to this from swallowing the redpill/MGTOW/incel meme either. I grew up believing women are equally capable and I had always sought an actual, truly mutual relationship but now I'm older and I'm not sure that exists. Life as a guy isn't what tumblr users make it out to be, it can be quite lonely and at many times where I find I have no one to turn to but myself, even at a young age. I think a few such as myself just become competent at doing things all alone. I don't think 99+% of women could understand that. They're coddled for most of their upbringing and then as an adult can't handle being alone for 2 seconds.

Maybe it'd be easier if I wasn't good at certain things, we could trade off somehow and create a mutual relationship. But I find I'm just better at most things than most people. The girl I want seems like a pipe dream. I just find myself stuck, I'd like for a relationship to be a two-way street but I keep finding over and over again that I'm, intrinsically, doomed to a lopsided relationship where she has everything to gain but I see no benefit in return.

I just cannot trust anyone at all. I cannot get close to anyone. I don't want to be involved with anyone in any way. It's like ever since I was a kid nearly every single person I trusted -- family, friends, teachers, anyone -- screwed me over in some way. Nobody is sincere. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of dealing with people.

I feel paranoid. Like everyone is out to get me or do me some harm. Like in any moment someone may fabricate a case against me or if spread rumors about me. I’m taking Paxil but it’s not strong enough to control my extreme paranoia

I just want to be mistaken for someone powerful. Like I would go out in public and people say, “that is one bad dude, he must do something very sketchy but very lucrative for a living.”

If there was any chance with you, I must have ruined it by now. I'm sorry.

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Don't play with her feelings user! Be honest and push through the fear, it will be okay.

On slow nights like this, where I'm left with my own thoughts, I just feel an incredible sadness. Even though I want to cry, I can't.

I'm afraid of trying to get into a relationship because of my short height and small penis.

I miss you so goddamn much but we really shouldn't be together. We both need to sort our shit out. Doesn't make this any easier.

The past two months, whenever I couldn't see the girl I've been talking to, or if our interactions were of questionable quality, I've been pretty anxious. But for a few days now that's been totally gone and I've been feeling a sense of inner peace. We went on a date yesterday even and we had a good time.
I love her and still get excited thinking about her but I'm not sure if the anxiety being gone and her not occupying my headspace all the time anymore means I'm losing my passion or if I'm just gaining confidence in my chances with her. I mean what we have is already great, so I am confident all right. Well more than in the beginning anyway. But still, I'm slightly worried.

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I am this feel user. It's going to be okay. Eventually.

This girl who is out of town and out of contact is the only reason I haven't killed myself. I just feel so empty no matter what I do right now. I'm exercising and eating better and doing other healthy things but it just feels so fucking hollow.

You raped someone? Nice, hope it was worth it. If a man hits or rapes a women it's her fault.

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Tell him IRL user

My gf is driving me crazy, she just quit her job and was planning on moving in with me. Today she told me she just wants to be on her own and never wants to have kids with me. The ups and downs are killing me.

I realized that my feelings towards a coworker are stronger than I thought. It's pathetic how easily I get too happy or too upset over small things related to them. Unfortunately, I can't quit my job currently, and I see that person on a daily basis.

Why do you think that?

If you're both single then why don't you?

Ask them out.

Its complicated.

Sort your shit out together; you're probably hurting each other.

Why am I so nervous about seeing him?
I wish I hadn't eaten the neighbor's cookies. I haven't slept in three days. And I'm a mess. What the fuck was I thinking? That I'd find love on Jow Forums? Oof.

You're not going to find anything good on Jow Forums. Oof. You'll get less nervous after spending more time with him.

If I do and they reject me, then work will become hell.

Are you a guy or a girl? I'd agree with you if you're a guy.

I won't be on birth control because it makes me heavily suicidal and not want to leave my house. I won't get an IUD because I've had one before, and the gyno put it in wrong so it grew into my cervix. When I got it removed, out came a ton of flesh as well, which was extremely painful and traumatic. Not even going to think about getting shots or the arm implant, don't trust them.

I feel bad because I have sex a lot less with my boyfriend now. We are both 21 and seniors in college. We have sex once a week now. When I was on the pill, we had sex 3-5 times a week.

I'm deathly afraid of getting pregnant until I'm at least 25, have a job, and am married, so I will only have sex with a condom and he has to pull out.

I have explained to him everything above, which is supplemented by extreme feelings of anxiety and guilt. He is a good person, and he tells me not to feel guilty. He says my well-being is more important than his nut, but he doesn't seem to have fully internalized why I am feeling so scared.

I feel really guilty and wish I could give him what he wants, but I can't

I'm worried that my boyfriend is growing distant from me and we've been together for nearly a year. He told me he misses me last month and now it just feels like there's a disconnect. I don't want to have this constant pressure in my head anymore.