I been messaging this girl from twitter all my lil embarrassing rants & insecurities don't ask me why...

I been messaging this girl from twitter all my lil embarrassing rants & insecurities don't ask me why... I think I love her. She only responds with inane things however. Sometimes a single letter (not like 'k' as in ok, but literally a random letter from the alphabet, 'm' or some shit), sometimes a random copypasta. But most of the time she doesn't reply at all.
Because of this, I've told her a few times now that if she doesn't want me to message her then she can just say so, or block me, and that I wouldn't be upset or anything. I said it's not rude to say 'leave me alone.' But she never replied. I assumed she just doesn't want to be rude so I even cut off contact myself, but after about two months I gave in and messaged her... I apologized for all my past messages, and she said 'thas okay.'
Now today, I messaged her again, and this is how it went: (pic related... first message is not in the pic cause it's embarrassing but w/e)

>(me) I just... need u to tell me not to message you anymore. Need u to block me. If you don't, then I'll just keep doing it...
>(me) am i a creep
>(me) sincerely wondering this are my messages just creeping u out, I wont be upset if you say yes I'm not flaky...
>(me) if you just don't want to be rude then that's fine it's not rude to say leave me alone
>(her) RED
>(her) IM BUSY
>(me) alright np

"Red" is me...
Does she just want me to go away? I can't tell. She's never said anything to that effect. She doesn't say much at all.
I feel sick over this, I'm worrying so much about what she might think of me... whether she sees me as annoying, creepy, or whatever... maybe she doesn't mind? But then again she probably does... I just don't know, and she won't tell me, no matter how many times I ask her.

What should I do?

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Are you 12?

I'm 21... she's 22.

Woooah buddy. That's fucked up man. Find a girl YOUR age you pervert.

She's not interested and she won't tell you.She doesn't care about you,she won't talk to you unless you interact with her.

Just block her and move on.
Also,being insecure and clingy and talking about your problems is pretty unattractive.You can go into intimate,personal stuff when you've already gotten close to the person or if they specifically seem to reciprocate and want to hear more about you.
But this girl,no.
Just find someone else man.

You have the emotional maturity of a 12yr old

Are you deliberately doing everything in your power to dry up this woman's pussy? Seriously, this can't be real.

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It couldn't be clearer that she doesn't want you. You should just leave it be and focus on other things and other girls instead

Is that so wrong...


You know what fuck u... I'm the mature one in this scenario not her... she's being vague on purpose, I'm being understanding, patient... say what u want about my style, my demeanor, but it's a bona fide fact that she's the immature one...

haha wow what an incel holy shit.
Go and ask on Jow Forums. Really nice people over there.

>throws a hissy fit
Sure thing buddy. Just leave her alone, she's not interested.

Fuck u too I know all you got to say faggot... instability isn't attractive blah blah fuck you. What are we, goats, huh? Is attraction nothing but cause & effect? In contemporary mans search for a soul is he really left without sympathizers! Fuck all you people I'm sick and tired of your shallow antagonisms... and you know what? You'll respond to this with one. A greentext or some shit. Some statement of incredulity. "Look at this guy! Hahaha!" You'll all resort to these hysterics, you'll all follow this same script! Well guess what! Go ahead!... I don't feel the need to scrape around before you. I have my dignity... and if none of you faggots think I'm worth anything then fuck you. I'll set myself on fire, I'll jump in front of a train, I'm not some lame faggot like YOU are, fuck you.

Lmfao beat me to the punch. Ngl tho if he was a bit more socially apt he could’ve avoided being labeled an incel but oh well baka

Fuck you both you stupid fucking faggots calling me an incel... fuck you for even suggesting it you lame dysthymic suburbanites, you dumb fucking saps trying to pin me as some mental archetype this is the most disrespectful shit... and for what? Speaking my mind? You all say the same shit every time I'm sick of it, you're all just eager to take to your fucking obscurantisms, just to hurt me, just to antagonize me, FUCK YOU.

OP just...take a minute and reread your rant. You tell me if there’s anything legitimately bad in what you said and if you say nothing is wrong with that then you definitely deserve to be labeled a /r9k incel as no decent human being would devolve to a state so destructive in mentality. Either reconsider your life choices or accept that you are unattractive due to having the mental state of a child going to date for the first time back in the start of middle school and my advice for that is to change...drastically starting with habits and small self improvement tasks

My nigga if a girl responds like that to you she's not interested. I've been there, trying to get through, trying to set things right but you know what? We're men, we've all been there, we've all spazzed out, and it's an experience to learn a lesson from. If she's texting these boring ass short answers, says she's busy all the time, ignores you it's a NO. And that means you leave it be. That's what you should take from this experience

Please leave her alone. She's likely too nice to tell you plain and simple to fuck off, but I think she's made it quite clear that she does not want to stay in contact with you.

For your sake and hers, block her, delete her contact or whatever the heck, just stop talking to her.

Yeah I'm a little unhinged what of it... nobody on this site could say half what I say. Not that I'm some lethargic person either... I play 3 instruments, I read, and read, and read... poetry mostly, I'm steeped in words... I write software for critical systems. I'm not some lame fucking incel archetype who needs to work out, I do gymnastics that's enough to keep me in good shape... I'm just a little emotional SO WHAT I'm searching for some deeper connection with people, yeah I'm gonna be emotional, I'm HUMAN, and you know what, I've seen through certain things in life most notably obscurantism- or the precession of appearance over truth... nobody wants my words, they're too OFFENSIVE to the superlatively lame strain of common courtesy that communicates through this infernal society... I'm the last human being alive fuck you.

Haha oh man I thought guys like you died out. Brings a tear of happy nostalgia reading your posts, my friend.

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The eternal orbiter. Let all who may dare behold!

Okay edgelord. Enjoy the incel life!

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>a little unhinged
>a little emotional
Oh boy, must be a b8

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From your description it absolutely sounds like she's stringing you along. If she was just too polite to say no, she wouldn't be responding random letters and copypasta, she'd be giving you actual responses.

I've predicted all your banal responses in advance and taken account of them in my polemics... you're proving my point... you all follow the same script none of you can form a thought without the help of the Jow Forums community, you pathetic fucking losers, you're beneath me, so far beneath me. And yet u ain't realize this. You're stupid as fuck and u ain't even ruminated on your own stupidity, you're human cattle that's what you are. Your faggy fucking posts mean nothing to me.

>I've predicted all your banal responses in advance and taken account of them in my polemics... you're proving my point... you all follow the same script none of you can form a thought without the help of the Jow Forums community, you pathetic fucking losers, you're beneath me, so far beneath me

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This is beginning to feel like "pic related it's me and my bitch" copypasta material.

Polar express meme & some greentext with the intent to blatantly & ignorantly fly in the face of my prior statements yea that's real fuckin poignant that's real clever you dumb motherfucker fuck you I hate you.

Look in all honesty OP, I want to help you, because you're obviously going through some shit.

You've fallen into the classic trap that young, emotionally disturbed men who grew up mostly on the internet fall into. You've latched on to a girl (that you've never met) and are using her to fill a void that has never been filled in your life. You're trying to use a girl as a therapist. This is likely because you've had the idea planted in your head that relationships are about emotional intimacy and sharing each others' problems, and you like this idea. You really really want a girlfriend who can make all the chaos in your head go away and gently cuddle you whispering "shh, it'll all be okay".

But you've jumped the gun. Maybe the ideal scenario you're imagining with this girl, or any girl, is hypothetically possible and reasonable. But expecting this level of emotional intimacy with a girl you've ONLY SPOKEN TO OVER THE INTERNET, and who doesn't even seem to be very interested in you to begin with, is utterly ludicrous.

What you need is THERAPY. From an actual therapist. Because you have some deep emotional problems that need an understanding person to guide you through them.

Beyond that, you need to cut contact from this girl. Please, for your own sake. Rethink the way you treat and speak to women because this is NOT normal. You can't pick any random woman to be your emotional tampon. That is NOT how you get into a relationship with someone.

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Try to stay calm user

>tfw it took me until this filename to get this reddit meme

>Discord relationships
Why do people on v think this is ok?

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Yes, they should do it on AIM or IRC like in the old days.

I just want to say that you are right, and everyone else is wrong. But they will physically, emotionally, and spiritually beat you into submission. You will one day be wrong, too.

>Samefagging so that people think there are actually anons that dont think you're retarded

Nice try, OP

Talk to a psychologist/counselor before it's too late.
You have relationship/socialisation problems.

I think the girl is equally retarded for being seemingly incapable of expressing a single honest or coherent thought. She also seems a bit hysterical for going "RED IM BUSY" as though he was being pushy and emotional instead of calmly messaging her again after a silence of 40 minutes.

Oh look we're back to this bait. Mister "I have 12 girls on Discord, help me get the balls to emotionally vomit on them."
Love her... Jesus Christ, you wouldn't know a single damn thing of love. It could be a dude LARPing. I've seen your desperate types and I've LARPed before and you guys will eat up literally anything you get. I've had dudes professing love. Over a screen name and some text, man.

Get your shit together. Also, all fields. A thread fucking died for this

>Over a screen name and some text, man

Oh, the 'internet friendships aren't real' type. Go fuck yourself, you coldblooded fuck.

I got tons of internet friends. I just don't claim to be in love with them after, what, a few weeks or maybe months tops.
If you wanna put things in mouths so bad, fill yours with a Bad Dragon.

Yikes no wonder she only responds with one word responses, this thread reeks of emotional instability and immaturity. OP, get a real life therapist, not someone from a Mongolian underwater basket weaving forum.

You watch anime and fall in love with girls over discord. What on earth can you claim to know about real life and real friendships?

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This is either godly bait or OP is yet another hopeless aspergers case who doesn't realise how repulsive and annoying he is to the opposite sex.

what did she mean by this lmao

>I think I love her.
You don't love someone who responds to you pouring your heart out with random letters of the alphabet. You just love the relief it gives you to express yourself. You might as well be talking to a wall.

>She's likely too nice to tell you plain and simple to fuck off
Being nonconfrontational isn't the same as being nice. Telling this guy 'no' wouldn't make her less nice, in fact it would probably have saved him a lot of confusion. That's not her job, but when we call behaviour like this a result of 'being too nice' it only makes women like her more afraid to stand up for themselves.

I'm not LARPing faggot shut up everything I say is genuine I'm not some anime watching gamer faggot like you.

Says the guy getting rejected on Discord. Man, your bait is neato.

Hurry up and hang yourself faggot.

Bait this bait that, edgy this, incel that... you people are the ones who start straight away with the insults, without provocation... yall just want to say these things cause u're vile & stupid motherfuckers, you spit on honesty, you attack the weak, you hate the sick. And there seems to be no end to you.

bro if you read the stuff you say in this thread and think any girl would like you you're out of your mind

go see a therapist and get put on lithium or something that's the best advice anybody could give you

This is exactly what I was like when I was 15.
Realizing what I was like to girls has messed me up forever. I’m still afraid to talk to the one I like, despite knowing how to.

thanks for posting this user, this made me feel a lot better about myself. for your sake, i hope this is bait though.

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Is this a fresh new pasta?

hey OP.... your rants and stuff you would talk about to this girl. how close were they to some of the posts youve made here?