How do I convince my fiance that I will remain faithful during his deployment?

How do I convince my fiance that I will remain faithful during his deployment?

I love him a lot and i know he trusts me, but he's been cheated on in the past, and i'm sure his coworkers will make him paranoid

I was thinking of getting a few of the mobile cameras that turn on when there's movement near atl the entrance and getting the app that shows the other person where i am at all times. I know it sounds excessive, but i want to figure out how to completely put his mind at ease.

>if he loves you he should trust you
>lol he's going to cheat on you

Not helpful, give me real answers

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Please suggest something b u m p

You won’t... im not even mad at you but you won't.

The camera and mobile app thing is up to you. It's a little weird to be honest, but if it puts your mind at ease go for it.
The honest truth is that there is really nothing you can do to put him 100% at ease. That's why it's called trust. He has to put his faith in you.
I think the main thing is to try to keep the relationship alive and growing. You need to use skype, emails, texts etc to keep in touch. Make sure you know what's happening in each other's lives. If you're both comfortable with it you could sext each other.
There is a thing called love languages. You could each take the online test. Basically people show their love in different ways. Some people say nice things to each other, some people give gifts, other people do acts of service etc. Find out your love language and his love language and try to show love to him in the way he understands, and visa-versa. For example maybe his love language is gifts, so you can make him care packages. Maybe yours is words of affirmation. This is the easiest one for long distance. He can just tell you things he likes about you.
If you get into a fight try to focus on what's wrong and argue productively, don't insult or demean the other person. If you do have to go before resolving your problem make sure to make it clear you'd like to work out the issue the next time you are available to talk.

I'm definitely doing all the things you listed. We're really in tune with each others "love language" and are open to sexting, gifts, video calls, etc.

Anything that can at least help a tiny bit?

b u m p

Just Trust him to know and earn his Trust.

As long as he comes back and you are still faithful and not preggers or with Tyrone and Chad then it's OK

Fill your time with hobbies, DO NOT HAVE MALE FRIENDS. Avoid all temptation.
And schedule video calls as much as possible.
Send him packages of shit like food and fun things.

Good luck.

I'm doing my best to fully earn it.
We moved in together a few months ago, but before that we talked regularly, i sent him gifts and lots of pictures.
We do a lot of things together from a distance and together, like movies and games.
Now that i've moved in, i cook and clean for him every night and we have sex daily, if not multiple times daily. We work out and hike together. I try to find a lot of bonding hobbies that will feel special, so he'll understand how much i care.

He says he's happy and trusts me fully, but I know it'll be hard when he's so far and he won't be talking to me as much

I'm picking up a few new ones, plus a new job
>no male friends
I have gay friends online, but he's a part of the same social circle and I only have female friends in person
>care packages
Noted, and will do

b u m p

Constant contact, updates about your days-- basically be writing him letters desu. Dunno if he'll be into that.
The app is a good idea. So are cameras for footage. Just be careful you don't bring a guy over for wings and beer or whatever, might look bad.
I mean it's a tough one, many months without your lover can be taxing. But let's be real, you're gonna live to see so much worse anyway, it won't be all that bad.

Use the experience, and inform him to do so too, to find ways together to confirm your loyalty.
I assume you've talked to him about this yeah?

I definitely don't plan on bringing any guys home for platonic meals unless it's one of our friends who's a married couple, or is a personal family member. I don't have any interest in making male friends while he's gone at all.
I am prepared for the difficulties and i know it'll be hard, but he's worth it.
I have talked to him a little about this, but haven't presented the app yet.
I want to wait till after the holidays to get into this. I want him to have a stress free christmas.

True enough about Xmas. Well, prepare the talk in advance. Be ready to compromise, you never know if he's been thinking this over himself in such depth.

It sounds like you'll be fine, and it's really all up to him to place that trust in you. I believe in you, OP

Thank you
I'm hoping he's been honest with me about his trust, so i think it should go well. I'm willing to consider whatever option he has in mind, but ultimately I'm aiming for us to remain together as a monogamous couple.
I appreciate your input

A true, faithful woman. I'm seriously impressed considering my past with relationships.
From one side of the coin, thank you very much for actually showing me by this thread that women like you do still exist, seriously. From the other side it just makes me more depressed as I'm so fucking uncertain about the future because of my past.

Anyway, hope he will understand, sure it's going to be rough for him, I've been cheated on in the past too so I can relate, but personally I would be put at ease considering the fact that you are so attached and you are willing to show your love. Single things which could be just a misunderstanding, guys like me can understand it if it doesn't happen again or nothing reminding us of past situations doesn't happen alongside of it.

Hope it'll be as good as possible for both of you, you deserve it.

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just tell him regularly what you do and do someting in which you may progress like learning how to piano or maths or cooking whatever the fuck it is that you may steadily progress at

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Chastity belt and give him the key on deployment. Hey, its and extreme, but it will work.

A tracking app is nice, everything else is a waste of effort.

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