At what age is killing yourself a good idea if you're still a virgin?

I'm 22 and I feel it's a bit early to give up, but at the same time I don't really think it's possible for me to compete or have a healthy relationship at this point. Should I seek help in trying to get into the dating world? I have friends who might be willing to help me, but all friends I have told about my issues have brushed them off or outright left me. Therapy hasn't helped either. What should I do?

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Imagine killing yourself over sex

Sorry, the correct answer was 21, but since you're past it now you have to live the rest of your life.

Suicide is never the answer. And you shouldn't be ashamed of your virginity even though a corrupt society tells you to be.


>Suicide is never the answer
"What is the word for killing yourself?"

An hero. Aw shit that's two.

>Another 22 y/o virgin user thread

FUCK OFF. Get therapy.

this. what the fuck are you thinking OP? do you not have a life? like, do you think about shit OTHER than sex?

A lot happens during your 20s. Throw yourself out there. Go on some adventure overseas. Volonteer on a farm or on a kibbutz and go crazy.


He said he tried therapy, you didnt even read the whole thread and went straight to virgin shaming.

Honestly if sex is so important to you that you'd wax yourself, just do it. That's some next level bitch meta right there.

22 is nothing OP. Consider it the best time to start getting your life together. Make 22 the year everything turns around. Get laid at 23. Don't become a miserable 25+ virgin like some of us.

It's never too late OP, if you are still a virgin on the day that you die, then you can an hero. Not before.

Yes probably, you're missing out on something 99% of everyone you meet will have experienced, not just sex but also having a meaningful relationship with a member of the opposite sex. I will do the same if I'm still a virgin by the age of 21 or 22

This. Sex is not the end-all be-all, improve yourself and your outlook nigga.

Not OP, neither I am planning to off myself. But for me it is not about sex. It is about having relationship, being intimate with someone, to mutually care for each other. And the worst thing is that it is really easy, everyone does that yet for me it seems to be impossible. Imagine not even kissing someone by the time you are 21. It is like not being able to go to toilet at this age. Makes you feel defective.
>inb4 already working parttime job to get better social skills, going out more, exercise, stopped my porn addiction
Yet I still feel like getting girlfriend is impossible.

Do you want to be controlled by a woman or learn to control your life independently?

You talk about having someone to care for seconds before you type out that lack of sexual fulfillment is driving you mad (o no imagine not havin ur firs kissu!!1).

Look. You guys do this to yourselves. Either get away from the desperation or let it damn you in silence, but stop being desperate, being told that it does not work and will backfire, and then continuing to complain.

go to the fucking gym. join a club. you will find miserable girls nobody wants to fuck. start with them, use condoms. Don't fall in love.
Then you will gain the power to change evrything.

Or you could just kill youself you faggot.

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How can you not be desperate when you are getting older and only falling more behind everyone else?

It's not really easy. Most people struggle with relationships. Why do you think most of them last at most a year or two? Even men who have an easy time finding women interested in them, they struggle to find a suitable partner. Life is hard, accept it.

OP, you're never as out as you think you are, you're never as "too old for x" as you think you are.
Suicide is bullshit and should be reserved for the over 50s who don't want to see how the movie ends or those with degenerative conditions that'll eventually leave them unable to do basic tasks.
At 22, you've barely gotten out of the tutorial area, user. I don't know about your situation, but having friends to help you through this isn't the answer. That's putting all your hopes in others who have their own shit going on, it's not fair to them and it's not likely to be successful for you.
You need to take part in your own rescue.

Right now you're a struggling company, of course nobody is gonna invest. You can't pressure your friends into sinking their savings into it, like I say above, it's not fair and it doesn't guarantee anything.
You need to have a good idea of where you plan to grow toward and how you're gonna get there on your own. That's when people are going to want to jump on board and do the whole thing with you, but you need to love yourself and be on the road to somewhere first.