GF has suicidal thoughts

>GF has suicidal thoughts
>Can be manipulative but also really giving so it's a mixed bag
>Always demanded to see my phone to check my messages
>Eventually get sick of it and demand her logins
>Check her shit occasionally because I know she's being sus
>Confront her and we work it out
>Vent about it to mutual friend who insisted not to let it slip that we talked
>One suicide scare I even called her mom secretly to help
>Retard ends up slipping to her that we talked
>She sees the whole conversation (text)
>Angry at me but doesn't accept that me hiding things was a necessity for her mental health
>Just things I'm a traitor and a liar
>I just want to know what's going on without making her want to die
She now says I'm a villain etc and as much as reading her shit is wrong she got me to that point

What do?

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Nothing a partner gives you will EVER outweigh being manipulated by them.
This relationships sounds juvenile, are you in HS?
You can write her a hand-written letter to discuss the relationship, how you feel about her and what your hopes for the future are.
I wonder if you know how to answer these honestly. I wonder how serious this relationship is to you.

It seems like you are aware of how dysfunctional it is. Do you secretly think you should abandon it before it gets too fucked up and wrecks a chapter of your life?

I stop reading at gf. you don't have real problems

bro why the fuck are you with this girl this doesn't seem fun at all, get out

I was that girl once.

Get her mental help or make her get mental help or you'll be the one needing it next.

Once a manipulator, never again. If they need the easy way out so badly it's best they just get ignored and left by the wayside instead.

Not OP, but how?

Leave her if she isn't actively getting help. Sucks but it'll all suck a lot more if you don't. She won't kill herself.

You cannot help her out of her ""depression."" She will only get better on her own. All you're doing is prescribing to the disorder and thus enforcing it despite your fair intentions.

It really sucks but this is just th r way it is sometimes.

Breaking up with her and telling her parents to get her to one

I will bump you because of Kaiji

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> I now that it is hard but run as fast as you can.

You will pass your life taking care of a bomb, even if she won't explode she will give you problems.

Same here.

And if her parents don't believe in depression and are part of the reason of it?


>t. married a manipulative but giving woman
The giving will stop but the manipulation won't.

She’s borderline bro

manipulate her as hard as she does and tell her when you do it, that's what I did and I don't regret a single thing, she'll eventually give in

Eh? How so?
And yeah lately she's turned everything on me. Things were semi-cool and then now she won't drop the YOU BETRAYED ME AND TALKED SHIT AND SPIED ON MY CHATS REEEEE

I'm too fucking nice. I didn't say this before but she used to beat on me. Eventually I hit back. Then she got all OOWWWHHWHW I'M SCARED HES GONNA HIT ME

Jesus op. I don't know what country you live in but just tell her one to one very seriously she either tries to work with you or you're calling the police next time she threatens suicide.

Op your freedom of choice is above everything that we are saying, but seriously, consider the fact that you have a bomb in your hands.
Do your own conclusions.

>GF has suicidal thoughts
no she doesn't ya dingus
just like literally nobody on this board ever actually does anything like that, it's all just lame attempts at attention

bunch a fuckin kids man I swears

t. 30 year old boomer

Dude, you need to go get some psychological help yourself. No mentally healthy person would put up with this sort of thing. Your relationship isn't healthy, and the fact that she's really sweet when she's not being abusive doesn't make up for the times when she's at her worst. And it will only get worse.

Seriously, I was with a girl that had BPD for three years. Same suicidal tendencies. Same manipulation. Same physical violence. And at the end of it all, I realized that I needed to fix myself, because I wasn't ever going to fix her.