Can a girl that didn't like you start liking you? Bonus questions...

Can a girl that didn't like you start liking you? Bonus questions, how much time does a girl need to start liking you once you 2 met.

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Depends on the girl and you, dumbass

I'm not a dumbass, dumbass.

I'm talking in general

Asking for the answer to this is like asking for the cure to Cancer. It don't exist son

I'm sure a femanon could answer the first question.

It happens, but it happens randomly. Case in point - me. I've known this guy for 8 months or so, I always knew that he is very smart and has my type of humour, but never cared about him romantically. Then one day I was talking with him about some heavy stuff and he started opening up to me and seeking my comfort and it was like a lightning, I suddenly realised that I want him in a romantic way. I thought it's just hormones or something but it happened more times in different circumstances so I eventually accepted this shift in feelings. On the other hand, I've been friends with some dudes for years without thinking about them romantically once. So if I were you, I wouldn't hope for it to happen.

The answer for the first question is obviously, ofc. No one lie anyone until they get to know them. Attraction is a different thing, but that's just our horomones talking

>Can a girl that didn't like you start liking you?
Yes, people can change their minds
>Bonus questions, how much time does a girl need to start liking you once you 2 met.
Pretty soon after you present a quality they like

Even that small chance gives me comfort.
>no one likes anyone until they get to know them
I was talking more in like, romantically, wanting to be with them.
And how much time do I need to present the quality you're talking about. If I wait for, say, 2 months is it just too much and does she lose interest then.

>how much time do I need to present the quality
You can make your intentions known from the start, she will either be hot or cold.
Maybe you didn't mention being interested in her and befriended her (known by social outcasts as the "friend zone"), she will grow to like having you as a friend, the clock is ticking before she would rather not change/lose the friendship.

If you can't present qualities she likes within 5 minutes of meeting chances are she won't ever be interested, you can't magically become everything a woman wants without appearing to be manipulative.

Your need of answers instead of a willingness to explore is probably at the heart of why she's not into you.
Jussayin', hoss.

I'm perfectly fine with being a friend first before a relationship.

There's a difference between real life me and an internet anonymous forum thread me.
Just saying

>I'm perfectly fine with being a friend first before a relationship.
You might be, she might not. You're trying to present a quality she desires which you either don't already have or you want to try and claim to try and get her interested in you. Right now you are a friend in her eyes (or an "orbiter" in ours) and she is content with that. Like I said you will either come off as manipulative or she will be too invested in keeping you as a friend, you will have to suddenly become what she wants, being friends before hand doesn't carry any weight towards a relationship, it actually works against you.

>There's a difference
Whatever you gotta tell yourselves, man. Hear this excuse constantly-- always, seemingly, from chronic singles.

All's I'm saying is the moment I dropped dating off my radar, I had people all over me. Girls, guys, younger, older. You wanted advice and that's mine: show them you're not just underneath life's thumb.

If she didn't like you to begin with, then she's not overtly attracted to you. Of course it's possible for her to start seeing you differently, they're people too.
There's this one chinese girl at my office who looks really plain, quiet, wasn't even on the radar, but I saw her in a dress and lipstick at a company party and now every time I see her at work, plain as she is, I get crazy desire.

They're no different. But one thing is for sure, she's not going to start liking a guy who posts anime pictures on 4channel

HxH is universally liked even by nonweebs

6 of my 8 crushes happened a while after I've first seen them. I very much hope women can be like this, too, but I've honestly seen zero examples of it.

If it helps, I've never dated someone without being friends with them for a few months beforehand. I'm talking at least 4 relationships here. It always seemed to naturally progress from acquaintance to friend to banging.

yeah happens to women too

Yes it can happen. I rejected my present boyfriend about 3 to 4 times before deciding to try a relationship with him. I just wanted to be friends. But now after almost a year together I know that was a good decision as I've never been so happy with a man before.

I guess the later 2 of you 3 are girls!? This gives me hope, thank you.

3 to 4 times? Even from my positive outlook that seems like too much.
I'm always under the impression that if you know someone really really well and don't like them you will never like them


No. Don't sit around and wait for that.