My dad won't stop pushing me to get a girlfriend

My dad won't stop pushing me to get a girlfriend.

He says he does it because I'm over 25, and he's worried that I won't produce grandchildren before my folks pass. I'm the type of person who frequents Jow Forums, so obviously sex and relationships are not within my reach. But I can't tell him that. I honestly don't know what to tell him.

That still doesn't stop him from giving me these useless, shitty advice. Crap that obviously would've worked back in his day, but not millennial. Some of them include pickup lines that are beyond cheesy; just one of them alone is a cringefest. He insists they do work, simply because it works for him. Claims he uses them on my mom and sister all the time without fail. But it's painfully obvious how out-of-touch he is, and how much of a baby-boomer echo chamber he still keeps himself in. And now since this is the holidays, when I have to see him the most, he's worse about this shit than ever.

Seriously, I'm about to have a aneurysm.

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What, your dad (who has successfully reproduced) is offering you (a virgin) bad advice on how to get laid?
Have you tried any of his pickup lines?
Have you talked romantically to any girls in the past week?
Past month? Ever?
You have too high of an opinion of yourself. Don't rush to dismiss advice from those who have been met with success.

>he uses them on my mom and sister all the time
>and sister
Your dad hits on your sister?

Desperate times, have to get those grand children somehow...

Bring home a black ho for Christmas dinner...

My parents stopped caring. So just wait it out I guess. They'll eventually realize it's pointless to bust your ass about it.
Thinking about it, they also had been trying to find me dates for a little while. Talking to people they knew about their single daughters or their daughters' friends, etc. I think they had a few frank discussions about what they thought of me kek. Because they've *completely* stopped talking about it after that phase.

dont follow the advice from the person above me.

ignore your father, but do not ignore your dating life. go for it. go flirt. at your own speed. but do not just quit. fight that anxiety and use your methods to flirt. idk if his methods are wrong, if you think so maybe they are but hes not forcing you to use them, just trying to get you out of the comfort zone. go for it chief.

Cheesey pickup lines at least get you a giggle.
Giggles are the goal. Bubbly women are simultaneously off their gaurd and more willing to kinda lean into escalation.

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21 y/o here, right behind ya man. But I've been trying to convince my dad for a while now that I'm simply undesirable. He seems not to want to believe it. Just laugh it off or something. He's not gonna stop for at least another 5 or so years (if he ever stops...) so the best you can do is figure out how to end those conversations as fast as possible. Plus, you don't even live with the dude. It's not like you hear it every day.

Do you want a girlfriend?

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I would have been a virgin forever but I hung around japanese people and one of those girls started fucking me for no reason.

Take some notes on what MGTOW's say about women and recite it back to your father. Tell him that long term relationships are for cucks and that your dad will never have grandkids because you just pump and dump and if these hoes get pregnant you pressure them into having an abortion. Tell him you've got 5 fetuses under your belt already and he can count those as grandkids if wants to.

Hey, I'm 18 and never had a gf. And my problem is that when I'm talkin with girl I like, I got really stressed out, can't focus on what I'm talking about, so I'm silent and that is stressing me out even more. Girls are even hitting on me! but my problem still is. On alcohol I have no this problem xD but its pathetic. I think about trying xanax or sth. But please help me find a way to overcome this stress without drugs :p

>mom and sister

Wait a minute....

Why? Not OP but I did give up after a painfull heart break. Not worth it.

Did she have a cute boipussi? Also they were thai not japanese, duh!

Im kinda pro mgtow but that was pure cringe.


No. Too young. Fuck off.

I can't see with my dick. I don't under stand what the fuck you are talking about.

You just let them talk bitch!

>Tell him you've got 5 fetuses under your belt already and he can count those as grandkids if wants to.

This is something they gave me shit about in high school

by the time right before I reached my mid 20's they definitely stopped because I would start talking about how much I hate women

Tell your dad that he's insecure and that he should be a fucking man and face his obvious fear of death. People who want grandchildren so desperately are afraid of their own death.

Do what I do, I live 2 separate lives. One kind and religious life every weekend in-front of my parents and the rest of the week I get stupid drunk and when I need to act myself I do coke to balance everything out.

Trust me man I lied my way thorough everything.

My dad thinks I have a wife and shit. What do these baby boomers know lol

pic unrelated

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I'm also over 25 and never had a girlfriend, I wish my father would give me shitty advice instead of just getting insanely angry and yelling at me. I don't have a clue on what the fuck should I do about it.

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Breeders that need muh dee ehn nay to validate their existence and pretend to be immortal are pathetic, selfish people. If he wants to make the world better he needs to do it himself instead of dumping the burden on yet more offspring that this planet can't support.

Get a gf

Come back when you are 25

>Not a virgin but never dated a woman longer than a week
>Parents are awkward people who have problems asking me about myself but even they are pushing past it now to figure out if i'm gay or something
>I have text convos proving i'm not a virgin
>Considering leaking them
But, how? Ideally make it seem by accident

"Dad, I'm searching for someone I can truly relate to and respect as a fellow human being with big tits."

I can't figure out how to do that.

Literal lol.

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You lack the confidence your father has. That's why you think cheesy=cringe=bad.

My advice is to stop being a fucking pussy and man up. You're just throwing in the towel because you frequent a fucking website. I'm not saying to place your entire value in having a woman or not but stop being so pathetic.

'You know girl? Just call her. Don't give a fuck about Christmas or whatever. Either you go somewhere or not'
My father is absolutely right but general lack of interest made me feel undesirable and unable to even imagine being with someone. Sure, once in a while I ask girl out but I don't have to be oracle to know the outcome.

Its all about confidence and repetition. Approach every thing with confidence not arrogance. And don't give up after one girl dumps you. Keep finding women you like and keep trying, do not settle.

What do you need help in?

I don't even know where to begin. Like how do you meet women? I just go to work then spend my time at home playing vidya.

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Ever since mom divorced my dad he hasn't bothered me with anything like that. And i've met many people with similar experiences.
Crash their marriage with no survivors

That right there is my exact issue, you'll never meet new people by just sitting in your home after work, you gotta get out of that comfort zone and go out and about. Try a bar or some shit or at least a hobby that is in public

Meh. Rather not.

Try to go to a meetup group? Can't meet people if you stay in your house all day. Try to hit the lottery and do online dating.

Make fun of him for wanting grandkids. Sounds gay, moms want grandkids.

Pickup lines do work for the type of women who like goofballs.

Just get on a dating app user and put on your best you. /soc/ can help.

Catfish man gives good dating relationship advice!

my dad doesn't push very hard, but in my late twenties he started giving me terrible advice like "try talking to gal on the train on your way to work :DDD"
I used to resent him for offering me no guidance whatsoever as an adolescent, but now realize it was just he's just more socially inept than me and had no advice to give

Yikes, that's basically considered to be street harassment these days. How times have changed.

Your dad isn't entitled to shit.

Do you want a gf?

Is his methods really bad or are you ugly and or fat and or awkward?