Girlfriend maybe cheating

My girlfriend is rather “un-popular” but she is pretty attractive. I noticed she gets a lot of likes on her pictures on insta and looked through the people liking. They’re all guys from around the world which made me wonder how she knows them bc she never mentioned them to me. I downloaded this dating app she use to have and sure enough I found her account. Made my fake account look all real, tried to appeal to her interest subtlly. I messaged her and this is how the conversation went down

>you’re cute
Her: thanks:)
>do you think I’m cute?
>oh nice:)
>what are you looking for on here? Friends or bf
Her: I’m not really sure desu
>are you single?

I then asked if she was looking for a bf and she blocked my account.

So I messaged her and said if you’re single then you don’t need me and she kinda started panicking saying she only uses it to mess with people which was what she was doing with the fake account. I told her to either break up with me or delete all that shit and stop messaging other guys, she picked to stop. I kept being a dick asking her if she can take our relationship seriously and of course she kept insisiting yes and how sorry she is. I was strict with her and yelled at her not to do that shit again or I’m gonna walk away but I agreed to give her another chance and everything is “normal” again. I still feel like shit though and keep wondering if she really was flirting or messing around.

What should I do? I already gave her a second chance so there is no sperging out messging her and taking it back

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Relax. Girls use this apps for improving their self esteem. It's sick, yes, but it's not prove she will cheat on you.
Don't yell at her, don't try to control her. The more you do that, the more she'll be needed to be "rescued" eventually.

I have never been controlling with her ever but I wanted her to either break up with me or know not to ever consider cheating again. Thanks for the advice though

Hard pass. She broke your trust. Window shopping can lead to impulse buys, and it indicates she isn't 100% happy in your relationship anyway.

She has never shown an indication of being unhappy, just a few days ago was the closest we’ve ever been to each other.

Though it sounds like you maybe did it in an over the top way, you did the right thing by making it clear she needs to stop that shit and that if you get the impression she's fucking around, you're out of there.
She needs to know there's zero chance you'll stand for it and there's zero chance you'll play along in any games (you're not gonna be fighting other guys for her, you'd sooner just gtfo because you don't play that shit).

That said, she was still doing it until you caught her, who knows how far she might have gone if she's pretending to be single, so I personally wouldn't trust her.
If it were me I'd have to break it off, but you do you, user. I understand it's not that easy from the inside.

This is what you have to deal with if you get a gf?
Jesus christ.

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No, this is not normal at all unless you're dating a girl under age 22 or so, when they overdose on possibility.
This is why so many highschool couples break up in the first year of college, they realise they're in their 20s now and have only slept with one person, so they kinda go off the rails and there's a window where they want to fuck absolutely anybody else just to see what's out there.
Not exclusive to women, either, I've known guys to nope out of a stable relationship they were in for 7 years just because they had a feeling there might be better out there.

This is going to bother you for the rest of the relationship I guarantee it. Break up with her now so you don't have to fight yourself over it for 6 months

Thanks I appreciate it, I’ll let it run it’s course. Maybe things will get better or maybe they’ll get worse and it will end. She was very guilty and kept apologizing despite me being an asshole. She’s fine now and wants to pretend everything is normal. Is there a chance she’ll do it again or did I drill it into her brain to stop this shit?

Like I said, I’d be more bothered by the fact that if I broke up with her i’d keep wondering if maybe she was just doing it for fun, she did block my account after all

I think there's a very good chance she won't do it again. It's quite possible she was just doing it for free attention. Flirting feels good and feeling desirable is basically essential for happiness, moreso for young women.
It's still a dick move, but if she swears up and down that she's stopped it and wouldn't do anything like that again, it'd be reasonable to give her a chance to prove that.

She definitely knows what she was doing, but she also definitely knows it was wrong, it was probably just a little titillation she wasn't gonna act on and I'm guessing your fake account was listed as being in the same city? If she was attracted to your account and the opportunity was there but she still blocked it, she either got suspicious that it was you (maybe you have a distinctive way of typing) or she realised that it was getting too real and stopped it.
I dunno man, tough call.

Alright if you say so.
But with women apparently loving attention so much and always being on their phone and the Internet being what it is, it wouldn't be surprising that this sort of stuff is becoming a real epidemic.

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The same technological freedom that allows them to whore it around easier than ever also allows them to be outed as thots easier than ever, so I honestly don't think it's creating more whores but all this shit isn't even on my radar as a 30yo boomer who's been married 5 years so shit, man, maybe you're right.

It was the big city she’s talked about but both of us don’t live there. She’s not a very sexual person and has never sent nudes (even to me), so the most she could’ve been looking for is a new boyfriend. I don’t know what to make of that

How long have you been together?

2 months we’ve been flirting and non-officially dating and about a month ago we officially started dating.

Still have time to get out before you fall for her then, relationships still fresh. If I were you I'd dump her, just tell her that you thought about it again and don't want to be with her because what she did was too disrespectful. Atleast that is what I would do. I have a feeling taking her back will backfire tremendously on you, later rather than sooner though. The shit she pulled is an enormous red flag, and I wouldnt want a relationship with a girl who needs validation from strange men.

But what if she was genuinely using the account to mess with people?

You actually believe that? It's not like she would straight up tell you the truth which most likely is: 'im using it to get validation and maybe find a better option than you'

Women never tell the truth, they try to twist and rationalize their worst deeds through some amazing mental gymnastics.

What I think I’m gonna do, is genuinely give her a second chance. I’ll try to work out this problem with her and if I catch even the slightest whiff of her cheating, I’ll break things off with her. How does that sound, is it fair?

Almost worse - she seeks validation elsewhere when she's happy? Dread to think how disloyal she'll be when you're going through a rough patch. But if she's doing this she really can't be perfectly happy my dude

She disrespected you and she'll disrespect you again. Women are not special, you can find a new woman easily if you dump this one and go through the same shit.

I dont know all the details of your situation, so maybe only you really know what is the best course of action. I've received some advice from this board that sounded good, but I ended up doing the opposite, and realized that if I had taken that advice I'd be worse off. You do you. Your own advice is usually the best one

Final word is to continue with the relationship if you really want to. Just prepare to be dissapointed.

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I don’t know why she did it but the thought of losing me scared her enough to delete all this shit.
Thanks, deep down I know you all are right. I know I’m gonna be hurt either way but I’m gonna go all in and test my luck, at least that way I’ll know I did everything I could. If I break things off now I’ll be wondering about what could’ve been.

She got caught, dude. She's saying she'll stop but I bet she loves the attention. One a cheater, always a cheater. I'd get out now before she really fucks you over.

You'll be wondering how you let her fuck you over so bad. Don't be blind and stupid. She'll start that shit again in a few months when she thinks she's in the clear and you'll be doing this all over again.

>Messing around
Literally everyone who uses Tinder/anything else in a relationship pulls this excuse.
Fuck off man, if you're that dumb then buy your own excuse; the rest of us know better as of, ooh, when we left the fucken womb.

You and I and every sensible user in here knows exactly why she had those: prospects on back burner.