What does having a girlfriend feel like?

What does having a girlfriend feel like?

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I dont know, never had one

If it's a good relationship, you feel like you've beaten the game of life. Like you've discovered the last thing you will ever need to be happy. That no matter how many years remain in your life, all of them will be good so long as that person is with you.

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I had a gf for a week once, I got this covered.

They let you touch their boobs or butt whenever you want as long as you make them feel good.

It's like having an advanced pet that you can fuck legally and it'll respond if you'll talk to it.

Why don't you get one and find out?


Sounds nice

Why arent the dishes done
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My friends are stupid and dont love me more than their pet piegon
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like bags of sand

It's really nice when it's working. you get someone to share your thoughts with and if you're intimate you get to not only have a good time, it's a really nice time to be comfortable afterwards.would overall recommend, even if the come down after a breakup is complete shit

It's like getting a job after a long period without one.
At first you're glad and elated, you can stop obsessing over getting one and go back to being a proper well-rounded person with other interests.
Then you gradually settle in and start taking it for granted, it's the new normal, then sometimes it goes south and you want out, you'll feel good to be free again, but then remember that you need another to continue being a proper human so you get scared and desperate and consumed, again.

It's good to have a good one, but having a bad one isn't the solution to anything except basic survival.

What about having a -good- wife?

If you need a girlfriend as much as you need to pay your bills and for your groceries, I suggest therapy.

It feels nice to have someone to always stay by your side, and having someone that truly loves you if the relationship is working. But you gotta make sure to divide your time fair enough for your partner and your friends. Being a bit too close can cause conflicts between you and your partner.

Like having a second job.

Only in this job you occasionally get hugs, kisses, and condom free sex.

I had one for about three days. They're like friends you piss away money on and then they stop talking to you for some reason.

It was boring and sucked. I don't want to do it again.

Love is like a socially accepted form of insanity.

like bags of sand

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Please be nice

My girlfriend pays for my bills and groceries

Nobody knows yet, but it'll be in all the headlines if anyone finds one.

salty milk and coins

This hits hard. Personally I went too long without a follow-up relationship trying to get my life together and the gap is having the same effect a long period of unemployment on your resume does to a potential employer. I feel subhuman.

Amazing a terrifying simultaneously.

I love my girlfriend. She is my best friend. She is my anchor. She is my biggest supporter. Whenever I am down she is there for me. Whenever she is down I am there for her. We have a great relationship.

However, it terrifies me how much my life revolves around having her in it. She is my only weakness and I dislike how reliant I am on knowing she is mine. If I lost her most of my motivation to be successful would fly out the window. I probably would rip myself.

Fuck man this

I moved really fast with my girlfriend. We kissed like within 2/3 weeks of knowing each other at work. In July when she went away for a week she would call me every night and stuff. At that point we weren’t even a couple we had just hung out for a bit. But we grew so close together. Then nightly calls. Morning texts. She’s cut class and changed her shifts just to be with me. I’ve left work early or gone to see her at midnight after my shift just to see her a bit. I text her first thing in the morning. She calls me every night. Every chance we can hang out it’s great. But it’s scary that knowing we’ve only known each other for 7 months, and “official” for 4, what happens if we break up?

Is this true? I've dated 2 girls so far and haven't experienced this.

You're setting yourselves up for disappointment. I was like this with my girlfriend of three years. We broke up two weeks ago. The urge to end myself has not let up one ounce since that moment.

For me a lot of paranoia and worry, if you're like me and you worry a lot about what other people think about you it's a bad time, when things are going okay you're on top of the world but when I had a little fight it drove me crazy with worry and when my flaws caused her to break up with me I was crippled with guilt and self-hatred for hurting this person.

And ten years later that's still the last relationship I ever had

Like having someone who's really there for you [spoiler] to take care of[/spoiler]

Closest I had to that was just a bad spell of puppy love. I ended up friendzoned, and I deserved it. She was a very wrong object of affection for me. That was a horrible time in my life which I'm glad to have moved past. I never had a chance with anyone else and I doubt I ever will.

Sounds great. But why do you shit on the side of the toilet?

>Lot of time wasted
>Lot of money wasted
>Poor sex
>A lot of (hateful) things to do just to please our society
>Always nervous
>Always have to answer her
>Need her company to feel that little happiness that will be soon devoured as long as she has to go back home
>Always talking about future and family
>No cigs no alcohol no druga

Welcome to gf world.
Get Jow Forums and stay as far as you can.

Same, did that relationship ended? If yes how?


You will also lose all your friends, free taught, ability to go to parties etc,
Eventually :
- you can be heart broken anytime
- you have to confort her every time, it is ok but 90% of times you have to comfort her about her own projections and surreal things.

I don't really get the point why it has to be such difficult.
Btw 5 yo relationship

Nope. You are just a weak indoctrinated Zombie. Guuuuh must have gf because muh society. We live in a society.

Happend to me. Prepare to crash and burn buddy. Took me a whole year to function more or less normal again. And it still feels empty and poitnless.

Pedo. Do you help her with homework?

Having a GF can really increase your happiness but you have to find the right girl that fits for you , otherwise you will end suffering and struggling every single day.
If you find a casual gf and you think "mmm ok she is not the right one but it can work" just prepare Uranus, you will be fucked up, as we say in Italy "IL gioco non vale la candela " a.k.a "the game won't pay you back more that you will lose"


5 years is the time we have been together fuck you lol we are both 25

Just don't take it seriously when it happens. Moping around after a breakup just delays the time before you get the next batch of pussy. Love is imaginary bs. When you get married, you'll know. But you own that shit.

You got it figured pretty good in five years. Their are like that.

Yep, actually.
The most important thing I learnt is that happiness has to be found in ourselves, not outside.

>Not doing the dishes as you cook
As a cu/ck/ this pisses me off

>tfw gf does dishes while she cooks or I cook even though she cooks me breakfast lunch and dinner most days
>tfw I'm the one that hates my mom and complains but hers is based
>tfw her closest friends are her brothers and me so she never bitches
>tfw she makes literal poopoo peepee baby jokes about the copious amounts of shit and piss stains I get everywhere for some reason but cleans it without complaining anyway
>tfw she gets up at 6 or 7 am to do housework and make breakfast and my lunch every day but never complains that I sleep until 1 sometimes depending on when/if I work
Good feel, agree with and >inb4 it wont last
I don't care. We could break up tomorrow and I'd still just be thankful for all the years she's pampered me and brought even more happiness into my life.

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