Good Evening Anonymous! It's Sunday night again! Got a problem with sex and relationships? Holiday blues...

Good Evening Anonymous! It's Sunday night again! Got a problem with sex and relationships? Holiday blues? Job forgot your Christmas bonus? Maybe you'd just like to stop by and say hello! You can do all of that here!

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Why do women hate it when I masturbate to their face? When they make me cum, they look happy after sex, but when I make myself masturbate in their face during sex, they have this face of feeling ashamed of themselves.

pic related is exactly the face they make when I ejaculate

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Some girls just don't like that. Especially if you did not discuss this first.

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wow what a shit thread

Hi Mantis! Slow night so far. I hope you're doing alright. Good luck tonight! Thank you for another thread. I appreciate this.

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Hey Mantis, hope you get more replies later. I want to know if you have any background knowledge or just some dude helping around.

Thank you! It's nice to see you!

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I an not a licensed and certified therapist, if that's what you mean.

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Do you have some information similar to it? Or you're just a dude giving advice?

Man, Oh, Man! I’m excited to tell ya about this one. I was here last week, when I needed some advice on asking out a shy girl.

What’s happened so far is, we went food shopping and then cooked dinner together two nights later. She did want me to wait for another friend on the night we were cooking but when I told her I wanted it to just be the two of us, I was surprised to see that she was quick to accept.

I want to ask her to go somewhere in public but I get the feeling that she’s going to question why I’ve been only wanting to hang out with only her and I want to figure out how I’m going to ask her out properly afterward.

I guess my main issues here are:
1) If I want just her to go, should I make something up about having previous plans? (I’m not keen on lying, it’s a personal thing lol)

2) How do I (properly) express my desire to move from our friendship to dating?

Well, firstly, I'm very glad things seem to be working out for you!
Secondly, simply tell her you like her and you want to date! Keep it simple.

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I'm feeling the need to be constantly talking/texing to somebody at all times of the day. I can't have as much fun in my human interactions. What the fuck is up man

What are your human interactions like?
Are you texting to people you know only online?

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Yeah most of my friends are online only. Even while playing games with family there's something in me that wants to text conversate like a teenage girl.

Does cold approaching ever work? If so, how do I do it and not seem creepy or weird?

I've been with my guy for nearly a decade but still feel too scared and embarrassed to be vulnerable and romantic with him. Sometimes I'll be near him and just be overwhelmed with wanting to hug him or tell him how I feel, but I don't. Why am I like this

Then try limiting yourself to certain times of day for online chatting. Also, try extending the time you spend out of the house, talking to people irl.

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I’m trying to stay away and not like this girl because I know there’s no chance, but she’s really close with me. It ends up with people thinking we’re together and giving me false hopes.

It can and it does. Start with "hello". Don't over think this. Don't plan on reciting lines. Let the conversation flow where it wants to.

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Was there much display of affection in your family during your childhood? Have you suffered painful rejectionin your past? Such things shape how we behave in the present.

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So what is the problem exactly?

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All right here's my situation. I went out with this girl I've known for a year, a day before a vacation. It went nicely, and I got a positive maybe on hanging out again. Then I go on my vacation and come back and text her, she asks how my vacation was, I replied and asked how was she was and if she wanted to hang out again next week. I've gotten no reply and this was on December 1st. Did I do something wrong? I really like this girl and I'm not sure what could be causing the radio silence.

First make sure the text went through. Make sure she didn't get a new phone with a new phone number. Rule out any technical difficulties.

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I can’t really stay away from her that much because she’s part of my small circle of friends so I end up seeing her anyway when the group meets up. It’s stupid. I can’t even enjoy my time with friends anymore.

There was more displays earlier in my childhood, but those fizzled out over time as my parent's relationship worsened and turned into them fighting, objects being thrown and broken. I mean I guess I've had times where I was vulnerable and it didn't go well but it was never like me asking someone out and they rejected me. But you'd think after 8 years of him pretty consistently showing it's safe to open up and be myself around him, I'd start being vulnerable, and I mean I made some progress being vulnerable via texts. But now we're living together and I'm practically paralyzed with fear any time I want to initiate being affectionate with him

They Were defiantly sent out. Would it be a good idea to approach her another way, ala Facebook? What do you think I should do?

At the counsel of both a therapist and a good female friend of mine, I've been advised to go far outside my usual circuit to look for women. "The usual circuit" being dating apps and the mostly-female party school from which I just graduated days ago.

Therapist says I need to go far, far away. That I should go to grad school but not anywhere near here. Female friend suggests I go to the library and cold approach girls with no headphones on.

Now I shared female friend's idea with therapist and he laughed. She claims that this is how she got her last two boyfriends (being the girl with no headphones), but it's 100% insane and creepy to go to a library JUST to scout out women, right? Once it doesn't work the first time and the staff starts to notice this new regular customer... not checking out books or using the computer, just hitting on girls... I mean I guess the worst I would suffer is judgment, but it just seems unhealthy to me. But then going to grad school in New York or something seems unhealthy for my wallet.

Both of my options just seem bad. I doubt they'd work and they have potentially catastrophic repercussions. So then there's the third option, doing nothing... which also won't work.

I'm rambling, but how does one reconcile
>it will happen when you stop trying to make it happen
>you can't just sit around and wait for a girlfriend to fall in your lap, you have to put yourself out there
but also
>everywhere you can put yourself out there is either terrible or creepy

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Fuck you and fuck your gay ass larp

Where would be a good place where its appropriate? I heard bookstores and cafes are where you can get cute, smart girls.

This fear is getting in the way of your daily life. Have you considered seeing a therapist?

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Seeing people with motivation and excitement wounds me indescribably because I have never truly felt either. Each passing day, I scream internally and stare silently into a world I which I am a stranger posing as resident in hope of feeling anything else beyond muted frustration and hopelessness.

I saw a therapist a few times, but that was for something else. I don't think I'd be able to afford therapy though, we're already struggling

The best cure for this is to meet another girl who strikes your fancy. Until then, you'll have to gut it out.

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Talking to her face to face would be best. In place of that, I suggest a voice to voice phone call

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I recommend the library wholeheartedly. If you are concerned about how you appear to the staff there, read something for awhile. They have all sorts of newspapers, books, ect.

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We used to be co-workers, until she quit, now she works else where; therefore, face to face is kinda hard. Plus, it would be awkward as hell out of the blue to just call her and say "Hey it's been 22 days, but are you game?" But if that's the best thing I can do I'll do it, I just don't want to come across as clingy or stalkerish.

You heard right. Also, check out your local laundromat...

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You will have to work on this fear. Try and move out of the zone little by little. Hold his hand. Put your arm around him. Take small steps.

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Start with Hello.
Ask her how she's doing.
Work your way to The Big Question.

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But what if he doesn't want to hold my hand? What if I annoy him from how often I want to be physically affectionate or how often I want to cuddle? What if I try to tell him how I feel and he doesn't understand, or he thinks I'm being weird or cheesy or he just gets uncomfortable from it?

Okay, thank you. I'm going to do it, tomorrow.

This is why I suggested a therapist. A therapist could give you an answer to that.
But let me ask, how is he with displays of affection? Do you honestly think a slight increase in you display of affection would be annoying to him?

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Okay, should I just go up to them first or smile at them a few times and then talk to them? What if they looked creeped out?

general advice threads don't belong on Jow Forums, leave like the attention whore 2B did

If they look creeped out, or otherwise unresponsive, then move on to the next one.

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I'm not even sure of my sexuality anymore
I used to think I was bi, and I even got to the point where I came out to my siblings, but lately I am not sure, and truth be told I have ever been 100% either way. I masturbate compulsively 1-3 times a day, mainly to gay porn, stories on nifty, or shota, but recently these have failed to catch or keep my attention. i could try to stop masturbating for a little bit, but I'm not sure how long I could go, and when I have gone without masturbation for a few days due to work I always go back to the same stuff. I have tried ass play stuff (which had no effect).... I could go on for a long time about all the proofs for and against that I have collected in all my 21 years
IDK what to

Good luck, user!
Let me know how it went next sunday!

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The girl I'm interested in forgot my birthday few days ago. She said she was sorry last time we saw like 3 days after my birthday. Does this mean something ?
[spoiler] Am I overthinking it ? [/spoiler]

Usually he doesn't seem to mind, but he also rarely initiates so I worry that maybe he doesn't actually want me to kiss him or other things. Plus there have been some rare occasions where I tried to start and he wasn't really into it, so I'd rather wait for him to initiate so that I know he wants to be physically affectionate, but lately he's said that he wants me to initiate so that the affection doesn't feel so one-sided. But I don't want to risk trying and get shut down or worry that he doesn't actually want to and is just tolerating it. The trickiest part is that it feels like it's almost gotten more difficult to initiate now than it did a few years ago when we were LDR, and it was a lot easier when we first met. I'm not sure why it's getting more difficult but it makes me worried that the physical stuff is just going to keep fizzling out

Sexuality is on a continuum. You might be close to the middle of the continuum. Closer to bisexuality than you are to either end.
I suggest a week of nofap. Clear your head a little. Take it from there.

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I'm sure can do that


It doesn't necessarily mean anything. Assume it slipped her mind, and keep going.

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So what should guy a do when he'd like to sincerely apologize to his ex? It's been a couple months and after reflecting on the experience, I was really unfair to her. Not looking to rekindle things. She's a good person, I was just insecure and a tad needy.

Yeah I know, it's hard to change habits and talk to strangers. At night as well I feel alone and just want attention. It's my desperation from not having a gf to say goodnight to kicking in

It sounds like you both have issues with affection. Again, my best suggestion is a therapist. If you can't make room for that on your budget, I suggest you keep talking with each other. Keep the lines of communication wide open. The more you talk about this honestly with each other, the better.

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Sit her down and tell her about it. Just like you did here.

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That's pretty straight forward. Not sure if she'd go for an in person chat though.

Well, if she doesn't want to sit down with you, a regular telephone call, or voice chat would suffice.

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Alright. After talking to them, ask for their number and ask them out later right?

i have an overwhelming desire to become a trap
this isnt a joke i swear, wat do

Go for it! You have nothing to lose by trying.
This depends on what you want to do.

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>This depends on what you want to do.
what do you mean
i dont plan on transitioning lol

So what is the next step for you?

decide whether or not its worth it?

Explain what would make it worth it or not.

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How do I date an Asian girl? Where is the best place to meet them?

If you live in a bigger city, there's probably a neighborhood or two where you can find them easily

Op Here.
Gonna step out for about an hour

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>worth it:
i wanna do it and it seems fun
im not very feminine irl so itll be a nice release for me
this is a little strange but id have fun having sex with a guy as a trap (im bi). i fantasize about it a lot
it wouldnt hurt anyone to try

>not worth:
i might not look v cute (i dont have the body for it)
my family would be disappointed, friends would be embarassed, etc if they found out
the sex might lead to blackmail and stuff since i dont wanna be out
no (sane) girl will love me if i was a trap or bi

idk this is all i can think of rn

What do I do when I find them? I heard Chinatown is where there's a lot of them, but won't it be creepy for me to be there just to hit on them?

Make off like you're there for another reason. Like shopping, or eating in a restaurant.

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Can you do it, and keep it private from friends and family? You might want to wait on having sex a little while too.

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I can try that. Do I smile at them when they look at me and then try to approach them?

i could definitely do that
but id still feel like a liar if i date a girl

Sure! Just let it flow naturally.

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When dating, you can be more honest about your bisexuality.

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Alright, I'll go to a restaurant or a cafe and just sit there to get used to it.

i guess, but the trap stuff?

Do you think it would be better to keep that private for the time being?

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That sounds like a good place to start!

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I'm neurotic as fuck about a couple white spots on my teeth. Generally my teeth are clean and white but the thought of baring my teeth to even smile has become mind consuming. I feel like I'm thinking about it all the time. How do I shake this off?

I suggest you make a dentist appointment. Maybe this is a thing that a professional can easily remove. And if it's something serious, he'll take care of it.

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It's my birthday. I worked today, and will do again tomorrow. My wife got fired today, and I'm two weeks out from the first anniversary of my father's death.
Should I just give up on a happy Holliday season this year?

I've done plenty of research and it's a purely cosmetic thing. It's expensive to remove, and I'm a uni student so money is an issue.

I'm sorry for your loss.
But no, don't give up on a happy holiday.
Be there for your wife. She no doubt needs some emotional support. You have each other, you are a luck man indeed! Merry Christmas, user!

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Is there a dental school around? They offer all the services of regular dentistry at a reduced rate because supervised students are doing the work. I've done this myself, and I recommend it wholeheartedly!

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How do I move on from my ex gf? We broke up two years ago because she left me for another guy because we were on a break in our relationship but I thought she would come back to me because I thought she would realize she still loved me.
She asked me to hangout with her a year after our break up and I thought that meant she wanted to date me again but turns out she just wanted to see how i was doing while we shopped for clothes for her BF and she told me she was bringing him over to meet her family in New York for the holidays ;(

Now it's been 2 years after our break up and I thought I moved on because I haven't spoken, thought about or seen her since but I checked her social media recently and they are still together and it made me so depressed. I haven't been able to get a gf since then and im still salty that he stole her from me because he should have known we were still in a relationship even though it was complicated at the time. I was mad at first for a while but then I stopped caring and felt free for a while but now its hitting me again that she's still with him. I am so pathetic that I still have hope she will come back to me. I need help

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The old saying goes: if you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours forever. You set her free, by having a break in your relationship. But she didn't come back to you. That means she never would have stuck around anyway. It's good you found this out now, instead of after many years..
You'll get through this. It's gonna suck for a good while tho. And holiday time can make it suck even more. But the sure cure for this is to meet another girl who strikes your fancy.
And it will happen. Not today, probably not tomorrow either. But it'll happen!

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Op Here.
It's Zero Dark Thirty here in Op City. And that means bedtime for me!
I'll be around briefly tomorrow,.
And I'll definitely be here next Sunday!
Goodnight and Merry Christmas, Anonymous!
Wherever you are!

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>Meet girl on dating site
>Go on date with girl
>It goes well
>Get home
>She texts me and we agree on date #2
>Haven't heard from her in over a week

I feel like this cycle is going to turn me into a really bitter cynic

If you see this: the last two girls I've met that seem to be into me, I found out they both have boyfriends. Is there something I can change in myself so that actually single ladies chase me instead?

I always like seeing your threads op.

I don't have anything this week. This whole weekend I did absolutely nothing but refresh Jow Forums. I have to stop but I don't know what else to do.

Merry Christmas OP, you are very nice and cool and seeing your thread always makes me feel warm inside

Should I say Merry Christmas to a girl who never messaged me back? I asked her out a week ago but she never reply, is it okay to send her Merry Christmas and then ask her if she would like to go out and get some coffee?

I'm short, ugly, mentally ill, stupid, white, virgin, never accomplished anything, and above all a male.

Why shouldn't I kill myself?

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How do you still have the energy to do this?

>Implying it takes much energy to give saccharine, generic platitudes as advice.

I have a fear of intimacy and sex from a combination of seeing hardcore porn at a young age and reading TheRedPill. I've never actually had a gf and am 18. Also my penis is only 4 inches, so yeah. Gonna see a therapist soon, but would like to hear what you say.

What kinds of girls like ENFJs?