Well Anons, what do you use to shave your balls?

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I have never shaved my balls, dont understand the point if I know im the only one whos going to see them.

OP here.

I know how that feels user, I've been there.

Saying you'll never get laid is an awful way to get laid. Just sayin'.
But that's off topic.

I tried using an electric razor, like I do for my other pubes, but my ball's skin is too delicate for it.

What do you guys do?

>blood everywhere

I use a razor like and shampoo or conditioner, whichever I have at the moment. Take a hot shower, let the steam open your pores, then shave in the shower. You may want to trim beforehand so you don't clog your showerdrain.

Since i'm a master of the blade i can rely on those cheap disposable razors, just use some foam to make it glide like butter.

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Love it when I'm smooth down there

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I get in the shower and put the razor to my balls. Nothing but warm water. Never cut them once, though I have cut my dick before because I have a hairy shaft.

And the rest of you faggots.

I don't know why you wanna shave your balls but, use "magic Shave Powder" in a clazzic pop top can. It makes your hair brittle and you can just bust it off with a credit card. You can get it at Walgreens so, you can probably get it everywhere. If you have a scented option, go for that because it has kinda a mineraly smell.

Do not ever use that bikini shit "Nare" or whatever its called...

(Mens) shaving club?? I forget the name but something along that line razor. It's really nice. My girlfriend appreciates my balls being shaved. Sucks on them occasionally to show her appreciation. I guess when they're hair and we do certain positions the hair itches her asshole/kiki...? Femanons can you agree with this?

If you look at the chemicals in that shit and realize what spraying those chemicals on your genitals MIGHT result in, you'd think twice about using that product. Thank me later.

I thought that all hair removal products could burn you just like Nair. They seem silly to me, anyway. Shaving's easy.

Ok put a blade next to your balls.
Yeah. This shot is cool bro. I'm not a manscaper but I'm like Robin Williams Harry and there's medical issues. This stuff is worth a checkout. I don't like it for my face cuz its a bit complicated but it may be good for the balls. Anyway its "magic!"

I shaved my pubes once, but not the actual sack. Seems pointless, not much hair on the balls themselves.

If you into pain, the epilady electric hair puller outer is pretty smooth. Fuck, that mutherfucker hurts. The shit bitches do for us.

I've shaved my balls for over 10 years. Never once have I cut them using my razor. If a retard like me can shave their balls using a razor without cutting them so can anybody else.

Fuck bro, now you have me considering it. Pretty sure mine grows back in five minutes.

>not much hair on the balls themselves
That varies. A lot. I got a fucking forest down there. Or I did, at least.

Scissors while blindfolded. I love the thrill of it.

My electric razor had a pop out bear trimmer part, used to hack down the forest, then mach 3 to go smooooth, feels super good man, crack as well, so clean. Until I left the electric razor in a hotel bathroom, now I have to buy another one.

>not having muscle discipline

Would you stop being so damn obtuse and just say what it does? Jeez.

Did you really just say that?

I'd like to semi hijack this thread to ask my own question.
What about hair on the dick specifically? I have some and it's kind of weird, not very unusual according to the internet, but definitely unaesthetic.
I think those two are related enough because the problems with both are:
1. very sensitive skin that could be irritated by things that would be mild for facial skin
2. fucking up is much scarier, if you fuck up on your face you have a cut, if you fuck up on your dick or balls, I don't know, but that skin seems kind of thin.

Do you dudes just use regular razors and products as you would for your face?
Does anyone have any experience with slipping up with the razor in such delicate areas?

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Hair traps bacteria and you smell way worse, especially your asscrack.

Get a stubble trimmer, one with adjustable grades.

Set it to 3mm or something short. Run it over your dick, balls, asshole, and armpits. Maybe start with your armpits first, then wash it when you're done. Use an ordinary shaving razor to finish off the hairs on the shaft of your dick.

Use antiperspirant and deodorize before sleeping or starting a new day.

Congratulations, I just made you 4 times more hygienic. You won't sweat as much and your body hair looks way more presentable. Whoever goes down on you will appreciate it.

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Trim first, then shave.

(Nothing better than getting your hairless balls sucked).

>Gardening shears
> I'm Arabic

Yes, that’s the function, to disperse the odor.

user... what do you use to shave/trim your ass hair?

Pretty sure “your Mom” is the only respectable response.

I never shave my balls and girls who see them never complain, so it doesn't really matter unless you have a small dick or something.

answer the man goddamn it, I have the same problem

Yes, trim the hairs with a trimmer then shave with a razor. Get hard, take your time, it’s really easy. (Obviously if you keep up with it you can skip the trimmer part.

original question here, what scares me most is, well, what if my razor slips?
Isn't there potential for a more serious injury, to put it mildly? (aka cutting a hole through my ballsack? or having blood gushing from my dick?)
I really would like to minimize the chances of me needing to go to an ER for crotch related injuries

Look at OP’s picture, use that, not a straight razor, the skin is thicker than the space between the blades. Also I have been shaving them several times a week for years, I have never slipped. Go slowly, and your golden.

I use OP's pick as the razor for shaving. I get shower nice and warm to loosen the skin of my balls and cock. Then I lather my babies with enough soap for the shaving blade to smoothly slide across the skin. I shave against the grain for maximum close shave and do so by stretching and pulling my lossened ballskin to make it flat enough for the razor to do the work. For my asscrack, I hold the razor by near the neck area of ths shaving instrument and just shave in an outward (out from the ass) direction. I then squat and use the razor to shave the hairs in the area that connects between my family jewels and anus. For convienince, I use an electric razor trimmer for my asscrack.
If you accidently cut your balls, you will quickly learn technqiues to avoid the same mistake in the future. Use saliva to stop the bleeding temporarily and bandage it after showering.