I need some outside input

Hey gang, 26f with a question that hopefully some guys can give insight to. So tldr, an online friend confessed to me about 2 years ago but I wasn't in a mental state to reciprocate. Stayed friends, did gamer things, fast forward to this year, we finally met at a con and I was 100% smitten but I'm super shy/awkward and didn't say anything about it. Fast forward again to a few weeks ago, after a long internal debate with myself on LDR pros and cons , potential he doesn't like me anymore etc, I decided to tell him.
He replies saying he likes me to, we talk a bit, and then he says he has irl things to deal with and can't commit to anything atm. Okay that's fair, I understand people have things going on.
Don't get any replies to messages but see him replying to others on twitter etc. He's pretty popular but still brain is dumb so brain goes into depression mode: guess I'm just not worth his time. We hang out in a group voice chat with others, after the call ends he messages me and says we should hang out more. Replies for a bit and then nothing. I know we aren't dating but it's just a shitty feeling to not get replies? Maybe some of you have experienced something similar, but any insight is really appreciated.

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As a dude i can tell you that ldr is not something we really want to do as we never really get to pound the moisthole.
i know thats shallow and childish but thats whats up.

It seems like this already isn't working for you so perhaps you should move on.

It's clearly not gonna work.

Guy is not interested in you

Maybe we could hang out? (Don't you have IRL friends?)

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I'm afraid that's a bust. If he's not eager to talk to you and move to where you live, then he doesn't like you enough.

Reason for this opinion:

I'm 26m, I've had this exact type of shit. Met a gamer grill on Steam, we played a shitload of vidya for over a year, we met up at E3 2018 and hung out for the whole event. Confessed to her and she said she's not into me.
I am not in a great financial place but I was STILL ready and willing to uproot and move to her state.

Thanks for the replies, it makes sense even though it's obviously not what I'd like to hear. I just wish he'd be upfront about it :(

If it's any consolation, there's approximately a billion gamer guys and con-goers on the internet, about 30% of which are well spoken and witty and fun as well. You didn't exactly lose a unique soul mate here.

>mental state
>actually waiting for 2 years

This is a steaming pile of shit. You are a thot and he is a beta cuck.

I have irl friends but the majority are female, and the male ones are either normies or know the person and I'd rather not bring it up so it doesn't make anything awkward :/

What? Are you serious? Muh move in with complete stranger I believe I know after literally only playing online together and no actual interaction or contact. Fucking zoomer babeh idgaf how old you are. Your mental developement got stuck at the age of 14.

>Fucking zoomer babeh idgaf how old you are. Your mental developement got stuck at the age of 14.
Man you must be the zoomer, this is what old nerds used to do when the dating pool (for them) was small.

First congrats on the quad.

Secondly, I guess it's time to go on the hunt right?

I said I've met up with her for the entire duration of E3, are you having a stroke user?

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9 months of that was a deployment + workup training with little to no internet access, and a solid 3 months was severe depression after finding my ex fiance cheating on me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ all girls are thots though, that's true

>9 months of that was a deployment + workup training
Military? ....are you Jow Forums?

Are you stuck in a time loop or why do you cling to the past? A zoomer boomer hybrid. Wow.

I also met a chashier a bunch of times. We still dont know shit about each other.

Post deployment bod got me but I'm working back to it, hopefully in a few months I'll have some good gains to show for it ;)

>A zoomer boomer hybrid
So you are a newfag.

Well then, I don't think you have much to worry about. I guess you just need to get out more and find someone else.

Yeah totaly. Havent been here since I was a teen. Nope, not me.

Yes but we gamed and talked for months on end on Steam. We both worked graveyard shift and kept eachother entertained in Steam chat, then went home and played vidya until it was bedtime for us. For almost a whole year. Then I actually got to meet her at E3 and I thought that was a good step forward, so a little while after that I confessed and apparently spending every waking fucking hour together for months on end does not mean a woman is into you, go figure. Maybe I should have made my move during E3 and she must have psycho-analyzed me to be a beta-fag who doesn't have the balls to move in when he should. Whatever, over it now.

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>Maybe I should have made my move during E3 and she must have psycho-analyzed me to be a beta-fag who doesn't have the balls to move in when he should.
Possibly. Too late now.

Ok here is a list for you that im too explain: pheromones, skin to skin contact, pass time does not equal deep connection, virtual communication is inferior to real one, mere exposure does not work virtually. Ok im done.

Okay, Ogg from 138,000 B.C.
Thanks for your input on how the primitive, prehistoric human body works.

I think you waited too long, OP. You had a chance, you were afraid, you blew it. That's not to say things might never get better, but it takes a lot of effort to confess to someone, and leaving them hanging for two years gives them the idea that you just weren't interested. In his mind, he probably accepted this and started trying to move on.

Don't blame yourself for this though. It happens. Just human things. I only hope you find the courage to reciprocate when it feels right again, whoever it might be with.