Just how do you guys cope up with debilitating depression? Lost my job, my closest friends don't want to come near me and I'm always feeling down whenever I'm alone or by myself. I do have a girlfriend I can relate to and a family by my side but it hurts to be like this when I haven't done anything wrong. I've been browsing Jow Forums as a means of outlet but at the end of the day, you just reflect that you've wasted your time doing nothing. What do you guys do to battle such things as depression and degeneracy of the world at the same time? Feels hopeless.

>inb4 an hero
>inb4 kill urself

I'm not at that stage yet. Not even taking meds because they should be taken as a last resort when you're about to lose your mind.

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You are not even white, what the heck are you doing on this subreddit?

You man the fuck up and realise that being a depressed pussy will get you nowhere. Boys crumble, real men get up and do.


I simply live with the depression.

Do a flip faggot

Find the source of your depression, it's probably something subconscious you're not aware off.

Gym, beer and ponies.

Reflection and self improvement. Find worth by giving yourself the chance to be useful.

Focus, change and adapt. Find God and develop a personal relationship with him.

>and I'm always feeling down whenever I'm alone or by myself

Learn to love yourself and you'll never be alone.
Get a pet or some plants. Something to look after.

go lift some weights

keep on chooglin'

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Honestly there's no meaning to life except personal happiness. You don't need to be productive but being productive is generally a good way to stay happy. When things get really bad you need to remind yourself that becoming an hero is always an option even if you'll never actually do it. When you're hit by the freak feelings of depression the way i get around it is i imagine i have a gun and i blow my brains out all over the wall. Basically i visualize the depressed me and i kill it in a graphic way. This helps a lot. Watch some really sad stuff and really try to cry like cry as much as you can, This will relax you.

>being productive is generally a good way to stay happy

This too. Clean something in the house.
also pic related

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Stop giving a shit

>Watch some really sad stuff and really try to cry like cry as much as you can

This is called bleeding the soul.

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Le Burn your own hand 4 le enlightenment


Search for Christ

Listen to some Alan Watts, op. Or Terrence McKenna (or whatever floats your boat cognitively/spiritually). Or listen to some alt-right or legit conspiracy podcasts or other audio. Take a walk with them on your mp3, or go to the gym. Also, be careful about self-medicating and seek help if you notice addictive patterns (op alcohol image).

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I left depression long ago, I'm now in a state of total and utter numbness - nothing affects me at all. Even that recent execution video elicited not the slightest bit of emotion from me.

Exercise. Not just lifting weights you need aerobic exercise also. Theres really not much more you need to do. Health literally changes how you feel.

it will help you eventually lift yourself into the noose, also

So you've lost everything fellow flipbro aside from your gf flipbro? Try going to church or finding God, you can find your answers there.

user you are fuckin' based, that is all. We all need to start fucking speaking up about this shit

Live with it. If your depression says no, you say yes and you become stronger. Show your body that you are the one who is controlling. Remember that everything you feel is based on chemicals and electrical discharges.

>same ID as OP


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why dont you go play basaketbal with manny pacquiao, or duterte?

take ur own advice

People trying to help a fellow user and he's just LARPING


Yeah man, after years of it it begins to feel like normal.


i go to bed and just hope i feel better the next day

You have to be good at it, though. Nobody's going to listen to you if you just start shouting about the Jews, but if you know your stuff it can turn into a discourse so interesting they want to talk about it instead of shutting it down and meanwhile you're just sitting there finally enjoying cornering them into wanting to talk about Jews or the War of Northern Aggression or how niggers act or whatever else you're not supposed to talk about but that everybody secretly does want to talk about.

The potato is right on this one. Grit your teeth and push on.

I’m past depression
the Hamilton Scale goes in reverse if you survive 0

i think you mean it starts climbing in the negatives

become indifferent to everything. I lived with my uncle for six months when I moved cities after university, he's a stoic bastard. he's the exact opposite of my dad who would get pissed off about everything and fall into depression seemingly out of nowhere. I started thinking like my uncle and life became a lot easier. It's bad for close relationships though, drove my ex insane because she thought I was ignoring her.

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Im trying to write a response to this but youre a whiney fucking bitch. How do i cope with depression? Easy. I failed suicide. I know where depression leads so i dont let shit get to me anymore. When something does get to me i fucking snap. And then you cry about being alone. Yeah. Probably because youre a cry baby bitch. See. Im a fun guy. So i dont mind being alone. You brows Jow Forums all fucking day? Jesus christ get a hobby. Play videogames. Smoke some fucking reefer. What do i do to battle depression and degeneracy. I dont partake. I tried to answer your fucking cry baby bitchpost the best i could. My suggestion is you stop being such a fucking cry baby bitch. Jesus. Youre such a crybaby bitch i cant contain my enger.

For me it was getting high and staring at the seven stages of grief while making the connections to my life. From early childhood to right now.

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What's that?

what the absolute fuck? i was going to legit give some advice, but you fucked up son

i quit drinking and started doing exercise
stopped hanging with losers that weren't even my friends in the first place
took me some time but helped me to start getting out of it
really simple for me

>you're not supposed to talk about but that everybody secretly does want to talk about.
It's surprising how many normies are keen on this shit but too afraid to admit it.

Gut health, maybe brain inflammation, our bodies have been attacked and slowly worn down

Learn how to joke about it with a deadpan commitment to the humor. You’ll start to attract smarter/better friends. As far as not wasting your day goes, make yourself a checklist to complete every day before you go online or check Jow Forums. Also make sure to shower twice each day.

Depression won't last forever. It sucks, but it gives you an opportunity to hunt down what problems you've let fester this long. You'll be alright in the end.

t. had crippling depression for 6 months this year

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Me but without the girdlfriend and instead family just mom. and not allowed to work 10 years now because I am not a citizen

How many more times are you going to post this copypasta?

20 Years? (Started at 14) 6 months cant be REAL depression

How many times you gonna bump the thread?

Nobody has ever had REAL depression. When you're operating at 10% effectiveness and can barely get out of bed you'll be reminded that you're not really depressed because you took a shower today.

>t. had crippling depression for 6 months this year
I've had crippling depression for two years now. It sucks when you want to do something but your brain doesn't allow you to. Depression is more like low energy than anything. You want to do something but you can't because your mind is just telling you to lay in your bed all day and just die from there.

Start working and out and eating healthy. People want to help people that help themselves. Start reading and investing in yourself. Delete social media. Join groups in your community that help you feel invested in the community. Volunteer for homeless people or for orphans. Just make yourself busy so you don’t think about being depressed. The worst possible thing you can do is do nothing.

I'm gonna die one day that gives me comfort that I will eventually get to rest.

I don't know if it was coincidence or it helped, but I reviewed the CIA's personality assessment system and got some measure of self-awareness out of it. If nothing else it's an interesting read.

I even laundered my bedding and changed clothes more than once during the past several days, even if showers were too much work for every day. I recently shaved.

What I was getting at is that some people who have been depressed make the claim that nobody else is really depressed because they are way more messed up. I don't think that's a helpful attitude.

Set goals, then do the goals. Find a hobby, exercise. Do things to make you a better rounded individual. Stop wasting excess time doing bullshit. Read a book, start a martial art, lose weight, go meet girls. Everything you haven't done is going to be somewhat scary and hard. If it wasn't everyone would do these things. Life is hard, now get out there and seize the day mother fucker. That knowledge will make everything you do worth it. Don't think about how you can't think about how you will be one of the only ones who can.

Why would you care about some faggot and his seeming delusions if you've not lost control of your own self?

Stop drinking that toxic piss they sell you.
It took me a couple of years since I realized "why the fuck did I get so drunk again" and until I managed to go sober for good.
But don't mistake a failure for a relapse.

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Start by not posting your personal problems on Jow Forums.
Don’t come back