Where do I go online to meet a cute virgin girl to marry?

Where do I go online to meet a cute virgin girl to marry?

Oh, and to those who are gonna say something along the lines of "kek they don't exist all womyn r whores" or start a debate about why I should or should not be looking for a virgin : thanks for the bump but I'm not gonna answer those.

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Get rich af. Go to siberia and save a cute russian girl out off there. I hope I can do that some day.

They all whores or got raped sorry bruh u got sloppy seconds.. I’ve taken 4 girls virginity and 5 if I count the one that said she was a virgin but rode my dock like Alexis Texas I didn’t believe her but yea 4 virginity cards are mine so far ;)


Have you tried handing out free candy from the back of a cargo van next to a playground?

Nah I'm not the kind of guy who needs money to pull of a girl.

I’ve had sex with 4 girls that were for sure virgins and the 5th one said she was but I didn’t believe her random tinder date never talked again so idk but ya all I’m saying is I’ve banged 4 virgins.. all before age 18 so
Ya u gotta get a time machine probly best bet

You do realize that you don't have to go back in time to fuck 18yo girls, right?

Ok. Have fun finding a traditional wife idiot. It isnt about the money but about getting here out of there. I dont think you have a private jet and document forger to get her to you country. You will also have to pay for all her stuff till she gets an income. The money is to get shit done and not to woo a girl by peacocking.

I this trolling or a bot or wtf?

I said before 18 u misreading fucktard . People
Like u who put words in others mouths and want others attention even on user website need to
Get punched

I don’t get how explaining in two ways that I have fucked 4 maybe 5 virgins is a bot or trolling.. but perceive it how
U want I

There are plenty of traditional girls in my country, I'm asking where I can meet them online, not how to mail order a bride.

idk, sounds like an NPC from some really shitty game.

Some anons jealous I got all that virgin pussy in my day I see lol!!!:;););)

You can meet them almost anywhere. I'm a virgin and because I hang out on Jow Forums, I joined some Jow Forums discords revolving around my interests and on some of them are fellow virgin femanons. My friend who is also a virgin but more normie is currently looking for a bf via Ok Cupid. There's no secret online virgin vault, user. Just try the usual places.

I guess you're right. Just wondered if anyone had heard of some specific place.

Boi, if a woman tells you she's saving herself for marriage and she's a virgin, she's lying her ass off and you're getting hardcore friend zoned.

Hahaha money is what gravitate women to you - they don't want no bum ass, broke ass fuckboi. Your way of thinking is too idealistic and very simplistic. Walk up to any female, take out your wallet and flash your card at them. Boom. They'll stick around until you reach negative zero digits.

You need to explain why you want a virgin and why you think a girl would save her virginity for you. But the only answer is to join a church, it's the only place you can find girls who will cuck you for Jesus and not have sex with you before marriage, and miserable infrequent sex after.

This this. At the end of it all, everybody yearn for sex. Nobody, no matter what they or sermonize. Want sex. The minute someone give them the right attention and affection. They'll begin the process of deflowering.

Agreed with this. I (female) lost my virginity at 25 and still had virgin female friends at that point. At 28 now all of my real-life friends have lost it, but the last one was only a few months ago. I've also known plenty more femanons in discord groups who were still virgins too. It isn't as rare as certain boards and anons would make you think.

Yeah I know that, I've come across a good number of virgin girls myself. I was just wondering if there was some place specifically for that.

>I have nothing to offer to a woman who saved her virginity for me


does it count if you never had sex but I lost my "technical" virginity with a carrot?

Virginity is a social construct anyway. Nobody cares about if you are a virgin or not except insecure garbage tier males like OP.

Not him, but that's why it'll be me who'll insist on waiting until marriage.
If a girl can't wait until marriage for me, then she surely rushed things in her previous relationships and is thus lying about being a virgin.

What a sad world view to have.

The other user made a decent suggestion with Jow Forums discord groups. You might also get thots and degenerates too, Jow Forums brings in both ends of the spectrum, but there's probably a higher concentration of virgin autist girls here as there are for guys. Finding one who lives near you on the other hand...

For real life the meme answer is church but that wouldn't appeal to me at all. My previously virgin friends and I hung around in all the places you'd normally expect to find women, both as a group and individually (bars, restaurants, coffee shops, occasional exhibitions, work...)

Why would she wait until marriage for YOU? You are cutting your potential dating pool to less than 1%. You are basically choosing to die alone and bitter.

>the reality that people like is sad
Your denial is sad.

>you can't have anything to offer apart from money
lmfao loosers and their beta bucks

Depends on the guy. For me I wouldn't mind.

Yeah, I guess you're both right. Thanks for the input. Personally I actually wouldn't mind church but here it's mostly catholics so I'd have to go through all sorts of stuff and then get baptized, which I plan on doing anyway probably but still.

>implying people, especially women, will care about your oh so special ways of companionship and netflix watching methods when even a dog can provide

you're dramatically overestimating your value

oml you're pathetic.

Let me gies you have a great personality and you are kind?
That's a prerequisite for human interaction, for anybody who thinks that's gonna their edge, you're deluded.
Nice guys are deluded.

Ok samefag incel freak, let me tell you something you may have never considered : there's much more to interactions between men and women than being kind and having money.

If it means her "waiting for me", then that implies she's eager to have sex.
This eagerness is detestable and if she's not willing to change her attitude our future together is jeopardized.
Waiting is a joint decision, not one person going out of their way for the other.

>the reality that people like is sad
You put it exceptionally well: People *like* it. It's a question of opinion.
I acknowledge it. It's just undeniably sad that people who *like* it, can't help but think the whole world thinks the way they do.

>Is so bland that the only form of companionship he can provide is sitting next to his partner watching netflix
>Tells other people about their value


They don't exist anymore, just give up.

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Hmm I wonder how hard she hits

She looks weak af. Like I could easily beat her in an arm-wrestling competition, using my dick.

t. roastie

If you are asexual then look for an asexual girl.

But how hard would she hit? I feel like having a girlfriend that can throw a puppy would be cool but I'm weak as fuck so not too tough.

>throw a puppy
kek, that too

Why would you want your gf to punch a puppy?

To assert mental and physical dominance. It proves she has nerve but also physical strength.

Good luck.

The darknet, to buy a slave. Virgins are a premium though.

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