What did she mean by this... that men shouldn't care if someone is female? I don't get it... I feel humiliated rn...

What did she mean by this... that men shouldn't care if someone is female? I don't get it... I feel humiliated rn, very emotionally upset. Am I in the wrong here?

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She's an angry drama stirrer looking to get offended, don't worry about her.

she's an e girl, if you offered a paypal payment she'd be all up in you

No, you're not in the wrong here.Don't know why she overreacted like that.Why did she post her discord tag in the 1st place if she didn't want to be added?

t. fellow female

Never tell your Chatpartner:" because you are a girl." That shit never works. If she wants to find a boyfriend, she wouldn't date someone who wants just ANY girl.
Nobody wants to date a desperate man, since you want to find the special someone and not just somebody.

>this guy again
Is this the new 2 DUI guy

You should have just been straight up and told her you wanted to see bobs and vagine. She probably would still end up blocking you, but you'd go into it knowing that and wouldn't feel bad about it.

Yea alright that's a sound principle but this this girl acts like trying to talk to girls because they're girls is wrong or something... idk bro I understand that looking desperate ain't attractive but this is too much. I just want to have an emotional connection with a girl I'm not after her body or anything, she lives in another continent...
I ain't ugly either I ain't some incel type...

Just a drama-lover. If she didn't want extra attention because of her gender, she wouldn't have mentioned being female on soc. And on Jow Forums of all places.

t. girl

Leading off with that was a bad move. If you want an emotional connection then just talk to them like you would with any other friend. That’s what you want, right? A female friend?

Yea I'm just being honest though, I didn't want to lie...

Only if he posts every day for over 3 years.

She doesn't want to talk to you, that's her prerogative.

Kill yourself, "muh agency" SJW.
She has the right to be a bitch. Doesn't make her not a bitch.

Aw, and you're such a nice guy, I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to talk to you.

You talked to her from out of nowhere and then got oddly defensive when she asked who you were and why you were contacting her.

Lets break it down

>I like talking to girls...
Ok, this isn't a big deal. You could have said "I dunno, most of my friends are guys and I'm tying to broaden my horizons" but what you said was fine.

>"very much an instinctual thing lol"
Now you're over-explaining and its starting to veer into "I JUST HAVE THIS INCREDIBLE DRIVE!!" territory.

>thin its quite easy to say why does it matter when u're not a dude n you ain't experience the drive for it
Welp, now you've fucked up. First, you're taking a shot at her and criticizing an innocent question she asked because you're feeling attacked. Second, you're making assumptions about her. Third, that comment about drives is basically the "can't help it, gotta fuck" card.

Maybe thats not what you meant, but its what you conveyed. You're just some random person messaging her, she owes you nothing and decided you weren't worth the time because you got weird pretty much right away.

Heres the thing to keep in mind: girls are constantly getting contacted by guys who want to fuck them. Every interaction with a man carries with it not only the possibility but the likelihood that the guy just wants to paint their walls. A lot of men get pushy about it, some get entitled and aggressive, but overall it means that unsolicited interactions with men are perceived as potentially threatening. If you want to talk to someone without context you need to not be a threat, not be off putting, and offer something interesting. Even then, a lot of women are just going to bail. Thank the PUAs and the incels.

Hint: this response right here? She smelled it in what you screenshot. You were already spinning up to angry and entitled.

>its instinctual lmao that's what it's like to be Male
Don't you put that shit on me, faggot.

user, they way you started this conversation was dumb as fuck. Are you retarded? Starting a convo with "you are a girl and I'm horny" won't work on most women, save the trashiest ones.

Discorders are worse than normies

You implied that you gonna fuck her lol