What is my purpose?

I'm a 19 year old subhuman incel, I understand why girls wouldnt wanna date me when theres hot ass guys they could go for instead so I dont blame em, but it hurts knowing I wont ever be able to experience Chad life.
I literally havent contributed shit to this world and if I died it wouldnt matter. I feel as if I am leeching off the world.. I always see Chad's irl just alpha af, tall, strong, handsome, good personality etc. Then I look at myself and realize what a sack of shit I am n that makes me wanna rope.
So wtf is my purpose as a human being? I am a fucking subhuman for fuck sake its over. Killing myself would be beta, but if I go with the cope that everything will go alright I'll just be leeching like a rat on this earth.. I'm fucked up and can hardly sleep from fucking night terrors..

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ur purpose is to experience as much pleasure you can while causing the least amount of harm to society

Self awareness means you are not lost completely. Visit Jow Forums read the sticky and buckle down for one year working on your fitness. Be warned you will not see results right away, things will feel worse, but if you slowly adapt to making your life better, you will be rewarded.

>Visit Jow Forums
Enjoy the body dimorphism

Been working out since I was 14, benching 315lbs by senior year. Looksmaxing n gymcelling are just cope. I get depressed after a workout thinking "wtf is the point of all this, this isnt making me happy"

My only "reward" was my name on a fuckin lifting record sheet and gym bros asking me for tips.

OP life means whatever you want it to mean. It's the sad truth that we make our own purpose and some of us find it very difficult to make that purpose.

Life has to have some sort of objective or impact to be made. We call people bums, losers, lazy, pathetic or winners, achievers, etc for a reason. Because there is a proper and improper way to live.

N I'll I want is to be a fuckin winner/alpha. But I get mogged all the time by people I couldnt ever match up to.

What you so depressed about? That's fucking amazing. I've never achieved anything in my life except be a POS.

No, they call people that because they don't fit in to their world view. These things are not objective. If you think someone is living improperly you are comparing that to the standards that you have adopted from society (plus your own opinion sprinkled in).

Need flash ugly dudes get hot chicks all the time. Some might even say the hottest chicks

COPE HARDER, Neetcuck.

That's a convenient relatavist approach, does thinking that way make you happier? I bet it doesn't.
View it any way you want to but the previous user is right. There are ways of living that produce good results and there are ways of living that produce bad or neutral results. No amount of muh society fanfiction will change that.

Actually I was coming at it from the SJW angle, so I guess just regular cuck.

I apologize if I gave off that vibe. Obviously some things give better results, but only better results if that's something you value.

And I think it does give me some calm. I'm still affected by society and stuff but I'm trying to fulfill myself before trying to impress other people. Which is easier said than done because I've been here stagnant for 6 years.

>pushed heavy bar off chest
I dont see lifting as anything meaningful, or anything that would make me truly ascend. It's just a cope
And this

Society values people who contribute to society. There may not be an objective meaning to the metaphysics of the universe but there are objective realities in the context of living in a human society.

Alright I can buy that for now. I guess I jumped far too abstract too fast.

Get over it. Get your ass into school or trade school or out in the world working, stop worrying about unreal accomplishments and start accomplishing what you can when you can. Normal healthy food, daily exercise, and a regular schedule will help with the night terrors.

Focus on going forward, you'll find what your passion is somewhere along the way.

You don't lift

Yeah, but not everyone has the same standards for pathetic, winners, losers, etc. I mean there are a few universals, like if you're a pedophile or a heroin addict you might just be a loser.

Real talk, most social circles I've been in would consider someone who lives in a van and just travels around playing music to be winning at life and highly respectable, but on Jow Forums and Reddit that same kind of person would be called a loser. Some people want to be millionaires by 30, others want to see the grand canyon or Mt Fuji, and some guys just want to be dads and that's all they want in life. It's all relative, and all of those goals are just as respectable as the rest.

The idea is that you do need some kind of goal. If you've set an honest goal with yourself and have worked hard to get there, I consider that winning, even if it's something I'd never do myself.

OP, I see guys like you all the time at the bar. I'm not exactly the bastion of success and my life has been pretty rocky, but I'm married, I've had a lot of sex with many different partners prior to being married, I have a fun job with a comfortable salary and my life is pretty decent.

Remember that life isn't a scorecard. You don't check a number of boxes and suddenly become someone worth dating (I used to think like that too, made for some of the unhappiest years of my life). The only one on your criteria that actually matters for finding a girl is 'good personality'. The only scorecard that exists is that you generally have to have some kind of income and live on your own. Income doesn't have to be spectacular, some of the hottest women I know are dating TV salesmen at Best Buy who make $28k.

Be a good person, have some kind of goal, and work toward that goal, even if it's something like "I want to write childrens books" or "I want to own a sandwich shop" or even "I want to be employee of the month at Target". Women like men who have a drive.

What are you hoping to achieve by spreading such lies? Or is it 4D chess and you want society to have more angry men shooting up places?

Not him but I've seen this too. I'm not the most attractive dude but I've seen some 10/10 women with some acne ridden Kylo Ren looking motherfuckers

>What is my purpose?
You don't have one. That's the problem.

>What is my purpose?

You pass butter.


sorry it was too easy.

Tbh I've never actually seen Rick and Morty but one of my coworkers showed me that meme last year and I've never seen anything so human.

Google "ugly men with beautiful wives" and find another excuse

I only see betabuxxers, these "wives" not only cheated before but after marriage. Their husband is just a human wallet and a good conscience provider

Time to gobble gobble some pills buddy!
1)Your fucking 19yo. Yeah you're useless because every fucking 19yo is useless.
2) Self pity much? Get over yourself you fucking idiot. No one is meant for anything, life does not make sense, no one has anything figured out.
3) Why is your standard of manhood these high school peaking idiots? Go learn something. Find a hobby. Be interesting.
4) Take care of yourself. The upside of this misogynistic culture is that men *don't* have to measured by beauty alone. Sucess, being interesting, honing a skill more then makes up for whatever the fuck you look like.
Get out of your house. Do something. Have a story to tell.

Stop buying into the hype.
You are you, and that’s it.
You can be whoever you want to be.

They get to fuck an attractive woman.

You don't.

Who's the beta?

>B-but muh standards.

Dude you're only 19. You are only subhuman in the respect that you have such a lack of self respect you call yourself shit like subhuman and incel, girls would never date a guy who considers themselves a waste of oxygen.

You clearly have a personal purpose. You are aware you aren't fulfilling that purpose. Perhaps look into ways to contribute to the world. Literally anything is better than nothing. You don't have to change the whole fucking world, dude, tend only to the garden you can reach.

But it’s not a lie. Ugly dudes with confidence are chads worst nightmare because they had to understand how the game worked inside out. They have more insight in social games because they spend their whole lives watching it unfold in front of them. They know the right and wrong moves to make and things to say because they had to go out there and get the experience when nobody was willing to teach them.

A confident ugly dude will always get the chick that chad can’t. Aside from insight, they’ve probably been called shit their wholes lives and had their confidence slain time and time again. If they can overcome the adversity and attain confidence they really have nothing left to lose. Most of the time chad is a retarded caveman that doesn’t realize how good he has it or how to go out and get a lay using just words.

>Using terms like alpha and beta
As a girl , to me , being a good guy isn't about looking hot , it's about being a good person, being respectful and kind. You don't have to look good to have that . If you are not pleased with your body , exercise (be consistent) . Nobody has a purpose for fuck sake. Just have a good time while you're alive, do the stuff you like . Why are you using this hierarchy ? Chads are not better than you , they just have other priorities, they were born different from you and had other life experience .it doesn't make them better only different. Self pity won't get you anywhere, become the person you want to be and I don't think that's necessary means being a Chad.
PS. a guy with good personality and knowledge is more approachable and stable to me than someone with a six pack (which is many times , only for sex ) . I feel like I can have a more meaningful relationship with an intellectual than a Chad .

If you're 19 you still have plenty of options. What i did/ would recommend would be:

>try to figure out the nature of your intelligence to determine where you might have the maximum potential.
>try to attain physical purity through exercise, healthy diet/ sleep, absence of bad habits
>read more and embark on education into field of your choice
>be aware of political and sociological implications on your field of study or yourself, if you are unable to counter societal changes you'll be directionless and vulnerable to every trick or change

If you live in a first world country, your purpose can be anything you're crazy about.

Other than that, get a job, pay your Bill's. Stay healthy. Don't hurt others.

Throw yourself into hobbies you enjoy.

Productive self-sustaining action. It's the purpose, meaning, and definition of life. Any pleasure and amusement you can pick up along the way is bonus.

If you're eating big for gains then yes, imo you may be, as you say, leeching like a rat especially if you're eating animal products like it's water. Perhaps tone down on the strength training and focus a bit more on cardiovascular training while eating less. Might be better on the blood pressure and resting heart rate. I know for me when I'm doing strength training I tend to feel anxious and emotional in general, but when focusing on cardio (running, mostly) i tend to feel way calmer and relaxed and content. But that's just me.

bruh you need professional help. seek it. you're not a lost cause and a happy future awaits you.

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>19 year old complaining about being a virgin and not contributing to the world