How do you cope with missing someone? I miss my GF so much. She's currently alone in Thailand on vacation...

How do you cope with missing someone? I miss my GF so much. She's currently alone in Thailand on vacation, and she doesn't respond alot to my messages. It's really heart wrenching. Also because we've been close to breaking up. I'm not even enjoying Christmas Eve thus far.

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She went on vacation without you? To Thailand? The mecca of hot Asians? How long is your relationship op?

And sorry you're not feeling good man. I hope the day picks up.

It's been 1 month and a week. But I've known her for for 11 years.

So it's a brand new fresh relationship? I think it's fine. You are probably young. Don't worry, my child. Everything going to be okay once she's back.

I'm 26 and she's 27. Also Mr. Sage, please tell me why she likes close contact with men, regardless of relationship status? I've told her that I don't want an open relationship, and she wants to hold back for me. But I am so fucking confused. What kinda women wants to have intercourse with men without feelings, while they're in a relationship? It seems so twisted to me. Fuck.

I know this feeling. I just keep thinking that missing my SO now will make the reunion sweeter and looking forward to it makes the wait worthwhile. Getting older makes Christmases a lot less magical, so it's nice to have something else important to wait for. Having someone to miss and having that someone also miss you is a precious thing to have. The thought always makes separation feel tolerable, even significant.

It only feels twisted, because it fucking is, do yourself a favor and end this mess, you loser

>Having someone to miss and having that someone also miss you is a precious thing to have. The thought always makes separation feel tolerable, even significant
Hm. Haven't thought of it like that. The extreme emotions are overshadowing my neocortex, can't think straight atm.

But isn't it interesting that someone feels like this? I'm curious to find out why she feels that way.

Can't you video chat with her once a week?

I miss her every day. What is wrong with me?

You're very clingy, that's the problem. Don't you have hobbies, friends, job to keep you busy?
I know how you feel, I felt the same way too. My ex went to visit her friends and family she rarely gets to see. She would occasionally call or text me once a week, but she was in the other side of the world so our time zone were very different. I started to get very clingy and mad when she wouldn't text me that I texted her saying why doesnt she call me more since I missed her. I'm sure this caused a dent in our relationship. Please OP don't be a clingy pussy like I was, let her have fun in her vacation and just have fun when she comes back.

Don't worry. I told her that I'd get my shit together, and it felt good. I was overly clingy with my ex, and I learned from that. It's hard to make my brain accept that she loves only me, and let her have fun. But I know that it's the right thing to do. I just need to figure out how to change focus and mindset in the long run. Unfortunately I don't have any hobby that consumes my focus. I work out, but that's just a temporary relief. Even when I work out I'm thinking about her. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Thanks for replying to me user. It feels good to have a conversation about this with someone, even if it's an anonymous user. Really appreciate it. Merry Christmas

Try to get some hobbies to focus on something, also hang out with friends too. I didn't have any friends and my ex was the only person I talked to and hung out with, so that made me very clingy. I'm trying to fix my clingyness too, I read articles and watch saying why I'm clingy, most state cause you got nothing in your life and anxiety, which I've been trying to fix. Merry Christmas to you too OP


I think your gf is being DP'ed by some backpackers every night at some party dude most guys who go there are horny as fuck

Yeah I'm working on it. So I'm on the right track,that's good to know. It's just feels extreme while you're experiencing the feeling.

She wouldn't do it, I trust her

What? when I went to Singapore I video chat with my gf at the end of each day. That's normal

save yourself the trouble and read up on while you're still ahead

Wow.. user you're amazing! Thanks for taking your time and responding so sincerely to my questions/frustrations.

Merry Christmas to you too user

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It does feel extreme when you're clingy, you can ask her if you guys can try to talk more at least once a day, just don't try to be angry or controlling like I was

Yeah. I feel a bit relieved to be honest.

listen to honky tonk music and cry

Have you told her how you feel? She can't read your mind

Oh yes I have. She feels the same way, but her focus is on the environment and the vacation, so she's not as badly affected as I am. Furthermore, I don't wanna ruin her vacation by being a crybaby, so I need a hobby ASAP.

You did? Did you ask your gf or she did this cause she wanted to? Give some advice about it to OP and me for the future.

That's good, don't get clingy and angry like I was. Do you have friends to hangout? Did you ask if you guys can try to talk like once or twice a week?

Well the first night when I arrived she called through facetime and she always called before I went to sleep, sometimes after I woke up too. We just facetime every day, I mean you at least send each other a text everyday to make sure your partner is ok right? hotel has free wifi man so just use facetime while you're at it. I'm not sure if there's a good reason to not facetime your SO everyday when you're abroad.

I went out and had fun with my friends too but what am I gonna do when I'm back to my room alone lol shitposting on Jow Forums? so if I don't answer her call at night I'd probably be with someone and likely a girl

Actually I don't have any friends that I wanna hang out with at the time, because I'm going through a development phase, and they're still the same as always. I don't need that right now.

We've been talking this very morning. My feelings are extreme. Never had such a strong bond to a woman before.

Oh so she did it because she liked doing it, that's great user. We really didn't text that much, just some days.

Development phase? What do you mean? What's wrong with your current friends?

Their interests don't align with mine. I'm kind of finding out who I am for the second time in my life, this time it feels very serious and meta.

How long have you been dating? I just think it's really weird to not communicate at all for days when your SO is abroad, like you fear you'd appear clingy for just wanting to know if your SO is still alive lol

Every serious couple I know do this when they travel.

It's good that you're finding out who you are and want to develop but don't cut out you're friends if they're not bad people. I started to find out who I was after the break up.

We're not together anymore but it was around 8 months together. You communicate with your partner everyday? She doesnt find it clingy? I never wanted to appear clingy

They're not bad people. Maybe I should contact one of them tomorrow. Don't know what they wanna do besides drinking though.

>You communicate with your partner everyday

when I'm abroad yes... pretty sure that's the norm

Yea hang out with them, it's always good to have friends and someone to talk to.

>don’t worry user
>people come and go
>but Pantalone is the only constant
>Pantalone will always be here for you

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