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>What do girls/guys think about ?
>Do like ?
There is no one answer. Preferences differ and worrying about some complex only ever makes things worse. In fact, worries like complexes are very often the real problem.

>I'm shy and afraid of .
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, bit by bit, step by step. You can't rely on some "magic moment" (or activity) to instantly change you.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out. "Signs" of attraction are basically meaningless.

>Where do I meet people for ?
Anywhere outside. Or online. Above all, leave your comfort zone.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me.
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, froyo, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, gallery, park, .

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Question for my fellow women, what's it like having a bigg dicc bf? The guy I'm dating is enormous and we haven't had sex yet so I don't know if I should be excited or terrified.


I think I scared off a girl who liked me. She showed signs and came off a bit strong and I didn't know how to react.

I see her ever so often and she seems a bit weird around me, staring at me and such, almost a bit cold, not sure if she hates me now or what. I can understand a bit since I did not react right when she started hitting on me (went into autismo mode)

I think she is pretty cute, what are some ways to try and start talking to her?

gf mentions a detail of a tv show she likes
i mention that on google it says the oppisote
she gets mad
insist shes right
i say °okay but it says different here, anyway who cares°
she gets even more mad
begins yelling
i cop her yelling for 10 times
i raise my voice a little


now she is hardly noticing me all day and acting bitchy and got more bitchy when i tried to approach her because shes expecting me to apologize

is this the infamous shit test ive been hearing so much about? its really like i must agree with her on anything she cares about and if i disagree with her on anything or even critizie in the slightest she blows up and acts like im a bad person.


>i cop her yelling

Not a grill but remember: lube, foreplay, go slow, and more lube. Also prepare for slightly more UTIs than normal.

i meant i sat there recieving her yelling at me for a few minutes (mostly silent) until i asked her to stop yelling at me then she says °IM NOT YELLING YOU ARE!!!!11° . then after a minute of that i DID raise my voice a little and i said just stop fucking yelling, i only said what google said its not that big a deal tthen she said something like °you dont understand a fuck!!!. you dont listen to me!!° and i tried to tell her i was listening but she was having none of it. now she is pouting all day because shes expecting me to apologize for her yelling at me lol.

Do guys mean what they say during sex

Nàaww look who came crawling back. Fucking child.

she's being a massive babby because she's used to constantly being coddled and """""empowered"""" and all that other bs. don't accept the bad person implied accusations on shit like this. ever. call her out on throwing a fit, tease her a bit even, but the only apology that comes out of your mouth is "and i'm sorry too for raising my voice" and that's only if she pulls her head out of her arse and apologises first.

Yeah shes a huge mommas girl. useless father who dumped the mother a few years ago and cheated but her mother coddles the fuck out of her. she refuses to grow up in any capacity.

set boundaries for what you're willing & unwilling to accept and then stick to them. good luck

my biggest inital mistake was letting her believe i really need her/depend on her for happiness...i was going through a very dark phase when we met. not anymore, not since ive spent the last 2 years rebuilding my self esteem.

well it sounds like at the time you did, so no harm done in letting her believe it. we're social creatures by nature, bonds of interdependence are good ones to forge

Usually. Like if I'm calling a girl a dirty little slut or something it's entirely for her benefit, but if I tell her I love her I'm almost certainly being honest. Some guys are the exact opposite.

Why do men hate "shit tests" although they are telling about their personality?

Because it tells me you dont actually have any feelings for me so you have build some kind of case in your head for remaining in the relationship, and you start throwing wrenches. I hate it because it tells me, rightly, that you don't love me and more importantly you don't trust me, so you try and see if you can string me along with bullshit instead.

Of course I can't trust you. All you do is play video games all day. You'd rather do that than talk to me. You're obviously bored of me.

Ask him to give you a car.

Annoying clingy gf detected!

How do Americans feel about a kiss on the cheek? Because I heard that in America people are usually more distant. I live in Argentina and here you give a kiss on the cheek to any new girl you meet (and you shake hands with guys you meet), but I heard that in the US if you do that it would waaaay too invasive. Is this true?

Yep, kissing is a big no no. Shaking hands is fine though.

girls, is 40-50 minutes a long time to respond to someone's texts?
i've been talking to another girl from fetlife but i was out buying food for christmas and can't multitask for shit so my replies have taken really long
w-will she hate me?
it's been two hours since she last replied aaaaaahh ;__;

I'm an introvert, that's how I work. More than a handful of times in a week is too much for me, I need to spend the majority of my time alone just to function properly. You knew this going in.

I'm 25, can I try to go after 18 - 19 year old girls? Do any girls that age want a "relationship" rather than sleeping around?

Not male, but it shows immaturity and a lack of communication skills. If you feel that way, why don't you just discuss it with your partner rather than baiting them?

No, stop being a little bitch and chill out (I bet you like being talked to like that don't you, degenerate)

Depends on
>your vagina's size
>your vagina's stretchyness
>you being relaxed
>his level of experience
>his patience
>him using lube

Going slow is the best advice. Even if that means he won't get his dicc balls deep into you on the first try. Just stop if it starts to hurt, have him pull back, and try again after a few breaths.

I'd rather have a relationship with someone that's with me because of her "feelings" rather than someone that's with me because I pass some sort of test. I don't want to feel like I'm in a job interview.
People make mistakes and shit tests only show that people want a perfect partner, which is impossible.

Yes. Just don't make it about age. It's better you don't ever talk about it.

Yeah, but they may be a bit immature. People that age are generally just about to go to college or just entered college and it's the first time they've ever been semi-independent.

Ladies: how common is it for you to be incredibly shy around your crush? I feel like that's more of a male incel thing but I've met several girls like that too. Is it maybe more of an emotional inhibition or something?

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It's really only hot in theory, in practice it's a lot of pain and little to no rough sex.

I know this gets discussed a lot but I still don't have an answer:
How am I supposed to deal with the fact that a girl will absolutely and definitely think less of me when she sees I have a small dick?
I honestly can find any "flaw" attractive in a girl if I already like her, but I can't help thinking that a girl will be disappointed and maybe also think I'm pathetic when she sees my small dick.

Only shallow tinder hookups think that. If you approach a girl who you already have some history with, she likes you as yourself and all that jazz, then she won't have an issue with dick size. Basically if the basis for your relationship is love and not to be fuckbuddies, then you'll be okay.
Nice get btw

Question for women, I'm getting bald. Is it better to trim it into a buzzcut or shave it completely?

is fetlife a good dating site?
I'm a virgin fatso piece of shit and I've never had a real girlfriend
I don't know what I should do for my first time tho
I don't even have a good idea of what to look for in a girl

>your vagina's size
>your vagina's stretchyness
Normal, I think.
>his level of experience
How important is this? He's a virgin.
>his patience
Probably pretty good, so far he's been happy to take things slowly.
>him using lube
>you being relaxed
I'll talk to him about this then.

But like, what's the general experience assuming you do everything right?

Buzzcut and see how it goes, if you don't like it then shave it all off.

talking from the guys side, experience was important. I screwed up a bunch with my first gf and she had to deal with it until we both figured out to go slow and do a bunch of foreplay (we took each others virginities. make sure he knows that all sex has to be preceded by a fair amount of foreplay and probably some good oral. The good oral is just fair rules to help him learn anyway, I wish i'd known when I started sex, it's way easier to get women to cum that way and it sounds like he likes you so he probably wants that

I'm a guy but piggy-backing off of this, hoe do you tell if a girl has a crush on you? I'm very dense

>I'm a guy but
Cut this shit out. You're defeating the entire point of the thread.

I'm disgusted by roastbeef vaginas. What do? I cannot even get it up when I see it.

visit a mosque and get her FGM.

I don't know dude, deal with it or get a woman who doesn't have them.

I personally find them fucking hot.

I don't really know what advice I can give you. What advice would you give to a girl who is disgusted by circumcised cocks? Similar line of thinking I suppose

Would you be fine jumping through the same hoops?
Where you have to answer a series of test to judge your worth as a person and lover and if you fail he'll stop talking to you or dump you instantly?

Not him but I was under the impression most girls think dicks are gross.

If they're 15 (physically or mentally) maybe.

Last Christmas, I gave you my cock
But the very next day, you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special

So, my gf and I have been together for two months. I emailed her work email, since she is working today "here is a smile and hug to make your day" and I reminded her of something she needed to do at work.
The problem is she didn't acknowledge it at all. She 100% saw it, she takes pride in being on top of her emails.
Am I wrong for expecting "Aww thank you boo" or something like that? Did I do something wrong? I can ask her if she saw my email but I don't want to seem needy or desperate. I was just trying to make her day, she was very considerate of something I talked to her about yesterday that's all.

How do I tell my LDR boyfriend of one year that if he won't come visit soon I'm going to break up with him? I'm 18, so I don't have the means to travel, unlike him.

Idk, depends on demographic. In my country, it's pretty normal for girls to avoid interecting with their crush out of shyness. Even avoiding looking at him. But they will go out of their way to go walk around hoping they meet accidentaly.

Please be honest with him. Tell him what you feel, do you feel that he is not putting efford into the relationship? Tell him. He may like you a lot but doesn't think of it as a big deal to you.
I wouldn't want to be dumped for something I haven't been warned about.
Communication is a key in any relationship and especially in a LDR; I'm sure you know this.

He's very sweet, but I can't bear the loneliness anymore.

Then just tell him. If he is sweet he will understand. Just don't expect him to tell you he will fly out in a week, he needs to arrange some days off.

Can you look into my situations please?

You're worrying about nothing. Sometimes I smile when I receive a nice message, but get back to work.

chill out my dude. you emailed her at work, she's probably working.

okay,girls,how do you actually back out of relationship,if you feel that your bf is just not really your kind of a man?

I tell him what the problem is.

Well I think there's no chance.
Asked her out once, she had a (valid) excuse. She mentioned how this donut place she likes opened up in our town, I said maybe I'll take her there if she doesn't stand me up in a joking tone of voice. Since then she's been extremely cold and ignoring my existence
I fell for her pretty hard, makes me depressed. She's leaving the state soon anyways and may have a boyfriend. I guess she was using me for attention.
Time to move on, right? That's what I think.

What do you mean by not your kind of man?

well,that he starts to disappoint you?Don't meet your expectations?

Because it involves some degree of abuse that we don't like. I don't want to put my wife through shit like that, and I don't want a wife who would fuck with me for her own self serving purposes.

If you can't be assed to say this outright or you unironically believe that you can't trust the man you're dating, just stop dating. You're not mature enough to be seeing anybody.


Could you deal with an introverted gf?

I honestly prefer spending my time in my room and studying to partying. Also, while I can be very loving, I need some time for myself too. Even when I genuinely enjoy someone's presence, I have to withdraw from time to time to re-charge my batteries. Would you be okay with that?

I wouldn't mind a girl like this, but I am loud and somewhat of a blowhard around people. The main thing I feel is that I would try to get you to expand your ability to spend longer and longer periods of time with me and see how that works out.

>Dear introverted losers of Jow Forums, would you like a gf with a personality that matches yours?
Is asking dumb questions just a hobby of yours or do you do it professionally?

You're just an asshole. I literally just stated that I'm extroverted. Not everyone is a bitter beta shut in like you.

You're describing me.
Yes I would be fine with and even prefer that.

Yeah, that seems reasonable. I probably wouldn't mind the blowhard part because while I'm introverted, I'm not really shy; I actually speak a lot when given the chance and I'm pretty confident, but prolonged contact with people exhausts me for some reason.

funny thing-my gf dropped a line of "hey,you know,i actually miss the times when i was just at home,chilling" after almost 2 month of us,dating.Before that,we always were somewhere,i always arranged meetings in restaurants,or just nice walks.Now she says she is too tired,and i feel like i'm boring or just exhausting her.
Before we met,i spent my days pretty much same-job,gym,weekends,mostly at home.I dont even know anymore.I feel like i'm the clingy one in our relationship,since now she starts to avoid me sometimes,yet before that she admited-it was good to hang out,talk and walk somewhere instead of sitting at home,doing nothing

You should talk to her about it. It's entirely possible that she's just like me and needs some alone time. That wouldn't mean that you bore her, just that this is how she works. And don't worry about being "clingy". Different people have different needs and you deserve to have your needs acknowledged (unless you literally demand to spend every single second with her, but I assume that's not the case).

I W-A-N-T someone like that. Where can I find you?

Girls, will you really make me stay single for the rest of my life?

It's not optimal for me. I mean, if otherwise she was decent I'd put up with it? But I like seeing family and friends even though I don't very often.

And if the "recharge" applies to me, too, even after being together for a while, that could definitely be a problem.

Does your gf have depression? Your situation kind of reminds me of it. But it could just be introversion I guess.

Hey man, just do what I did and convince yourself to stop wanting relationships.

That's what I had before she wanted to "experience the college life" and fuck off.

It was nice. I hate immaturity.

But I crave hugs and cuddles.

I'm sorry dude, not everyone gets those. Just bad luck I guess.

This will be my tombstone:
1987 - 2050
Never got a date. "Just bad luck, I guess."

Sure beats being a misogynist or something. At least I hope it does.

Even for introverts I'm really introverted. I want someone like that. The ideal is being able to spend time in the same room together but doing different things.

>The ideal is being able to spend time in the same room together but doing different things.

Pretty sure this is just what relationships are like after a few months. You'll still do stuff together but a lot of the time you'll just be chilling in the same place doing whatever.

Is the song Tell Her About It by Billy Joel good advice?

I think so.

In my experience, it's the grill gets mad and demands your attention if you do your own thing for ten minutes or more.
She starts by sighing lightly then sighing heavily and pointedly and if you don't catch on by then she gets mad and passive aggressive, and you ask her what she wants to do but she expects you to pick but you already picked reading but that doesn't count and she doesn't have her own wants or will she expects it to come from you.

Girls, when texting, if a girl reacts to simple jokes with voice messages but doesn't even respond to me wishing her a merry christmas, does that mean she is interested or not? Apparently there is some kind of "game" in texting a crush, but I just can't get behind it.

Just don't look at it.

>She starts by sighing lightly then sighing heavily and pointedly and if you don't catch on by then she gets mad and passive aggressive, and you ask her what she wants to do but she expects you to pick but you already picked reading but that doesn't count and she doesn't have her own wants or will she expects it to come from you
Sometimes it feels good to be forever alone. Thank you for this.

Assuming you don't enjoy having sex as often as your bf needs, is there a way for him to approach you to sincerly tell you he wants to fuck other women? Or is it an instant death wish?

>fucking other women besides your partner

I'd dump you immediately and anyone with a shred of self-respect would do the same.

>asking your gf if you can cheat on her
That's the most beta alpha shit i've ever heard

Not in my experience. My gf and I find it really charming to be able to do our own things side by side. Also enjoy doing things together of course - both nice for different reasons

Question for any girls here who are religious, do you feel repressed or like you look forward to getting married so you can finally have sex?

Suppose a guy had a crush on you. What would he tell you that would make you gain an interest in him?

girls whats your reaction when you queef during sex

If a guy who had a crush on me and asked me out, then i suppose i’d have more of an interest in him than i did previously.

Other than that, there are no magic words. Besides “I make ten million a year” for the gold digger types.

My gf and I have been together for over a month, I usually don't text her while she is working. And sometimes check on her after work, sometimes I text her an early "good morning" or "kill it at work"
Today, I thought she was working, but apparently she is off because of Christmas Eve, so she texts me around 3pm asking how my day was, I asked her how her day at work was, she said she wasn't working and if that was the reason why I didn't text her today.

Does that mean she wants me to initiate a conversation everyday? I'm down, I always want to talk to her, put I stop myself because I don't want to sound needy.

it means she wants to know if you didnt text her today because you thought she was working

if thats the case, just say yes...

Why don’t you just ask her? We are not her.

>hey babe, do you want me to text you everyday?