How to practice smiling?

How do you smile? Everywhere I go I see the same advice:
>smile to appear more approachable
>smile to be prettier / younger
>smile when around that girl you like
>smile at that girl you like when your eyes met in the hall
>smile to be more happier

But how DO you do it? The only thing close to a smile I can do is an one sided smirk.
I want to try out smiling too see if it will really help me get a girlfriend or not.

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force yourself into large scale social situations constantly and learn basic rules of etiquette. I'm an antisocial introvert with extreme resting bitch face to the point where most people I met thought I hated them. After 4 years of making myself talk to people I can fake a good smile pretty easily now. it's not easy but you'll get used to it

I am in a lot of social situations that require talking and I'm not even bad at it, the thing is, I can't physically smile, I don't know how.

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Remember that other cultures think we smile way to much that it makes us look crazy, untrustworthy, and or drunk.

Well good thing we’re not in other cultures then.

And what if I'm not American?

Then go ask on your county’s version of Jow Forums...

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acting class

Not like it’s in Portuguese.

I'm still learning.


I love when someone else smiles beautifully.

It's in American right?

Just give me a quick rundown, I don't want to spend the next 2 years learning how to smile

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In England they say Happy Christmas.

>a quick rundown
you have to practice in front of other people and get live feedback on your technique. people telling you if you look natural, what your expression is actually saying, etc. you have to learn to maintain a smile while speaking, which is difficult if you dont do it naturally. you have to learn to make your smile look effortless in every situation, even when somebody is screaming obscenities in your face.

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Always do short smiles, a smile loses its charm/ its magic after around one second. Think of something nice or funny and when you smile remember how you do it. Practice it in front of a mirror, observe how the first second has some kind of magic, then it fades away. Focus on the first second and try to be sincere, if the person in front of you doesnt deserve a good smile, think of something that gives you a sincere smile

Makes your life a bit nicer overall, good luck and have fun

Look at a mirror more often

Try thinking about something that legitimately makes you feel happy

Keep smiling until it looks "natural"

That's my guess.

I'm more of a "laugh the pain away" type of guy.

You don't have to know how to do it. Just think of a memory or stupid joke that you think is funny. That does it for me

fantastically autistic question, I love it. People unironcially practice in the mirror.

Nigga gotta do what hes gotta scooby dooby do

Just practice in the mirror or on your phone. It might sound cringey or funny, but its totally a normal thing to do, especially with girls and image concious guys. I know girls that take tons of selfies with different smiles before picking one that they like. It's no different, try different smiles and just remember how you achieved that smile.

Thats normal and a good advice, great for practicing presentations too

I mean what did your character do in sims1 to increase eloquence? He talked to a mirror

Stretch your mouth. Smile as wide as possible and get used to how much effort it takes to do the smile you want.