So you're actually supposed to be friends with a girl before you make her gf?

So you're actually supposed to be friends with a girl before you make her gf?

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No. Do not do that.
Where did you even get this idea?

There's the type of relationships that just click when you two meet each other for the first time.
And there's the buildup one where you become her friend first.

Later is better because former can lead to disappointment



So then what is the process? You talk for a little then invite her to house?

you have to be Acquaintances

if friends then you went too far

It can develop at the same time, but lovers and friends have different needs, and you have to match both.

If you find yourselves playing video games all day without really looking at each other, even if you're saying "I love you" every other hour, you're friends.

If the other person's presence lifts your spirit immediately and you just want to obsessively be around them all the time, then you're lovers.

Ohhhhhhhhhh, I get it now. So we're supposed to get to where we are between friends and strangers.

How to get a girlfriend 101:

>meet girl
>get acquainted with the girl (depending on the context, this can be anything from a few minutes of conversation to getting to know each other over the course of weeks/months)
>ask her out on a date
>date goes well
>you keep dating her
>2-3 months later ask her (or she asks you) to become exclusive
>boom, girlfriend

Friendship but with some kind of attraction

Where do you initiate sex in that time? Not because I want sex ,but she need to know I'm sexually interested in her right?

>2-3 months later ask her (or she asks you) to become exclusive

so during these 3 months she could jump on various dicks on Tinder and you'd be okay with that?

You make out with her somewhere during the first 2 dates.

And from my experience, after you've been dating for a few weeks, you can set up a netflix&chill date or straight up ask her if she wants to sleep over.

What else you wanna do? You're not exclusive until you mutually agree upon becoming exclusive. And you don't hold the exclusivity talk until you've been dating for atleast a couple of months.

You can flip the script too. While you're dating a woman, there is nothing stopping you from banging/dating other girls in the mean time before you become exclusive.

>yeah, I have been dating this girls that sleeps regularly with bunch of guys, I hope she becomes my girlfriend soon

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Dude if you don’t understand the concept of “dating but not exclusive,” I don’t know what to tell you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the girl is having sex with other men while you date her.


Theoretically speaking, it's possible the girl you're dating sleeps with another guy before the two of you become exclusive. But that doesn't mean it's going to happen. And even if it does, we live in the 21st century. You can't expect a girl to offer you her loyalty if she barely knows you. Just like i will never offer my loyalty to a girl I've only been on 2 dates with. It's a 2 way street.

>you make her gf

YOU make HER?

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I make her mommy and wife

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this picture conviced me that i really need to make family.

>So you're actually supposed to be friends with a girl before you make her gf?

Depends on the situation, but for the most part this is how people get trapped in the friend zone

There have been a few cases where me and a friend hooked up while drunk, or I was taken or they were taken and have hooked up later on

In general though it is the best idea to let your intentions known so you don't waste any time.

Friending a girl with the intent to hook up later on makes you seem creepy, insecure, and/or manipulative.

>Always be honest with what you want and learn to take rejection like a man.

This. Attraction (physically and in social status) is all that matters, worrying about whether you are friends or acquaintances is first is just going to turn you into someone who resents or avoids women. This is only a problem for guys who are not attractive enough to register on their oneitis's radar, the fact you are not assertive right away and became friends is secondary to the fact that you never had her attracted in the first place.

Not in my experience no

So then how do you do it?

So true

Picture is based and purepilled


>>a lot of this thread

It is possible to become friends with a girl and then later get into a relationship. It's not common or easy sure but it's not a 100% solid NO that you guys are saying.

Like these user said, it's ideally about being on friendly terms and getting to know them for some time

Avoid friendzone unless you don't mind her being just a friend. Otherwise it's a waste of time and you're better off moving on.

Don’t ask me. IDK.

You can do that, I know a guy and girl who were friends from like 13 and somehow after 13 years they are now living together expecting a child. They only got together in the last couple years.

I had another set of friends who were friends in 7th grade and then got together in college and had a kid.

I personally think dating or having children with someone you have known that long in an intimate way is a bit weird. Even in older times you would likely go to the next town to find a mate to avoid inbreeding.