So I have a girlfriend now

Kind of my first girlfriend at age 34 but I'm not happy. I've had sex before but I think sex is overrated. And on our date I saw a guy with a hotter girlfriend and for the rest of the date I just thought about how jealous I was. What do?

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Are you 34? For real? This is some middle school shit. Do you even like your gf ? or you were so desperate to ‘get gf’ that you’re now dating someone you don’t give a shit about?

Met on a dating site, talked for a while, we've had one date, had sex.

>At 34
Nice, bro.

>And on our date I saw a guy with a hotter girlfriend and for the rest of the date I just thought about how jealous I was

same, I'm 28 but I just cant shake this weird feeling... I really liked her, but when I got her I started thinking about other girls

Didn’t answer my fucking question. Do you even like her?

A little but you take what you can get

>Makes self miserable
You did it.

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That’s quite a mistake my friend. She’ll pick up on your ‘i like her a little’ eventually.
You got jealous of the other guy because while you’re immature as fuck, you also don’t actually care about your gf. You will feel this jealousy every time you see other guys with their gfs, both looking happy and attractive.while you finally ‘got gf’ but you aren’t happy. Have fun.

Lmao I'm glad that at 24 I can easily claim I will never be a faggot like you OP.

>dating someone you dont like
>checking out other women while on a date


Is this what Elliot would have wrote if he lived to be 34?

Just recognize you can't have some things in life.

OP, you might be the biggest fool alive.

You're the kind of person who comes on here all the time lamenting that you have no gf, and crying to us saying that your life would be perfect if you could just make it with a woman. Now you actually have one in the palm of your hand and you don't even care. You covet your neighbor's "hotter" gf instead of the perfectly good one you have today.

The point is, you are just as pathetic today as you were then. My advice to you is to sort your shit out and give her the dicking she deserves, or dump her and continue to live in misery.

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You don't know OP's gf, she could be ugly asf. The thing about having an ugly girlfriend, or even just a mediocre looking girl or slightly above average girl, is that you'll always be wondering if there's something better out there. I'd say it's even worse to have a less than 7/10 gf than it is to have no gf.

>you are just as pathetic today as you were then.

It's like... having a gf doesn't instantly solve your innermost problems.


True. Having an ugly gf is like having a constant reminder of how inferior you are to other men. Even when I was a lonely virgin I wasn't desperate enough to stick my dick in ugly.

I think Elliot Rodger was not an incel, but a VOLCEL. Nothing else can explain the fact that I HATE most incels for being SELFISH DICKS who only care about their own needs, dismissing those of others, but still lusting after Elliot Rodger.

Merry Chistmas, Elliot.

>but that I still lust after Elliot Rodger.

Elliot would not approve grammar mistakes.

Well I hope that you will DIE AS A VIRGIN. That you probably will. You see, NO WOMAN, not even an ugly one, FUCKS A SELFISH DICK of your kind, a selfish dick who only cares about HIS OWN ASS AND ITS POSITION COMPARED TO OTHER MEN. You deserve to be alone.

i hate being the fucking stoner, but just love her dude, she's real not a 2-D woman, give her what you have, and try to understand her, is not that difficult, if you think she isn't enough you are fucking stupid, you don't deserve shit, stick to what you have and make love to it, she is and ego like you, try to penetrate that ego and give yourself to her, don't be a fake bitch, you will regret it, your act can't be eternal, and will only generate hate and discomfort. so there's that, be a fucking grown up, even if you don't have sexual experience you are still a fucking adult.

What do?
Grow the fuck up that's what you do
Grass might appear greener on the other side but little do you know there's an ant infestation even though it's been treated with 5 different types of insecticide

If he's nearing 30 and hasn't grown up it's fucking over mate. He's never gonna. That's the whole point of the problem, he'll keep bitching at Jow Forums but never realizing he's causing it all himself, 100%

>even if you don't have sexual experience
Learn to fucking read

Who's fucking needs am I supposed to have in mind then? I dont fucking see anybody here that I'm supposed to be responsible for.

yeah dude, because having sex once is experience.

You could have a super model gf who is on the cover of Glamour every month and you would still be insecure and whiny, the only difference is you'd be paranoid about her cheating on you. The problem is you, not the woman.

That's true, every scenario has his own problems.

Basically, you didn't get a gf. You settled, and you know it, yet somehow expect to be happy.

Then again, normies fall for this all the time too, so whatever.

Oh, and in regard to this - GFs are truly time and money sinks, so basically, you are spending time and money on something you don't even really want.

Then again, it might be the best you will ever get and you ARE getting older, so you know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I said
>I've had sex before
Again, learn to fucking read.

>roasties are shit they're always looking to trade up and if you looks match she'll just fuck Chad instead
But also
>it's even worse to have a less than 7/10 gf than it is to have no gf
I'd say that you fags deserve all the suffering you get, but it's Christmas

Give up. This is why this is your first girlfriend.

stick a fork in it because this roastie is absolutely burnt to a crisp

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