Merry Christmas, Jow Forums

Merry Christmas, Jow Forums.
Let's all try to share a bit of heart for the season.
We'll make it. Just hang in there, things always get better eventually.

Post your thoughts, leave your replies, and wish each other a merry christmas.
That is the goal of this thread.

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I am with family for Christmas. I'm directionless and spending gobs in a grad program I don't know where I'm going and I'm fucked in the girl department and I'm pathetic and I have terrible spending habits and all of my dream pursuits have died, but at least I can spend the holidays with my family and with parents that love me.

Merry Christmas.

Happy Christmas Anons uWu

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I'm going to think of every dream I ever had and punish myself for never achieving anything

I am going to masterbate to the New Year's Countdown with a plug up in my ass, and ejaculate once the countdown reaches 0.

>will look for a better job
>if that succeeds, move out of shared flat into a single flat
>work out a bit more this year
>try talking more to girls when out
Turning 30 this year, time to improve myself and finally getting laid, dont want to become a sorcerer

Hope everybody is enjoying Christmas and spending time with any loved ones.

Currently, I'm making an attempt to better myself by working out (again), and taking better care of myself in general. I'm not sure if I'll have a job after this week, but I'm trying not to stress about it. Done talking with my ex that keeps trying to get with me - though it's tempting to say fuck it and get laid. But I'm trying out Bumble to see where that gets me, since I don't meet many women. I'm tired of being lonely all the time. I'm thinking that this is the year of user. I'm going to turn my life around and be happy for once. If I can do it, so can all of you.

Take care of yourselves, my friends.

Merry Christmas guys and gals.

Right now i'm just hoping I can get in better shape. I'm by no means overweight but getting a much lower resting heart rate and better fitness will make me feel and look better i'm thinking, whilst also reaping the other benefits of better fitness and health. Trouble is it seems kinda hopeless, I dunno how much exercise is ideal or WHAT exercise is ideal, plus eating healthy is a bit difficult, only because once you start to analize what everything contains so many things now turn you off. It's not so much that eating healthy is hard for me, just that beyond a few things so much just seems to have to many negatives nutritionally for me to like.

>work has been really stressful
>had a particularly sad weekend off
>came in today, started crying bc sensitive
>co worker came in and gave me a Xmas present and said I was her favourite because I make her feel welcome and everything

There's happiness out there in this bleak world guys, Merry Christmas

Yo sup. I'm just hear to say it's a holly jolly Christmas.

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Chest pain. Gotta exercise, just because I'm skinny doesn't mean I'm fit. I could drop dead any second now.

i wanna kms so bad right now

Do it faggot

>things always get better eventually.
No they don't.

I just got into a relationship with this amazing woman (been together for little under two months now). She absolutely is my second half. The problem is I am moving out in couple of weeks and I don't know when I will be back. I can't not leave, I got an offer from the best company I'm my field with amazing pay.
She says she is cool with LDR but I literally miss her everyday... She says she will try to visit, and I promised I will do the same.
It's crazy, I have been with couple other girls, but this one anons...she is the one...
Life gives you too many good things sometimes you can't enjoy them all.

I don’t feel well

Mentally or physically?

sort of both I suppose

So what's wrong user? I'm not a professional but I feel better trying to help people even with my limited life experience.

stressed about uni.

and I hurt my foot a few days ago and my belly hurts

What are you stressed about? Are you not understanding the material? Are you skipping out on homework?

the environment is stressful. I hate the concept of uni. I hate sitting in classrooms. I hate being around many other students (especially since the majority are much younger than me). I hate hate HATE taking written exams

Unfortunately I suffer from those same problems. Sorry user, I'm trying to be helpful.

spending xmas alone, no one invited me not even my family. i am not going to pity myself over this, christmas is just a day. but it's quite awful for a 21 year old to be spending christmas sleeping. the only productive thing i did was making a wishlists for stuff i want/need that I'm going to buy these days. i mean, what can i do if no one invites me or wants my presence? i don't see why i should insist for the sake of celebrating.

(meant to post this here but i posted in gioyc instead)

I do bad on tests even tho i know the material. My professor talked to me once after class and she said to me “I know that you know the material. When I ask questions in class you always know the answers. I know you know it. But when you take these exams your brain fails you”

>just a day
Yes it is. I haven’t celebrated Christmas since I was like 17 years old. I’m 28 now

Right before the holidays I had a slight yearning for a girl. She's a bit aggressive honestly and a bit of a tomboy but it makes her...interesting to say the least.

Being close to the holidays with this in mind got me a bit bummed for Christmas more than it should, and going into the NewYear as well. Yesterday was great though and so will today be! Merry Christmas!

>Have a dysfunctional family
>Try to stay away as much as possible but feel obligation on christmas
>Every year something retarded happens
>Sit down for christmas dinner, nothing stupid has happened yet
>Think "oh boy this might actually be an okay christmas"
>Cousin starts talking about politics
>Dad is really right-wing, cousin is a leftist
>Gets into heated debate
>Dad starts shouting, calls my cousin a "stupid faggot"
>Cousin storms out of the house
>Dad flips the ENTIRE TABLE over in rage mid-dinner
>Food flying everywhere, plates smashing
>Mom bursts into tears
>Everyone crying
>Dad still in rage mode
>Worst christmas ever
>Still fucking hungry, barely ate anything

Thanks dad

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Just pray that I succeed in killing myself before the year ends :)

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