I want to be white

I am half asian dude, the only thing i want is to be white. I live in europe, and since i have been a child I always felt inferior to white people. Is it normal? Should i accept that I am lowtier in the eyes of most people? I just feel awful and want to kill myself

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Don't kill yourself, whites are dying out and I'd rather give the world over to your descendants than Africans.

Why do you think non-whites are inferior?

Youre not lowtier you fool, get your shit together

Being white is not half as great as you think, you clearly got some "grass is greener on other side" feeling atm. If you got charisma nobody will care

Being white would change absolutely nothing. You would just find some other irrelevant thing to obsess over and blame all your troubles on.

Why dafuq you think you're a lowtier? Whites are the same as black are the same as Asians are the same as any other human being. Your race doesn't determinate your life. Focus on the real things

You got it all wrong man, you should be feeling insecure about being half white.

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Hi user, I'm mixed race and I faced a similar struggle when you were a kid. The problem goes beyond race...it's the fact that you feel inferior for some reason, so you yearn to be something else.

>Should i accept that I am lowtier in the eyes of most people?
Fuck what other people think. You are what you love, not what loves you. What society tells you is "handsome" or "ideal" is not some inherent universal rule, so don't waste your life trying to appear a certain way to people.

At the end of the day, we're all each a clump of the same basic atoms. Your self-loathing is a result of a stupid social construct.

So to answer your first question, yes it is normal, but it is trivial and the result of being brainwashed. I'd feel worse about being brainwashed, but fortunately this is correctable.

when *I* was a kid.

Whites are a much less evolved race than East Asians. Smaller brains, hairy like monkeys, more susceptible to disease, etc.

I love being a brownboy but I am inferior to most whites I cannot lie. That's as much as I'm willing to comment on.

If you really feel that way then get off of Jow Forums. I won't say this site is the reason you feel "inferior," but the racist bullshit people post here definitely doesn't help you.

You have been brainwashed by Whitey.
De-program yourself and stop believing the hype.

Just go to the Philippines and you will be drowning in asian pussy. Then when you come back with renewed confidence you will be able to carry yourself better.

I can kind of relate, but I've found that it's just best to get a hobby or something to keep you busy/feel important. Something you can get into and surround yourself with people (could be white people) that respond with positivity when you help/contribute. Also taking a break from Jow Forums helped me

Boy you got d best of both worlds! Don’t get so caught up on your space suit. Sheeeeeeet my niga

Nice Mutt Therapy thread. You mongrels are pathetic.

You know there's like hundreds of ethnicities right? No country has homogenous people. Everyone is mixed.

Okay Rabbi.

Every race is equal except the black race. Be glad your not a nigger

This. I thank god evey day that I’m not a nigger. I’m Japanese but all my friends are white Americans

Hey fucker, white dude here. My kid is half japanese and I always just tell that his mom is japanese and leave it at that(He'll understand when he's older). Aisians are already honorary white guys and you are more than they. Asians have higher IQ but studies show that genetically, they are less likely to stand above the crowd. You don't have that problem. Quit being a puss and go out there and be the super humanimal that you are.

Your race is not something to be ashamed of. It's just one part of the beautiful person you are. Also, personally, I think the races of the east are the most attractive, anyway

OP here

you are all telling me about high IQ, but that's maybe the only thing going for me. People always told me that asian eyes is a flaw(not all people granted, but the most honest ones). Also, I am not a teen or something, I am fucking 24. I just envy european eyes so much, like it is ruining my day-to-day life. I always thinking how european people see me as "other" and I am never an "insider" for them.

Again, why do you care? White people will not see you as white because you aren’t. Is it really so bad?

I want to feel "normal" if that makes sense. Now I feel like fucking animal subhuman or something.

Do you live in a majority white area? Were you bullied?

I am white dude, the only thing i want is to be japanese. I live in europe, and since i have been a child I always felt inferior to japanese people. Is it normal? Should i accept that I am lowtier in the eyes of most people? I just feel awful and want to kill myself

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You have the same mental illness as furries, otherkin and transgenders.

If you feel that way because people make comments about your race then either grow some balls or just move to a city where people don't give a shit what race you are like London

You know what I hate more than racist white folk? Self hating racists. Yes you are worse than neo nazis. You let yourself get confused from being surrounded by Eurocentric lifestyles without understanding other lifestyles. Half Asian? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Half Asian and half white? What kind ov Asian? Be more specific.

Change your attitude OP. The problem isn't your race, the problem is YOU. You're so pathetic I want to kick the shit out of you.

I think your issues are way outside the scope and severity of most people here. Seek professional help.