Tfw you drunk text your ex merry Christmas and she doesn’t respond

>tfw you drunk text your ex merry Christmas and she doesn’t respond

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...i wish i had an ex..

Damn that's deep.

Bad call bud

>tfw a girl will never love you

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>tfw shes not your ex
goddamn I had some class

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>Mfw I fucked things up so badly that I'm blocked and my ex wouldn't even see my text

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Why do you still have her number in the first place?

It's better to not text her at all desu, women will reach out to u if they still like you

What about when they text everyone you know asking if you're okay but don't actually text you directly?

>mfw dumped sex buddy texts me merry christmas and I don't even reply

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That was a pretty major fuck up lad. You never text your ex. If you want her and she knows, she won't want you. If she never wants you, then you move on. Never do it again. We all learn from this humiliating shit of course. But learn.

You poor schmuck.

I did this sober.

My ex unfriended me on snapchat after being broken up for 6 months and I did it to show I didnt notice.

Feels good man

At least you have an ex. I'm 25 and no one ever wanted to date me.

She didn't notice.

I feel you bruv


I have never contacted an ex. Never did and never will. I have made the mistake of responding twice and knew it immediately. Both of those gave me the pressure pitch and I relented only for them to snap to their real bitch self within weeks. A second break up is fuckin, fucked the fucked up, and had one break in my house after and tore shit up. Neither wanted me they just wanted to mind fuck me to make them feel better.

They'd still text you first if they wanted to talk. Maybe she cared but didn't want to contact you for whatever reason

How many did you ask?

>tfw you send another emotional wall of text to your ex and she responds ‘ok’ and you instantly regret it and cringe


Me this morning. Its a BASED feeling desu

Lmao I’ve been here more then my fair share.

I got cheated on by a girl that I fell for so hard and she would constantly talk about us getting married and how happy she was. She got a new job and met a guy, literally the guy she tells you not to worry about. Next thing I know I’m getting the talk about how there’s somebody else blahblahblah. I sent a lot of text walls to her over those coming weeks.

Never again, fuck women and fuck relationships. Overrated as hell and no it’s not better to have loved and lost.

>text my ex merry Christmas
>she responds
not sure if this is better tbqh

If you dumped her, I think it's okay. If she dumped you, don't do that

kek cheers lads. at least my ex is now gone from my life and I live in a different city. I'll never send another wall of text again, feels good to grow.

True I hope the bitch suffers.. fucking cunt

I did this anons and I feel horrible somebody please help me lol I feel so fucking embarrassed

Tfw i drunk texted my ex and now i know theyre doing better off than i am. I mean i. Broke up with them and its good that theyre doing but also i didnt need to know

>not drunk texting anyone and receive merry xmas from girls that want your dick
I did not ask to be this blessed

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>No ex ever
>Dad is divorced
>Drunk on Churissmiss

be careful with what you wish for

same desu. And it was quick too, like within 10 mins.