Femanon here. Kind of a crazy story. I'm straight. I'm married to a FtM transgender and I don't like it...

Femanon here. Kind of a crazy story. I'm straight. I'm married to a FtM transgender and I don't like it. I want to have sex with someone with a real penis instead. That's a reasonable desire, right? I've been hooking up with guys from Tinder on the down low. The only reason I'm not divorcing my "husband" is because he makes a fine salary desu. Plus he's mean to me sometimes and yells at and threatens me over stupid stuff like chores, and he rambles on and on about conspiratorial Jow Forums nonsense.

Anyways, I uh, got pregnant. He is NOT going to believe it's his child. I can't afford to just go get an abortion on my own without his money, which I'll have you know he doesn't give me a single bit of without me asking first, which is kind of wrong imo.

I don't even know what to ask here, just... what do, Jow Forums?

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What the fuck

You’re manipulative and you use him. I sincerely hope this is a joke post. If not then you deserve to be kicked out on the fucking streets you filthy skank. Go to Hell.

>Anyways, I uh, got pregnant.
top kek

honestly my reply was a bit harsh and i’m sorry if it makes you feel bad but seriously you’re a horrible person and you need to rethink your life.

Lol incels get triggered so easily
This is the best xmas gift ever


He makes me do chores and cook for him every day. He threatens to hit me if I disagree with him. He won't trust me with even $10 without an explanation. He is clearly insecure about me leaving and trying to manipulate me into staying using his money.

>I'm married to a FtM transgender
>And I don't like it.
This is where I'm lost. Why did you get married if you didn't like it?
In fact I'm not that far in. Just why did you marry a ftm tranny?

Not triggered, you're just a gross modern cesspool of degeneracy. It's like looking into the glass at a zoo at a really weird animal to me.

I’m only typing angry messages at you because I’m in a bad mood. I just wish I didn’t feel guilty every time I say mean stuff to people.
It’s a lot easier to just go with it. Believe me.


Wonderful thread. OP you made your gross ass bed, now sleep it in you stupid whore

Wait a second... You weren’t trolling? Okay now I’m fucking triggered. I can’t believe people like you exist. Divorce him and take half already like all the other good for nothing women who have done so before you.

Try to look for some guy who wants to raise another guy's kid? Will be difficult but I'm sure there's someone desperate out there, as long as you're at least a little attractive.

>Divorce him

Because he is handsome and he has a stable and good-paying career.
It's weird to call him a she when he looks and acts like a man. If it looks like a duck, if it talks like a duck, if it walks like a duck... you know.
That post about incels wasn't by me.

I'm not op.
And this thread isn't real.
It's such easy bait because you guys are morons and emotional.

Read your post again and say you aren't triggered with any seriousness.

If you want me to be triggered to justify your posts, then I'm triggered user. Merry Christmas :)

>If it looks like a duck, if it talks like a duck, if it walks like a duck... you know.
If a dog gets surgery to become a duck it's less a duck than a mutilated dog.

It is real, I just figured Jow Forums would be a better place to ask than plebbit, which would downvote me into Oblivion for being "transphobic".

Look OP, you're a disgusting degenerate. I don't know what else to tell you.

I really don't understand anything about your relationship. Godspeed user, you are not going to have a good time.

I already explained that it’s a lot easier to just go along with it. I don’t believe it’s really a man but I like to humor these people. It’s the only way to get anywhere with them. Not that I’m trying. I’m just being a dick to be honest.
I’m sorry for talking so much shit. You’re human like anyone else. But you are a bit inconsiderate.
I’m kinda sensitive about this stuff because my mother cucked my dad over 9000 times and is now living happily off alimony and having her car paid for too.

And the transgender is not?

There's a difference between me occasionally having natural sex with someone who actually has a penis, and an actual man who has children getting cucked over 9000 times.

Not really. Someone is being left unsatisfied either way, otherwise there would be no reason to cheat. My parents were together for over 20 years and it didn’t even start until later on as far as I know.
What’s the penis like, anyway? Does it use some sort of prosthesis to get hard?

I mean all I want is for it to snow.
You spammed the thread whining about it because your mommy hurt your daddy or whatever. That's being triggered. Having an emotional response to something you went through. By definition. At least have the emotional maturity to own up to it. It's exhausting when people bring their shit up against random people.

Yeah 100% don't believe this.

He straight up doesn't have one. He only had a breast reduction and injects testosterone weekly, and he's possibly had height enhancing surgery and facial surgery.
We don't have sex. He doesn't seem to like it. But I've seen it and his vagina is fucked up from the testosterone.

That wasn’t even me, fucktard. And I totally did own up to it and apologized for being a dick too. I genuinely feel bad when I hurt people’s feelings but I do it anyway.

How does her dick work?

Believe what you want, I guess. I did say it was a crazy story.

Man this is quite the bait. Post some proof op if u really wanna trigger us retards

>We don’t have sex.
You totally did it for the money. You wanted an easy way out.
Either that or the story isn’t true.
Sorry for coming up in your business and talking shit again, I’m gonna stop and find something better to do now. Good luck getting a divorce.

Doesn't have one. He just has a deformed clit from injecting steroids. He uses a device to stand up peeing though and pees in urinals in men's bathrooms. It's a funnel he puts at his peehole and the pee goes through a tube. Not much else to say.
What am I supposed to show for proof?
Look, I thought I would be OK with it at first. But not only am I dissatisfied, he is too.
So what if I did it for the money? I'm 2/10 desu. No one else would take me in and I'd be starving on the streets otherwise.

gr8 b8 m8

Now that I know you have low self esteem I feel twice as bad for being mean to you. Please tell me you’re okay so I can sleep.

I'm not OK desu. How do you think he'll react to me telling him I'm pregnant? I suppose I should lie about what the money's for but I can't lie about Christmas shopping. He'll know that's fake. I don't really know how getting an abortion works too or how much it will cost.

I wouldn’t suggest an abortion. I’m not pro life or anything but I like the idea of creating new life. You’re probably gonna have to tell him you’re pregnant either way. He might get mad but it’s kinda crazy for someone to expect you to be in a relationship without any sex. I can’t say I’m nearly as mad as I was at the beginning of this thread now that I know what he was expecting of you.
Also you’re gonna get half the money if you divorce him anyway. Might fuck his life up but you’ll get everything you want. Except maybe the abortion. That’s gonna be hard.
Honestly I don’t know shit about life and I only came in this thread because I’m emotionally unstable. Don’t even listen to me. This is a bad place to get advice.
Karma please don’t fuck me for being an asshole yet again...

Pic of his piss tube.
You're a terrible person (a typical woman) btw but at least you're honest

>tells her not to get an abortion
>not pro life

L o l
Ur mom should've aborted u

OP is clearly a faggot whore. Problem solved.

Another pathetic poster

Either prove your situation is real, or fuck off. Bait posts aside, there are real people who need real advice here, and you're wasting everyone's time. Want some advice? Call a friend, and have them wait in hiding with a camera. Tell your "husband" the whole truth, that you're pregnant and that you've been sleeping with guys on tinder. Prepare to get your face beat in. Have your friend record it, call the police and intervene, though I'd say you deserve some bruising for your stupid actions.

can i have your husband's contact information
when you're done divorcing him, i wanna be his submissive beta neetbux bf

I beliee abortions should only be conducted in emergency situations such as pregnancy from rape or pregnancy that could potentially injure or kill the mother.
You’re pretty stupid if you think that means a single thing without elaboration.
I am pretty pathetic in that I get no attention from girls though so I’ll give you that. I’m bitter but at least I’m self aware.

Or a third situation: If the living conditions were so bad the child would suffer. On second thought, maybe she should get an abortion...

You both deserve each other honestly. She's a cunt and you're a whore. If you didn't like them don't get married. You did it for other reasons so complaining about not liking them now is silly. Cheating is also not okay. They have every right to beat you silly because this whole situation is your fault.

My advice is if you know who the actual father is go to them and say you're married to a cunt who will beat you and ask if they can spot the abortion costs. Then get the fuck out of the relationship and start being a functional member of society by earning your own money you worthless parasitic slut. Also don't you dare post cute Kyouko with your slutposts ever again.

you don't feel bad at all.
you just want to insult people and have an excuse and make them pity you.
it really isn't hard to not insult people.

Must be bait

You deserve everything op,

I actually do feel bad, otherwise I wouldn’t keep coming back into this godawful thread. I just have poor self control I guess.
I never insult anyone IRL.
Also being pitied is the worst fucking thing ever.

>Femanon here
Tits or GTFO

If you don't have a job/money then maybe consider asking the father?
Let him know that it's either one abortion payment or child support for the next 18 years.
If you're so retarded that not only are you completely financially dependent on a psycho tranny, but you've slept with too many guys to know who impregnated you - I've got nothing. That would make you certifiably dumb, and bad shit happens to retards who can't navigate through life well enough to avoid complete catastrophe like this. Sorry

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So instead of talking to him and considering breaking up because you were clearly sexually incompatible, you started seeing other people behind his back and somehow fucked up royally.

You dug your own hole, I'm afraid. The best you can do is come clean and accept any harsh words people give you. Say you're sorry and never stop saying it.

Unfortunately you've now created a situation where it's impossible to sympathize with your reasons for doing any of this. It's no longer about you, so don't try to justify anything you did.

I know this is b8 because I totally thought of a ludicrous plot like this also.

The difference is I didn't write it, user. I didn't write it.

I sincerely hope that this scenario has the worst possible conclusion for you OP.
That's what you deserve.

Hahahahaha what a faggot.
She doesn't deserve sympathy, this is the consequence to her actions.

>The only reason I'm not divorcing my "husband" is because he makes a fine salary desu.
Go fuck yourself.

still not a duck kek

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If she wasn’t ugly I would agree with you.

Christmas bait. Thanks, 4channel

Spare me the story. Dykes are far worse than any man in the jealously, possessiveness and occasional beat down department so you get no sympathy from me. Anyway, so you like dick and go tired of make believe so I appeal to you to save that kid and don't force it to a life of two women grinding pussy together and calling it a boy/girl relationship. Don't fuck that kid up.

>He won't trust me with 10$
Well, we all can clearly see that he is right with his trust :^)

You're retarded