Hey Jow Forums I have a weird question so I just recently discovered This Incel Community and I see that most incels have never had any sort of sexual experience with a girl at all. Now bare with me here, I'm 20 almost 21 and I have never had sex before ever but I have kissed I decent amount of girls and I've also made it to 2nd base and have sucked on a pair of tits. I enjoy lurking and chatting with fellow virgins of age,But do I count as a true incel???

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Do you blame ‘females’ for you not having sex?

Do you think that legally, women should be raped by you?

Do you think women are all subhuman and don’t deserve any respect, simply because they’re a woman?

If you said no to all of these, you’re just a virgin who will most likely make 3rd base sooner or later, and not an incel

Most people called incels here disagree with all of these, however.

No they dont. It's why they're incels.

T. Incel

No. The definition of an incel is someone who is an angry violent psychopath who hates women and has fantasies of raping and murdering them. And blaming women and society on their own failures.

Can't tell if obvious bait or genuine delusion. Find out next time on...

ehhh that's a pretty standard definition desu.

But often it's like this:
>I don't like casual sex and feel like people are too promiscuous.

Imo incel is a silly term made by some silly guys. These niggas out here making internet fights commentated by joe rogan
>incel vs roastie they're going to WAR!
>nice ad hominem by incel..
Like chill u fuck niggas. Go back to painting warhammers and having sex.

The definition of an incel is someone who can't get any, you idiot.

True but it's also been co opted by a community of people who generally hold the beliefs of what and said.

No, it's like this:
>I want a pure virgin gf who will love me unconditionally
>REEEE it's all women's fault bitches whores how dare they have sex with someone who is not me


It's not possible to "not get any". The definition of an incel is being a liar. They lie about not being able to get sex. Because they could if they wanted to.

Show me just one incel who is not a raging woman-hating basement-dwelling virgin NEET.

There are plenty. Are you part of the incel community or just saying what the media portrays them as?

I want sex, but not at any cost.

If there are plenty where are they? Every poster who identifies with the incel movement is as described.

I'm an incel and i don't blame females for my incompetency, you raging femoid nazi feminists.

So you're just saying what the media portrays them as without doing any research of your own? Got it. And there are plenty of them everywhere.

>It's not possible to "not get any".
Getting women can be jumping through hoops all year long and not getting anywhere. If you're an average guy you know it can be a fucking pain in the ass. If you've got other issues it can be downright impossible

Most Incels dont believe these ridiculous things lmao

>pretty average dude in terms of looks, nice body though from years of sports
>no trouble talking to people, relatively quick in making friends and acquaintances
>good relationship to mother and sister
>some female friends
>social life is alright
>can't get pussy for the life of mine since 2 years
>frustration is starting to take a toll
I'm technically an involuntary celibate, you've got your incel right here

Average guys get girls easily. You have to be truly trash tier bottom 1% if you find it hard to get girls.

Yes they do, just check incel sites. They literally kick out anyone who doesn't believe this way.

You are voluntarily celibate, sounds like. Or not telling us something.

Have you not read any posts by incels? They are literally unhinged, angry violent psychopaths. Even now incels are posting pics and videos of those two backpacker girls getting beheaded all over Jow Forums and masturbating furiously to it.

>Average guys get girls easily.
And yes, there are men who are below average who have no chance at all, but still, average guys are struggling more than fat girls for example.

Most incels don't visit incel sites, idiot. Most incels don't identify with any kind of "incel movement".

Incels are just men who find it really really hard to find women. It's nothing complicated. Typically, they are not very attractive and also socially isolated. The combination of these two factors makes it impossible to find women. People don't understand them, in the same way that a rich American would not understand the life struggles of a poor Indian.

Going by what you wrote, you are definitely not incel. Also early 20s is still in the normal range for losing your virginity.

Source: your incel echo chamber.

Source: real life and any dating site.

Let's see some facts to back up your claim. Why do you say average men have trouble getting girls when that is obviously false? You literally cannot "not get girls" in this day and age unless you don't want to. There are so many options available.

You sound like a raging autistic incel who thinks he is an "average man" when being a bottom tier basement dweller.

Seems like you're the one who's raging right now.

>no u
Projecting your own insecurity and anger onto others.

That's exactly what you did in your post before.

itt: one extremist feminist trying to convince incels they're not incels because they don't hate or blame women


More like, a raging incel who calls anyone who disagrees with him an extremist feminist. Why are you whiteknighting so hard for incels?

uhh because you blame all incels of something, and don't accept the accounts of multiple incels that say otherwise? retard.

These questions do not define an incel. Incel is simply an involuntary celibate. Someone who wants to get laid but can't. In that sense you could theoretically define anyone an incel who isn't having regular sex but wants to.

But i think what most people would agree with, an incel is an adult who is either a virgin or at the very least he is on a very very long dry-spell (talking about years) and he is frustrated with that. He wants to have sex but he is unsuccessful in getting laid because for whatever reason he can't seduce girls into wanting to sleep with him. You are a virgin so you tick that box, the only question i would ask you is whether you're frustrated about still being a virgin. If you're fine with it, i wouldn't define you as an incel. If being a virgin really bothers you, then you're an incel.

What you're describing is a lying volcel. Volcels are only virgins because they refuse the women available to them like fat chicks, ugly chicks and hookups with thots.

>Someone who wants to get laid but can't.
Literally impossible. Someone like this cannot exist.

>lying volcel
i.e. incel

Well i mean ''can't'' in the sense that he hasn't managed to do it with the effort he puts into it. Sure, you can always tell an incel to simply try harder. But as far as the definition of incel goes it's simply someone who wants to get laid but is unsuccessful in doing so for either his whole life or for a very very long time.

You cant i.e. something with the wrong word. You are not an incel if you've ever turned anyone or any opportunity down, or if you simply refuse to pursue women that would invariably say 'yes'. Only the truly intolerable can be incels.

>don't paint people with a broad brush!
>durrrrr.....they all the same
Literally a nigger.

The sad thing about that guy is he could easily be a normal dude, he's not bad looking but that incel echo-chamber guarantees he'll never make it with women.

I can bet that nigga got laid after that episode. Bitches love guys who get media exposure.

The thing is incels never try in the first place. An incel usually never asks a girl out, or at most he spent 2 minutes making a tinder profile with a shitty selfie and then says he "worked so hard".

Don't say never, incels are usually in the 18-22 range, most of them will outgrow the mentality eventually.

Yes, they do try.
What makes you say they don't?

Because if you ask an incel he will only make excuses for not trying. If he actually made an effort like everyone else he would not be an incel because he would get laid.

Okay, what is your definition of effort? Going out to clubs alone and asking out 100 women?

>making a dating site profile, and spending more than 5 minutes on it, making sure you have good pics, then keep messaging girls
>take care of your appearance
>go outside, go to bars, attend social events, talk to girls
Incels do none of these.

Which means that they're not incels.

Ignore these retards

If you want to have sex, but haven’t yet you’re an incel

Incel = involuntarily celibate

Basically a way to call someone a virgin while excluding religious people

What about religious people that are still horny?

Basically a way to call someone a virgin due to his own choices, yet lies about it and puts the blame on everyone but himself.

What do you call someone who doesn't really care about not getting laid, but desperately wants a relationship and eventually a family of one's own?

Like, I couldn't care less about casual sex or shit like that, I can get myself off just fine by my own, however I cannot procreate on my own. I want a fulfilling monogamous relationship, and eventually kids of my own, not just some random hedonistic sex.

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Well what have you done to search for a partner?

Gone to student parties and generally just socialized with my peers in social outings to the degree my social anxiety has allowed me to.
It has born some fruits, a girl I met at a book club and spent time with on a student cruise invited me to lunch with her 3 weeks ago and we have been hanging out a couple of times after that. I have developed a crush on her and I think that she also likes me given that she was the one that first showed interest in me and has even baked brownies for me. I intend to continue seeing her after the Christmas holidays.

Don’t fall for the propaganda. You have lots of time.
The New World Order is grooming everyone to be passive sheep. It uses SEX as a tool to keep people fat, dumb, and happy. As with any form of indoctrination, it works best if you “get ‘em while they’re young.” If you don’t want to be a slave, DON’T FALL FOR THE PROPAGANDA.
As to the question of whether you’re an InCel, I don’t believe in labels.

Says the fat, dumb, basement dweller.

You don’t know me. You only think you know me.
But I know you.
You’re a sick little internet weasel who would melt in the true light of day.
If you could ever muster the courage to speak to my face that way, I would rip your fucking head off, Asshole Loser Bitch.

Oh, by the way, Merry Fucking Christmas.

You know, I’m actually pretty good with computers. As I said, you don’t know me. Maybe I’ll try and track you down. It’ll be nice to get out of this “basement”. And I’ve just been itching to try out my new sniper rifle and chainsaw.

Uhhh, there's a difference between virgins and incels. It's like there's a difference between Socialists and Nation Socialists.

Calm down tho u edgelord

Good luck, I'm behind 7 proxies.

That’s OK. I’m psychic.

I hate how people do this. Makes language very confusing.