Family drama

>my brother and i had both pre-agreed to get equal value gifts for each other for christmas
>After I buy the gift he tells me he no longer wants that specific version of the item he had for previously but at this point I had already purchased it
>In what I assume was a sort of careless retalitory spite, he buys me a shittier, cheaper version of the item I had asked for in return
>on Christmas day we exchange gifts, he takes mine, I tell him he can keep his (because he could also use it), or he can give me the receipt so i can return it
>I don't think tihs is rude, because there was so muchh pre-negotation
>he refuses to give me the receipt, pushes me into a wall when i confront him about it, so i punch him in teh face, he starts bleeding
>whole family freaks out and acts like i'm crazy

It was somewhat valid right?

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I'd also like to add that no one saw him push me, we went into a seperate room to discuss this, so he just came running out with a bloody mouth making me look bad

punching anyone first, who hasn’t threatened physical harm on you or a loved one? You have issues, man. I would be shocked at you too. Yku sound pretty crazy.

You punched your brother in the face over a bad christmas gift. Read that aloud. You couldn’t have just talked to him civilly, or even let it go and just not do present exchange again? You thought the best course of action was to punch him in the face...would you hit your kids if they were being brats?

Yeah your brother shouldn’t have pushed you into a wall. But you could have walked away or just called him a fuckwad like a normal person. You didn’t.

He's my older brother, he's hit me many times in the past. I was drunk and to be honest he was trying to piss me off ever since I didn't get him exactly what he wanted, even thougt it was wort hmuch more than what he got me.

This is why gift receipts were invented
Grow up

did you read the story?
he would not give me the receipt, i confronted ihm about it and he pushed me so i punched him.

I’m sorry he hit you,but just because he acted like a fuckwad doesn’t mean you should copy him. You want to be just like your older brother? Hitting people?

You are totally in the wrong. you should apologize, and then have nothing to do with your brother. So what if he was trying to piss you off. You could have left before you punched him. Nobody was forcingg you to stay there and let him piss you off.

I just want you to know that you clearly have anger problems and none of what you did is excusable. You could be a cool dude if you chilled the fuck out. But it’s up to you to choose to do that.

I know, you're right I have anger probelms, but my brother is a manipulative fuck who always knows how to push me into shitty situations by being very stoic and rude.
He should not have punched me and to be honest, i think it was incredibly fucked up of him not to offer the receipt when he had bought that item out of spite and cheapness in exchange for my actually nice gift.
I dont know man, I don't feel that bad about it because to be honest he's been a real dickhead to me for a couple years now and only just recently had we started to get along.
I'm more angry that my mom is sad to be honest

he should not have pushed me*

Look man i know how you feel. I also have manipulative family members who press buttons.

But you cant hit people bro. It’s fine if you don’t give a shit about him. You can’t pull this kindergardener shit as an adult. He could press charges against you for assault and have you thrown in jail, if he really wanted to. Do you want to let him win? If you don’t just stop being around him. Don’t let him manipulate you.

You chose this. You punching him isn’t his fault. You chose to punch him, stop making excuses. He did not grab your fist and swing it into his face.

Apologize to him for your mom’s sake. Get professional help before you end up killing someone in a drunk bar fight, because you can’t handle yourself.

I don't know man, I wouldn't punch a stranger.
But this guy, my brother, I feel like I've earned it at this point.
He's a very unlikable and malicious person to be honest.
I am kind of over-emotional maybe, but he knows that and exploits it. If anything, he being a more stoic, mastermind type, you would think he would be more considerate and not exploitative.

Nah I'm just saying this is why gift receipts were invented
To prevent family brawlouts over getting the wrong gift but no-one foresaw the douche who refused to give it with the gift

But still grow up wtf is this. No more Christmas for you or your brother. Did you make your mother cry?

She said she wanted to dig a hole and hide in it.
It makes me mad that they all blame me. I'm just the fall-guy to be honest, the real asshole was my brother who i feel orchestrated the whole thing.

Are you honestly, truly telling me. That if you were drunk, had a bad day maybe. And some random stranger decides to egg you on and get a rise out of you. That you wouldn’t swing at him and bash his head in? Or maybe it’s your brother egging you on. But this time there’s an empty glass bottle near you on the table. You gonna put him in the hospital?

No one believes your excuses. He did not ‘exploit’ your emotional state. You did this. Get help.

That's an interesting point but yeah I probably would fuck that egg-kid up desu so in a way it's not.
I do illegal shit all the time, they can sue me but I'm sure I could create a case. It might even be worth it.

Yeah dude it’s not impressive to ‘fuck people up’. You gonna build a case? How? Your whole family was already witness to your anger issues and saw your brother come out bleeding. You also did not deny punching him to everyone. The judge would only see that you need to be locked away for the good of other people. Please, tell me what compelling case you would build. “Judge, he started it wahhh and me being a 5 year old just hit him because he deserved it!”

You seem to want to be an idiot so i just wish you good luck.

It's my brother.
He's not a stranger.
If a stranger tried to fuck with me in a bar, I probably would fihgt him.
But I would make a point to not be the aggressor.
In this case my brother was the aggressor in that he pushed me after taking my gift without compensating me for my own, whih actually violating a form of oral contract and performing a sort of strongarm robbery.

You punched your brither over exchanging Christmas presents?
What is wrong with you?
If I was your dad I would have bitch slapped you in front of the whole family and sent you to your room.
I ain’t taking no shit from some punk bitch in my house.

Merry Christmas you fuckin ass hat piece if shit.

I don't get it.
Why is the fact that it's christmas such a big deal to everyone?
To me that's too sentimental.
This is a consumerist holiday and if we pretend it's not we are all going to be like my brother and exploit people's gift giving with no intention of returning the favor.
My punching him was to maintain the integrity of the exchange so that we can continue this stupid meanginless exchange of equal-value items into the future.
Maybe I really am crazy but I dont feel bad and the more I think about the more justified I feel.


As someone that doesn't celebrate Christmas your original post was fucking hilarious. You and your brother(s) should have just agreed to not get gifts for each other. It seems lame as fuck to buy gifts of equal value that neither of you really wanted nor needed (otherwise you would have purchased it yourself). Why not just buy something small and special that they wouldn't buy for themselves, but something that they would also probably like? Or maybe just get gifts for the women and parents and agree to not do gift-giving with your brothers.

I agree, it's a dumb tradition, and I wouldn't have even done it all if it wasn't expected of me, but the idea originally was initiated to foster good will between my brother and myself. If I had known it was going to go this badly I never would have proposed it.

I don't think that it's dumb, just that you're putting too much weight on the presents and should stick to less expensive but more meaningful gifts - like clothes!

This whole thing sounds like taken from some dumb movie.
No more christmas for you and your brother.

well, what i think is really fucked up is that I take all the heat for this incident when really he was really the most at fault, aside from my climactic violence.
Aren't you allowed to punch people that rob you?

Did you tell family about what happened? Did your brother show the receipt in front of everyone?
If not, then it's hard for them not to side with guy with bleeding face, because you don't have any visible proof for your side.

Dude what the fuck? You're brothers, you're supposed to have better chemistry and communication than this. I mean you're both kind of wrong but hes wrong for pushing you first.

Gifts are not a business transaction.

Say what the gifts were goddamnit

Actually user, you’re the one who broke the law. Assault isn’t legal. They could have literally had you arrested so how about being thankful you’re not in prison.

Nah mate your good he had it coming

Why are you riding his brothers dick so fucking hard dude. As the elder sibling he shouldn't have put his hands on him and this wouldn't have happened.

You're problem is you aren't holding HIM accountable for anything and assuming op into hypotheticals where he is made to be the bad guy. Your argument is so fucking stupid it hurts to read.

You're retarded
As in, pants on head retarded
What the fuck

>Get professional help before you end up killing someone in a drunk bar fight, because you can’t handle yourself.
Lol lookit this dude
Your advice is mostly sound but this is way too mucb