User, you don't have gf because you don't try or try very little

>user, you don't have gf because you don't try or try very little
*try more*
>user, you don't have gf because you try too hard, just let it flow naturally

What do?

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Improve yourself and be patient.

die alone

Understand yourself and dont go for someone you dont mesh with. If you want a shallow fuck thats ez, but a gf should be better. Dont force it or youll just wanna kys.

Not interested in casual sex. I am trying not to rush anything but seeing my friends in longterm relationships makes me feel left behind.

Just give up. I did. Im the opposite of a social butterfly so shits not worth it.

Terrible attitude. I am actually trying to solve problems in my life instead of ignoring them till feeling like offing myself.

Stop asking for advice

Ok, I will be better off asking for advice on some imageboard dedicated to it.

Well and do you really want a gf? How much time time you want to invest in searching and keeping a gf?

This, OP. All relationships require work, patience, and dedication.

>user you're dehydrated because you don't drink water
*try to drink a pool*
>user you're going to drown


If god wanted you to have a girlfriend, then you would have one.


I dont see it as a problem. And neither am I a suicidal special snowflake.

Learn when they say you don't try and you try too hard they mean two entirely different concepts.

Try, but make it look like you're not trying hard. Nothing will happen if you just sit at home, and nothing will happen if you run after every woman like a rabid dog.

>Sprezzatura is an Italian word originating from Baldassare Castiglione's The Book of the Courtier, where it is defined by the author as "a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it". It is the ability of the courtier to display "an easy facility in accomplishing difficult actions which hides the conscious effort that went into them".

>The word has entered the English language; the Oxford English Dictionary defines it as "studied carelessness".

Thats a lot of effort for a warm wet hole.

Sounds disgusting.

Don't try or improve. Relationships itself comes naturally, user. If you two aren't on each other wavelengths. Abort, abort, abort. I think the fault lie with people wanting to automatically skip every process and have a girlfriend when you need to remember: the existence of friendship proceeds the essence of romance. Like, for example, when you're texting her don't say "so, it's a date?" Or "let's go on a date" use something like "hey, I plan on going to this place on this date and was wondering if you want to come with?" Be assertive, not indecisive, like "if you wanna come it's up to you, I don't care". Text everyday. It don't have to be anything deep and don't wait for her to kickstart the conversation, say how you feel like "damn today at work a customer pissed me off [...] how was your day, better than mine I hope" she'll either smile and reply, which shows an interest in you. Or, keep that shit on read, showing a disinterest. And when you encounter her face to face, don't automatically flirt. She likely goes through that daily as is. be observant always. If you notice she have a new brand of lip gloss on from last Tuesdsy say "Oh, new lip gloss?" Everybody may think she's cute as you but they can never pinpoint why or explain what make her cute, if she says "Haha I didn't think anybody would notice!" Follow up with a lie or something, "yeah, well, I used to babysit my youngest sister and she went through lip gloss every three days or so" then comes the zinger mention "she recently purchased this one lip gloss from Etsy that have the aroma of coffee mixed with other spices and I personally prefer and like it better than the others". You're crush will either go out and buy what you subtly recommended to her or not. I dunno what else to say, user. People gravitate to what piques them. Meet each other half-way, don't carry an uneccessary weight.

I like this advice, thanks user. I'm not OP but I've always had trouble with romantic stuff but pretty ok at friendly stuff, I think. I only have one friend and I talk to him like once a month so I feel like I'm annoying him. I don't know how nervous I would be doing the same thing with a girl. It's all just experience I guess.

Not OP, but thanks user, this is some useful advice.
>If you notice she have a new brand of lip gloss on from last Tuesdsy say "Oh, new lip gloss?
How can you notice small things like this?

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By looking up from your fucking retard box more than once a year and actually engaging with the people around you, you stupid piece of shit.

Don't hound after the chick like they're a piece of meat. Contrary to what Jow Forums likes to spout is that women are people. Yeah I know it's a shocker. Both of my best friends found their girls but they were friends first. A truly good gf would be someone you can also be a friend with, because it's literally that plus affection and shit. Just talk to girls normally, don't hint at relationships, and after a bit you'll find a few that really click. From there though it's somewhat a crapshoot for if they find you in a relationship way, but in the meantime just drop very subtle hints and keep them around. You'll know when you hit gold, and you'll know when it stays platonic. It's not bad either for having platonic relationships, who the fuck will complain about having another friend. Most of this board gives an air of loneliness so hell if you feel that way you're killing two birds with one big ass rock. Godspeed OP

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>Contrary to what Jow Forums likes to spout is that women are people

>who the fuck will complain about having another friend.
'Friend' means I see you once every four months when we all get together to do something. I don't need more of those.

You have to stop caring so much. Imagine yourself 10 years into the future and having learned this lesson, wishing that you could go back to the current you and tell yourself that.

Now just act like you’ve already learned that lesson.

... I should just listlessly wander through life alone?

Mysoginists and red pill dudes. Some red pill is okay, but some attitudes are toxic, like men feminists. Nice comment tbf.

I have female friends and I have bunch of aquitances at university. Everyone is dating someone.
Did this last 2 years of high school. Nothing came out of it. Nowadays I probably care too much but even rejections are way better than nothing.

People keep telling me "women are people treat them like you treat everyone else" when that is COMPLETELY COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. I dont WANT to go out of my way to avoid them outside heavily controlled circumstances, I want to talk to them and date them.

Whatever happened to "Do or no do. There is no try."

There are two obvious truths to take away from this:
>there is a sweet spot where you sincerely try but not so much that it becomes the basis for every decision you make and people take notice
>most people who give you advice are assholes who just want to say something that allows them to write off the situation and feel simultaneously helpful and superior rather than just acknowledging that you have a hard situation and there's not always a whole lot that can be easily changed

This guy is on the right track but a little autistic, don't listen to the specifics of it so much.

Don't try, only normies have success doing that. Just let things happen, put yourself out there though, join a club, take some classes, anything with other people.