Be me, 20

>be me, 20
>never had a gf before
>been seeing this girl for a month
>we both like each other a lot
>she's said multiple times how much she'd like to date me
>towards the end of every date we've had we'd spend an hour kissing, grinding, etc.
>the thought of sex from both of us looms over the moment but she wants to wait (she's a virgin) and we've both agreed to it
>last night it gets intense, and close to the point of having sex
>she says that she's being dumb about this and stops herself before going any further
>says she wants to make sure i'm the right guy first
>have a long talk about dating each other
>both of us agree to want to be in a relationship, and "officially" start
>wake up today regretting that decision because i feel like knowing her for only a month isn't enough time
>too afraid to go back on my decision

What should I do? I feel like we sort of fast-forwarded our relationship to the point of dating just to make up for the awkwardness of last night because of how close we came to sex even though she wants to lose her virginity to someone she knows well (her words).

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Date her? Not sure what the problem is.

A month is not long enough? Wut? It's about time you had sex.

>fast-forwarded our relationship to the point of dating
Uh, you actually skipped over dating and right to almost sex. Fuck you (and not literally) OP and all you guys just in it for sex.

They dated a month, how is that "skipping over dating"? Dumb incel.

I feel like I don't know her well enough. I have a female friend that I felt like I connected with almost instantly, and we get along extremely well but it's completely platonic. I feel like that's how I'd need to be with this girl before dating her, and I'm not at that stage yet.

See that's the thing, during the first date I knew I wanted this to be something that lasts and I knew I didn't want to have sex with her right away. She also doesn't want to have sex right away, but during our last date we were very much in the moment and got close to doing so. And to alleviate any I guess awkwardness about the situation we decided we'd properly be together in an attempt to get one step closer to being comfortable with each other to have sex.

You're using the word date a lot. You're not ready to date her, but you've already dated her? What exactly aren't you ready for? A committed exclusive relationship?

I mean that I've been seeing her for a month, but we weren't "dating" like in a relationship until last night. And yeah I guess I'm not ready for a committed relationship with her specifically because I feel like we aren't at the point yet where we know and are comfortable with each other that well.

When I think of a relationship I think of two friends who have known each other for a while, have a ton of common interests/hobbies, and are romantically attracted to each other.

You should tell her that.

They weren't dating or he wouldn't be talking about ff to dating. They were "seeing" each other and OP was trying to fuck her.

but I guess you cannot read
>she's said multiple times how much she'd like to date me

and yet you think she should give you her virginity? Asshole man

Fuck, that girl is a literal goddess. How does one get a blonde gf?

>What should I do?

>telling a story without telling what you want to achieve
?? What do you want ??

>she wants to wait
>she says that she's being dumb about this
>she wants to make sure i'm the right guy first
>"officially" start
Lmao, that's cuck talk for "you're gonna be my beta bitch provider that has to EARN sex, while I'll be out getting plowed by alphas weekly or even daily".
Don't blame anyone but yourself when she becomes a brave, strong, independent woman that goes out and fucks random guys.

Screech more roastie. You ain't anything but a wet hole to plunge a dick into.

Wow you got a girlfriend. What a shitty problem, I really wish I weren't you right now. Highjacking this gay thread because op doesn't have a problem. How do I stop being a lonely piece of shit that wants to commit suicide everyday but can't because it'll destroy my mom, dad and the rest of my family.

Try to date her for a few weeks, if you feel like you wont’ be into her no matter how much time you spend, you should tell her that you didn’t really feel ready in the first place but decided to take a shot.

How do you date someone for a month without dating them?

try the shotgun method on pof. aim for the centre, not too high, not too low, hopefully you will hit something you like

Sounds to me like you agreed to the relationship in the hopes of getting your dick wet right then and there. Not the best thing to do because this is typical beta behavior. You are agreeing to exclusivity in an effort to 'earn' sex from her. The sex should be a result of mutual lust and attraction, not the result of you agreeing to her terms.

But nonetheless. You said you really like this girl so is it really that much of a big deal? Just continue doing what you did, only difference is that you now have the relationship label attached to it. If it doesn't bother you too much then it's not that bad.

Holy shit that girl in the OP


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Don't date her, she obviously deserves better.
Like what the fuck do you want you sperg? Her to just fuck her first dude without any strings.
Full fucking retard. You can run through a different club slut every night if you just want a wet hole and stds.
Why are you wasting everyone's time?

man up, fuck her, be happy together.
fucking dickhead, most miserable assholes on this site can't even get half of what you're getting and you're throwing it away just because today you woke up "just not feeling it"? man I hope that if you don't roll with this one, you'll be a virgin until your 40s

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Bounce on it bro, this is how lifelong regret starts

Don't live in a western 3rd world country


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