I fell in love with an Escort

I fell in love with a 27yr old Korean escort who looks very much like pic related, maybe even prettier. I’ve met her for the 6th time, we held hands and talked, kisses, fucked, even had dinner together. I’ve sent her plenty of gifts on top of the $400/hr for her time. I think about her constantly..

I get the feeling she likes me outside of work, but I can’t tell for certain. Are women amazing at acting ? Will this relationship ever go anywhere?

I also have a wife..no kids

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You're retarded

Dude... of course she's your dream girl, you pay her to be one. It's her job and it's good for her business to make sure that you're a return customer. Never go full retarded, even if you're getting your dick wet.

I know.. but humans aren’t robots, they can have feelings too

>Are women amazing at acting ?
Some are. More importantly, men are incredibly good at seeing what they want to see.

This is going to end in disaster.

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You have a wife and your paying $400/hr for an escort? Dude......

Sex is too vanilla with the wife, and our relationship hasn’t been the best for the past 2 years

You need to stop, dude you have wife and kids

Reading comprehension.

It could go somewhere, it does happen that an escort and her client do fall in love. But you sort of have to get the wife thing out of the way first.

Is her vagina warm and tight :)) I havent fucked a K pop chick before, how do u even find them lol I'm kinda bored of white pussies

High end Asian escort agencies. The ones with all their text in Chinese. They’ll have 1 or 2 girls that look legit like kpop stars 400-700/hr

Dude, unless your wife knows about this, you're an asshole.

As an earlier user said, she's perfect because you pay her to be. She does the same for other guys too. It's her job.

Why the hell would he tell his wife? That’s stupid

>even had dinner together
If you paid for this then she doesn't like you. If however you didn't pay for her time for this, she still doesn't like you.

Even if she does like you, it will never work. Escorts are for fucking and that's it. I've fucked 167 over the past 5 year. Don't fall for their tricks, they see you as an ATM and that's it. I didn't "fall" for one but thought we could be friends, it never happens.

Do not fall for her unless you're a pimp yourself.

A friend of mine runs an escort service, after having been a sucker/customer for years himself, and all the good whores are girlfriend whores.

The best being a Russian blonde who has multiple "boyfriends" which she met inside the "haunted halls of pussy" and the dudes even invite her for meetings and vacations which she of course welcomes. Once she's too old to haul ass she'll pick one sucker and this dude will be her bottom.

>i fell in love
that happens, dude
> I’ve met her for the 6th time, we held hands and talked, kisses, fucked, even had dinner together.
all good
>I also have a wife
that's a bit shit, but w/e
no, just no, man. once a hooker - always a hooker. there's pretty much no scenario where this ends well for you, especially considering that she's already using you as an atm, basically.

>they see you as an ATM
>she's already using you as an atm
I have never in my life had to fuck an ATM.

Considering it, but I think she would have to start showing some sort of commitment before I do anything. We’ll probably continue “dating” for a while.

I know I probably like her way more than she likes me but oh my god she’s gorgeous.. and fun and caring personality too

You're not a hooker.

Korean girls can be so beautiful. They’re taller and prettier than other Asians.

Korean girls all have plastic surgery.

So they’re all rich too? I don’t get the stigma with plastic surgery. Taking care of yourself is never a bad thing. 100% Women all wear make up, plenty guys take steroids, people get dental cosmetic surgery, what’s the difference really

Yes, women are AMAZING at acting.

>So they’re all rich too?
It's part of their healthcare, I believe they get one free plastic surgery.

damn she's qt. have a free bump.

I dunno I married a hooker from the south side chiraq. We have four kids couldn't be happier. If you love the girl go for it op.

You cant reproduce the results of plastic surgery. You're selling a modified product with no way of showing them the original state. You cant wipe off plastic surgery like makeup.