How does "dating" work in Germany?

So I'm spending some time in Germany and want to try my lucky. Not really into the whole Tinder/hookups thing. I heard Germans do it differently, dating wise.
Anyone want to give me some insight?

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>go to pub
>hit on ugly german chicks (all of them are ugly, so whatever)
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>obligatory anal creampie
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Simple, really.

I find Germany very liberal toward sex. You can fuck a ho’ from behind as you strangle her to death. Then either burn the body or feed it to stray cats.

Why would it be different in Germany than other western countries?

Despite all being intertwined in the western culture each still have their own culture that call for differnt social norms. Like I've heard that American are more straight forward versus britbongs who take longer to 'go for the kill'
Besides seemingly more open to sexual stuff, you just need to worry about your approach, germans are not ones to talk to strangers much. I think they would be more formal in speech but Idk. Plenty of Deutsch anons browse so someone will know

Berlin must be even more easy for casual sex and such right?

Usually you meet at sex clubs where emasculated men take their wives and let everybody fuck her. If she happens to pick you out of the 12 to 15 that fucked her that night for a date her husband will babysit the kids so you can take her to another sex club and let 12 -15 men crawl on.

Despite what american media likes to portray, Germans are actually pretty stuck up when it comes to romance.
Everyone has sort of a baseline of wall erected around them all the time, cold approach makes girls uncomfortable in many places.
In my experience, most often people like to meet their romantic partners through mutual aquaintances, which reduces social friction.
Those are just tendencies though, as a whole, it works pretty much the same as anywhere else.

t. actual german



if you're hoping for sex you'll have the best chances at clubs with hoes.

I don't visit clubs but this is probably where the fucking is going aka where you gather women and bring them home.

Bump. Was also wondering in what ways approaching in clubs is different to other places

>in what ways approaching in clubs is different to other places
it's loud,
it's dark,
everyone is drunk.
Basically Russia but warmer.

Should have been clearer, I was actually refering to clubs in other countries

German here. It's very easy. Don't listen to this beta males here. As a foreigner out, ask any woman anything and 10 minutes later kiss her and go home with her.

Clubs or Hookers if you are here for a short time you wont find a girl on the street that you can fuck, they all are pretty hard to convince to let themselves get fucked

Go to a FKK resort user, you will have the time of your life.

>an FKK

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Thanks Man, very helpful.