Ex gf just liked this post on Instagram, safe to assume she got dicked last night?

Ex gf just liked this post on Instagram, safe to assume she got dicked last night?

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>Following your ex
You brought this pain to yourself

Yikes. Be glad you aren’t with her anymore.

OP, assuming makes an ass out of you and me. We talked about this.

Yeah I know but I’m miserable and she is happy it seems.. can’t help it

I don’t know you


Did you really expect an accurate answer? I feel bad for you though because you’re not over her. Many of us know the feeling

Yeah she turned into a slut quite unexpectedly. From a shy,reserved 16 year old to a full blown hoe with blue hair and choker and everything at 19. Now I wonder even if the cute shy thing was just an act.

Hard to get over someone whennnothing is happening in your life

>Stalking your ex-gf's social media to the extent that you know everything she has liked


Oh, but you do. We’ve known each other for ages, son.

>From a shy,reserved 16 year old to a full blown hoe with blue hair and choker and everything at 19. Now I wonder even if the cute shy thing was just an act.

She came out of her shell. When we're in our teenage years we tend to hold back from presenting ourselves in the ways we really want because we fear judgement. Between the ages of 18-22 is when most people discover who they "really are" and begin to show that to the world. It's not that her previous self was an act, it's more that she gained the confidence to express her true thoughts, feelings and culture that she always felt deep inside

Can't say one way or the other. I know a bunch of girls who would 'like' this pic just because it made them chuckle.

For me it was the other way around. When I was a teen I didn't give a fuck, and bought the meme that I just have to be myself and everything will turn out fine.
That was a load of crock. I've gotten more and more reserved with age.

Hard to get over someone when you obsess over their personal life. Block her on all social media and, if necessary, any mutual friends that you two had.

what does it fucking matter jesus fucking christ who gives a shit

she's your EX

I don’t have to. You didnt for me She’s a slut. You can do better.
Personally I’m super nice to sluts but then moment they do something slutty I ignore the fuck out of them and it pisses them off. They’re really not worth your time and devotion.

Apparently she’s seeing this guy.. he is atleast in his late 20s which makes him like 8-10 years older than her

wtf man

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She was blocked, but then I was lonely on Christmas so I wondered what was up with her. We talked out our differences but she started ignoring me after that. Whenever I tried to call she said she had no time and would just ignore me

Oof laddy I think she may have father issues lol. Be happy you dodged a bullet, find a girl actually worth caring about

She didn’t have a dad so that’s a certain thing. Strong daddy issues and quite an attention seeker

> but I’m miserable and she is happy
Rule #1 to breakups: she will find new/rebound cock MUCH sooner than you will find new pussy.

That is the way of the world. Learn, grasshopper.

You dropped tight college pussy and an older dude scooped right in and took over.

What is there to explain?

Yeah dude stop worrying about her. She's self destructing, no point bringing yourself down with her

Alright, time to find a new girl I guess. Jesus Christ she duped me good though, she also cheated on me


Good idea. She's obviously a cunt and I don't mean that in an incel way

Lol he's balding hahahaha

Lmao exactly.. I mean I’m no model but I’m certainly better looking that old wrinkly creature

Yeah bitch was talking all nice to me while hanging out witb some other guy

Fucccccck this bitch

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THAT is your ex gf? That is the girl you're being this pathetic over?

Oh man...

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Lmao I know I’m more jealous of her life than that man faced bitch but still.. she had a beautiful life while I’m still stuck with my parents so I can’t smoke and drink without hiding, can’t talk to girls and my parents in bumfuck nowhere so I can’t make friends and hangout

Hey you’re kinda like me only I’ve never had a gf.
And yet I still wouldn’t want to talk to the girl you were dating.

She gets popular with her friends easily it seems. She may have a troglodyte face but her personality is quite charming it seems, she is able to seduce high status guys and get she wants from them.

but yeah this bitch is really fucked in the head.. brags about shoplifting, sleeping around, doing drugs

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You're wearing lipstick...

Anyways if you want to get over your ex , pic related. I recommend exercising like a demon, playing/learning music, and two other social hobbies.

Stay super fucking busy

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Fuck I’m so lonely..

How the fuck did she get all that? She was an autist till like early 2016

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Finding this thread super helpful. Also super relate-able

Once you break up you have no control over other persons life. It's the reality. World is fucking brutal, that's why I'm still gf-less at 26 after my last breakup, I don't want to play that shit anymore

It’s not me lel

This is

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True man, I would understand if it was just a regular break up but she already had a bf behind my back. Why didn’t she just call it off

I trusted her and eventually fell for her just get stabbed in the back like that

It hurts but thats the game. I too fell for a girl and she had like 3 dudes and left me wondering was I even a thing in her life? She just shrugged the breakup like it's nothing, while I got a bit depressed, I guess that's the way of the world, everybody is different for you maybe relationships are something important, for others it's just a game


Yeah that’s the word, that describes her reaction too.. wasn’t angry or trying to hide it, she just conveniently changed our history and said that she thought we had already broken up

What the fuck man

This is just psychopathic

>This is just psychopathic
I know right? That's how I described my ex too, but we just have to accept it man, there's plenty of different women on the planet, I know one girl who is extremly loyal so it goes to show that there is hope and you might find someone more aligned with how you feel

You should never have your ex in social media at all. Don't even think of looking at her profile even if it's been a long time. Delete all the information and move on with life. If she ever contacts you, that's a different story, NEVER contact an ex who dumped you.

Hope so.. this is like the third time this has happened to me. Cute shy girl who gets a crush on me, I start falling for her too and eventually I find out she cheated on after she came out of her shell and made some new friends

What if you respect your ex and she respects you? I can't just delete her like that, she will take this as holding grudges
>not op btw

True I’m regretting doing this, but the fact that she is happy and has a lot of friends and can easily find guys is really bugging me. I mean this bitch was depressed when she met me and I helped her through it.. and this is what I get? Lies and a kick in the end.

move on retard have some decisivness

Put her on ignore then.. you don’t have to block/delete her. Just make sure you won’t see her feeds unless you explicitly went to her profile. Most social media websites have that option

Mute or ignore

>I mean this bitch was depressed
She will get her's, just wait and watch, and in the meantime do your thing

But I still find myself going on her profile almost dialy fuck

Rude user

What do you mean you respect her and she respects you?
>holding a grudge
I never understood this type of thinking, it's okay for her to dump you and break your heart but dear God it's worse than murder if you delete her from social media. Don't block her, just delete her. If she wants you, she'll eventually contact you, maybe

That’s a habit you have formed. Stop doing it, actively stop yourself from doing that. Maybe delete the app m

We broke up on good terms, I do hear sometimes from her friends she talks about me etc but she doesn't do anything


That’s cool and all but you aren’t getting any pussy from her

Her respect won’t get your dick wet you dumbfuck. She should way down in your priority list if at all.

Unless you two see each other regularly (in school/office etc.) just block her and move on

I doubt that user, things have been going up and up for her. She might even become a minor celebrity in her city, she has decided to become an “artist”.. for now she’s wage cucking in a bar or restaurant or something. Moved out of her moms house in August and doesn’t post much on social media since.

I just wanna replicate what she did desu.. going from no friends to a lot of friends who are quite popular.

Weird I know but making lots of friends and becoming popular is something I’ve wanted for a while but I don’t seem to have that kind of personality

you're right, its Christmas after all. i apologize

It doesn't matter what she's got going on (she could be the fucking president), she's a cunt for what she did to you, so you shoudn't admire her I think, but hell if you want to be popular that's your story, think how to do this but being jealous of her or something is just humiliating yourself. You're the man, you're better than her you can be sure of that. She should be done in your eyes

Delete her from your friends and delete social media in general, that's what I did and I haven't checked her profile in 3 months

Nigga don’t worry about her

I will still probably set up some fake account and do it anyways, there's problem with me not wanting to move on, I should find other girl to get my mind off her cold turkey. I just have to decide DO I WANT to be with her or not, and it's costing me precious time I could be spending with other girl and building my relationship instead of living in some lala land

Look dude, I know how you feel, I used to check my ex Facebook every minute for a month straight, seeing her new picture of her being happy and hanging out with her friends. I even saw her keep talking to her ex in her pictures being playful. I didn't delete her because many "ex back coaches" said deleting her makes you look petty and like you don't want her back. Later I realized what am I doing all of this for someone who dumped and told me she wants to avoid me. So I deleted her and the app, haven't heard from her since. Take back your life man, fuck her if she never comes back

lol it kind makes sense now

woah what does that mean lel