By all rights, my grandfather wasn't a good person. He was a KKK member. He beat his wife and kids...

By all rights, my grandfather wasn't a good person. He was a KKK member. He beat his wife and kids, to the point where in 1960 he accidentally aborted one of his children by beating up Grandmother while she was pregnant. He loved money to a fault and said that he would commit genocide against all non-whites if he could. One time while in a rage back in the 50s he punished his five year old daughter for misbehaving by shooting her pet rabbit right in front of her.

Yet the two of us were very close. He treated me like gold, and far as I could tell he just seemed like a normal, loving grandpa. I didn't know about his checkered past until after he died last year at the age of 93. Maybe he mellowed with age, I don't know. Most of the super dramatic stories are from the 1940s through the 1970s.

Do I have the right to love him, even knowing all this? My parents, siblings, and girlfriend have all basically said that continuing to honor his memory by loving him is spitting in the face of everyone he hurt - including my father, who he hospitalized multiple times during his youth.

I don't know what to do or to think anymore.

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You're no one to judge. No person can judge him.

Only God can judge him.

If he did all those things, he'd be rotting in hell. All you can do is pray for his soul to return to heaven.

>Only God can judge him

Yeah, great plan, retard. I suppose in your ideal world we'd all be "forgiving" child rapists and mass murderers because "god gives everyone a second chance"?

Fucking brainlet christfag. Holy shit you people are utterly morally bankrupt.

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Your grandfather was a very bad and maybe mentally damaged man(did he fight in the war?) but you can choose to love him of course. What he did to your father and wife was inexcusable, but he treated you right so most likely mellowed out or made peace with something. Be respectful of others memories of him and his mistreatments, but know that their life and experiences are not yours.


The guy is eternally suffering in hellfirt where the pain never subsides or lessens. What more do you want?

You see, there's this things called "laws" that punish you for doing wrong?

OP is talking about a dead man, retard. I hope you're not that stupid IRL.

>(did he fight in the war?)

Yep. He participated in many of the biggest battles up to and including D-Day, actually. He spent two years in a mental hospital after returning home because he'd become so nonfunctional, and he continued to spend occasional stints in psych wards for many years after. The latest documentation I was able to find regarding psych ward visits was from June 1967, but I'm not sure if that's the very last time he was locked up or not.

Nope he won't cause its not real

Dam OP, he behaved pretty badly and performed criminal-level acts - hurts me that it didn't bite him back right in the ass... Dude should be left alive to rot alone and miserable for his past actions but oh well...

>Nope he won't cause its not real

Lmao I cant wait to see the look on your face when you get to the gates and realize you're fucked

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You should still love your grandpa and cherish his memory, or at least remain neutral. He was good to you

>m-m-muh eternal hellfire... m-muh magical fairy afterlife

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>Do I have the right to love him, even knowing all this?
Don't dehumanize him. Honor the fond memories you have of him, but don't diminsh all the bad shit he's done either.

You can acknowledge that he was a bad person in the past and was also good to you. They can be two separate things. You don't like what he did, but he was alright to you

Got any evidence for this?

morals =/= laws. At least that's what I assume meant. What that user should be asking though is why god would give humans a moral compass in the first place if he didn't want us to judge others morally. Clearly if he exists then he wants us to make moral decisions, otherwise he's just a cruel twat

Appreciating someone's love for you and acknowledging the bad things they did is possible.


Maybe just don’t build a shrine to him...

That's up to you. Maybe when he saw you, he started to regret all the things he did in his life, and tried to make something good out of his bitter life.

Of course what he did doesn't make his sins forgiven by others, but it's really not up to them to decide how your relationship with your grandfather was. If you love him, you love him, but you can't handwave the bad things he did. That also means you shouldn't allow them to guilt trip you into hating someone who loved you.

I have heard of alot of veterans coming back and committing domestic abuse. It doesn't excuse it but it is a reason

You do have the right to love him, he is your family and was good to you and that is what really matters, not his past but what he was like to you.

Why do you think your fairytale is right, and not the fairytale of mudslimes?