Will buy guitar. Not electric

Will buy guitar. Not electric.
Should I buy Classical Nylon?
Should I buy Acoustic Steel?

What buy?

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Acoustic guitar is much easier to learn to play, but classical guitar is a completely different instrument, personally I prefer the classical guitar, but I’d advise you buying an acoustic because it’s easier to play.

If you get acoustic, you’ll want nylon in the future, so just start with nylon

Why do you say that?

Why do you prefer classical? Because of the sound? What genres you play? Can you play anything other than classical music on it?

From what I've gathered nylon strings are weaker than the steel strings. I like the way that steel acoustic sounds more too. Nylon is too muted sounding for my taste

I mostly only play classical music and video game tracks on it.
I like it because it’s played in a completely different way from an electric guitar which is what I play, the sound too is completely different.
Well you can play stuff like Spanish/tango music and whatnot, but it’s not a very versatile instrument in general when it comes to music genres.

How is it different from electric?

Acoustic steel

>it’s played by plucking the strings with the fingers rather than with a plectrum
>it’s sound is different, does not require a an amp
>You need to have the right posture and positioning to play it properly

It’s all around just great


I play violin and got acoustic steel back in the day when I wanted to expand my musical horizons. Shit wrecked my fingers big time. Just based on that limited experience I'd say go for nylon, especially if this is your first instrument.

Acoustic, but it won't be easy to start with.

>Shit wrecked my fingers big time. Just based on that limited experience I'd say go for nylon, especially if this is your first instrument.
This, which is why electric is a great pick.

How big are your hands? What kind of music do you want to play?

Steel string is harder on your hands but for most chords it is what you should do. The thing is; if you only play nylon you might not be able to play steel, but if you play steel you can still play nylon

Also - classical guitar's strings are spread out more, which will be harder if your hands are small

Get an acoustic steel string. It's probable that you just want to play some four chord tunes from rock/pop songs.

Nylon is comfy and the sound is clear.
Steel will cut your fingers and sounds like banging on a tin can.

+10 years musician here
on a classical guitar get nylon strings, the acoustic ones will put too much stress on it
you can play any genre with any guitar, be it electric, classical or electroacoustic. Don't fall for the music theory meme, work on your technique.

>Don't fall for the music theory meme, work on your technique.
Why not both? Sure you don’t necessarily need theory but no one ever became a worse musician by learning it

It will just be a waste of time on the first few years, it will make you bored. When you start playing you want to rock some cool songs and learn how to compose, not how to read music sheets. That shit is for when you're more or less advanced and want to deepen your knowledge so you become a real musician and not some guy with a guitar.
Learn technique and the pentatonic and major scales, then you'll start wanting to learn more

We don’t even know what style OP wants to play, and you’ve already mapped out his entire musical life. Maybe he wanted to learn some classical guitar, but too bad, music theory is just a meme.

nah it isn't about knowing *what* does he want to play, that doesn't really matter, he could want to play flamenco for all we know
it's about knowing he wants to play, that's all
the old way of teaching musical instruments was having to learn all the theory, then you finally get to play.
Do it the opposite way and you'll have a lot of fun and will grow curious on the instrument you have in your hands and the theory behind it, then you'll want to learn it
if you try and learn theory while you can't even keep on with a metronome at 50x4, you won't be playing any interesting and engaging song you like
unless you have extremely specific and niche tastes on really old music, that is