What does it mean if you're attracted to loli art, but yet you still find adult women completely attractive...

What does it mean if you're attracted to loli art, but yet you still find adult women completely attractive? (3d adult women and 2d) Does it mean you're not actually a pedo?

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It means you're normal.

It means that even though you were sexually abused as a kid you grew up to be a fucking normal person. I would advise to give up on loli art tho

I wasn't sexually abused as a kid..

If that picture is anything to go by, it means you're into petite girls. Because kids don't have asses like that.

Welcome to being normal.

Attraction doesn't work in binary. There are some features of kids that most men will probably find attractive such as soft unaged skin, innocence, playfulness, size (men are usually attracted to smaller women). This doesn't mean that most men find kids attractive just that these features may be desirable, maybe the whole package of her being an actual real child and the social stigma turns people away from it. But you might not feel as guilty being attracted to a fictional image where no one was hurt.

It’s called being into petite girls. Adult women can be petite and cute too and there’s nothing wrong with liking that body type

But no, I'm also into the fat asses and THICCC XD meme body types too.

You're a pedophile.

Means you have a normal sexuality combined with a weird fetish. Dem loli hips are too good to be real, which is why they aren't.

I do like a nice looking petite chick. They're cute as hell and so soft and cuddly and very tight. Calm down boner.

I'd say you've just acquired a taste for a particular art type. It doesn't exactly reflect reality nor is it the same in any way. It stands alone as something uniquely appealing even though it depicts what it does, just not accurately. It's so wrong, yet so hot. So long as you keep reality and fantasy separated, while harming no one, it's fine.

>loli art

It's just a fucking drawing. Nothing wrong with that.

>art, specifically designed to evoke a reaction, evokes a reaction
>similarly, you are possessed of a standard sexual preference, and express it normally
Gonna need to sell me on wtf you need advice on bud

Everyone is attracted to lolis.

If not attracted, then HNNNNG so cute! Just wanna pat on the head.

When you see an actual real kid are you like that? Because I'm not.

It's different. There's no reaction as with artwork. I respect boundaries and never step even close to them. The idea of victimizing any child makes me feel a bit sick. An illusion is one thing, but reality is reality. Like a fucking 600 lb gorilla in the room with you and you better not mess with it. Morbid fascinations aside, I won't cross the line. A fetish stays in its place.

I know that it isn't believable that anyone who feels something pleasurable in artwork depicting certain things doesn't also feel the same for the real deal, but it's strange how much of a difference there can be.

Yeah this shit fucks with my mind. This is why I drink and stay away from people.
don't wanna be a rapist
Don't wanna be a pedo
Don't wanna get my ass kicked and deserve it
Soooooo........... fuck everyone.

People are a pain in the ass. Even if you are a people person, you sometimes deal with drama whores and other fucks that deserve to be shut out from everyone's lives. In my case, I had enough of people's shit early on. They also had enough of mine. Makes sense that a person would seek out fantasies in order to help them cope. Then certain things are mixed in where you find your usual materials. Lolicon finds its way into everything else, and a gradual process begins. You somehow gain an acquired taste for a reviled artform. It seeps into your head and assumes a bit of control. Like a poison you resist at first, but then you gain a tolerance. Lastly, a taste. Although it's a freaky one. A very guilty pleasure.

Pedo means you are attracted ONLY to lolis. OP, you are not a pedo. You're just a man with patrician taste, a true lover of females in general. I love lolis, girls in their 20s, milfs, and even gilfs. I love females.

Starting to think it's kinda fucked when you put it that way user.

Exclusivity is the indicator. If an adult only wants to bang a kid, that's pedophilia. Sure, some people have a very broad range lapping into dangerous territory, but it's hard to call them only one thing.

It is. Can't escape that fact.

It's almost like when one extreme loses its effect, the possibility of another arises. Some porn users will resort to things outside of their normal preferences just to get off when their old ones don't do the trick anymore. Obviously, I've plumbed some depths to arrive where I did. It's a concerning issue for a few internet users. You just run into more and more fucked up shit and run the risk of liking it after continuous exposure.

You look at the proportions of the OP image and wonder. The character's lower body is very exaggerated compared to her upper body. An ass and legs like that aren't anatomically correct for a child. Gives rise to many arguments.

I feel that way with some little girls and I'm far from being a pedophile. They're just so adorable it hurts.

Lolis are often very fantastical interpretations of teenage girls (which is probably why they seem so bearable in comparison) and are significantly different enough from real girls that it seems very rare somebody who likes loli will also like kids.

You see features on this art that definitely do appear like the artists were trying to avoid going too far. They wanted at least a few womanly features for their characters to make them more passable. If they really made them to mirror children, then they'd be much less fuller in figure. Most grown men have ephebophilic tendencies, so a character that looks as if she is from 15-19 can be viewed as more acceptable than one which appears to be much younger.

You take Yukina Himeragi from Strike the Blood. She's supposed to be 14 years old, but in some ways appears to be more mature. You can see what the artist was getting at here.

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Beyond keeping them more adult then not, there are specific things that are dropped that kids have that are seldom in anime. things like underdeveloped facial features, less developed bodies, Far less developed and non sexual movement.
If you are gonna give them all the adult traits you can make their head twice the size of the body and make them say ONIICHAAAAAN in as high a voice as you want but they will still not be kids.

There's just no match there. These "lolis" are like various spare parts sewn together and tweaked. It's an ingenious mechanism that seems to require very exacting standards.

You'd be surprised at what unimaginable cuties are out there in the real world, pleya

I've seen some around. One who was 25 and looked like she was about half that age. Even wore pigtails. She eyeball fucked me once and wanted some of this. Smiled at me n sheeit. Woulda fucked her little ass good.

If you have a vague idea how to get to her and you look presentable (very important) then go get her, pleya! You can do it!

Missed her actually. I tried but she drifted off to other dudes. Here I remain with no poon.

Doesn't mean shit, there's legal porn with the loli looking girls out there. All you need is a petite skinny teen with A cups and fix her up with the right makeup.

Piper Perri is famous because she got body of a 14-15 year old.

I can't stand piper perri.
I respect her work, but the woman looked too young for me when I was 15.
I look at her sucking dick and I want to slap her in the face, send her to her room with no dessert, and tell her she has an algebra test tomorrow and she better sleep.

There's a shitton of camwhores and pornstars like her.

I wonna rail the chief persecutor of Crimea