How do rich people not just get robbed every time they leave their home

How do rich people not just get robbed every time they leave their home

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They don't live in the ghetto where muggers are around every corner.

Thy have security

You don't have to live within a city block to rob someone

>poorfag thinking

tell me OP, what is it that's in a rich person's house like pic related that is more valuable than a poor person's house, is worth breaking in over, and is worth having the whole neighborhood see you because all the walls are made of glass

It's funny because I knew a guy who walked around rich neighborhoods to plan break ins.

Because stuff like above is located in a few private acres the owner bought, and staffed with security. It’s probably cut off from public access tol, either with walls or existing neighbors. Good luck finding that place.

To hell with your question. I just want to know where these people poop.

If they were smart they wouldn't be petty thieves
Usually rich people are probably victims of shit more like heists. Or maybe arson, there's anti-rich sentiment in some cultures.

But yes they usually have security.

Gated communities
Law enforcement

They're not carrying around cash so what are you gonna steal off their person

they do get robbed..

Because most robberies (and in fact most crimes in general) are crimes of opportunity.
>A man sees a nice TV in a dark living room with no cars around
>steals it
>a man sees empty car with window down
>opens door to steal what he can
>drug dealer friend walks to the bathroom
>steal from his stash while he's gone

and so on. Since black people (thieves) aren't spending a lot of time in rich neighborhoods, crimes of opportunity rarely present themselves in those areas. In the end they mostly end up stealing from each other, especially from people they know, even though much richer targets are only a few miles away.


Because rich areas of cities have three cops for every 80 people. I live in a nice area, and I see two cruisers pull up on people for traffic violations. By the time your ass triggers a security system in a house like this pic, three cops in the area will be on your location.

Not to mention some wasp calling the cops on you just for cruising around in the neighborhood in a car that is older than 5 years old.

The word you're looking for is BURGLARY.

Their neighborhoods are better protected and they don't live near the would be criminals.

>dress poor
>drive poor
>eat poor
>spend poor
>don’t buy expensive bullshit you don’t actually need

It’s really not that hard

Actually spics steal at the highest rate per capita m8

First world rich people > Third world rich people.

Because obviously you can’t see the homes on either side of this one, you gave such a stupid answer...

Doesn't detract from the point at all, but cool thanks for the info