How to be a good leader?

How to be a good leader?

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>be just
>be neutral
>know the talents and abilities of each person under you and how best to utilize those talents
>be willing to work just as hard as those under you
>be willing to take advice from others to ensure you have the best plan of action

Leader is a pretty broad term. I am assuming you mean a team leader in some corporation. Possible for an advertising firm. You could equally be talking about being the leader in your D&D party for all I know.


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Be decisive.
Be confident.
Be decisive.
Take care of your people.
Be decisive.
Lead from the front.

Have been in leading positions for the past 5 years. It sort of depends on the approach and the team you are in but mostly it goes around being decisive, confident, hard working as well as something I do usually is being protective. Don't let an outsider talk shit about your teammates, first it's you and only afterwards you can deal with the person individually. Also I've heard from many employees from top companies e.g. IBM that they are recruiting military veterans to take up HR positions because of their work ethics as well as mental thoughness.

It comes from knowing what needs to be done and how to assert that it needs to be done

If you want to be a leader because it tickles your identity then it won't work at all.

If you want to be a "good" leader because you're tasked with a position of leadership, then just work within your means, and invite the people involved to do what needs to be done. Leadership can be as little as shooting the firing gun, just don't ever let it be about proving a point about yourself.

read the Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

it's the firsthand thoughts of Marcus Aurelius, specifically the thoughts that enabled him to be one of the best leaders to have ever graced the earth

Care about what you are leading
Understand what you are leading
Be what you are leading and the best of it
Ensure the best for what you are leading, both as a group and as individuals
Work with the people you lead, not against them, not despite them.

These are general guidelines but in the end nothing's as good an advice as "use your noggin" This is gonna sound like a real asshole brush off but it's supposed to come naturally and it's very hard to explain step by step. only vague definitions. Just do what's in your heart.

What is "good" mean to you?
What does a "leader" mean to you?

Try this video. Your question is a bit general.

Literally a king never asks this question, the moment he does he failed as a leader.

To learn to lead, you must learn to follow.

I hate to use an adage but it's true.

Make a decision and stick with it
Until something changes your mind, then change the decision and stick with it
Lazy people often have good insights, but you need to pry it out of them
Lazy people need a firm hand
Active people often overlook the bigger picture
Active people are motivated by praise
Giving cake to celebrate obtained goals is a good thing
ALWAYS watch your tongue, anything can and will be used against you
ALWAYS communicate important messages in mail
The rumour-mill is faster than light, never mention things that are not true and always be clear in your talk
Always treat the IT guys nicely

Hear that one in game of thrones, little faggot? There's absolutely nothing wrong with a healthy dose of self awareness. Plenty of faggot kings never bothered to ask how to be good at their job, too busy sucking, fucking, eating, and drinking.

Agree with what others have said:
* Decisive
* Confident
* Empathetic
* Protective
* Keep track of the big picture
* Quick witted

>Leadership can be as little as shooting the firing gun, just don't ever let it be about proving a point about yourself.
This is how I look at it. You're responsible for setting the goals and making sure everyone is keeping on track, in sync and heading towards the same goal. I keep it in mind to prevent micromanaging. If I get to the end of a chunk of work and think "I did that" its not a good thing.

inspire people to follow you either by achievements or sheer spirit.

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It was word by word in the HBO tv series called "Borgias" and also in "Rome". Which is like several years before GoT. But otherwise it's Machiavelli and that is centuries old. But I guess you are too busy driving taxis these days Pablo.

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>Gets his thoughts from diet game of thrones
>Read the prince and thinks he's a master of statesmanship
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