It's starting to feel like cute girls don't even exist, just average looking girls who learned how to do makeup

It's starting to feel like cute girls don't even exist, just average looking girls who learned how to do makeup.

>guy is born with a 5/10 face
>has to live with being a 5/10 because it's socially unacceptable for a guy to wear makeup.
>girl is born with a 5/10 face
>learns how to do makeup and instantly becomes a 9/10

This is basically catfishing, is it not? Yet almost every girl is doing it. How the fuck do you even know if a girl is actually attractive or just some scam artist who got really good at makeup?

>inb4 stop being shallow
Fuck off. It's part of our biology to judge on appearance. Women judge men on their appearance too and they're a lot harsher.

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Then how come men aren't doing the makeup thing?

There’s plenty of cute women who use minimal makeup. There’s even beauty to be found in average girls. You’re not shallow, you just don’t interact with women in the real world.

left doesn't look like a 9/10 desu

Some guys do, but most don't because as soon as people find out a guy wears makeup they call him a narcissist, a fag, etc. Its not socially acceptable in the US like it is in South Korea.

She looks better on the right.

Then how come it's acceptable for women?

Don't ask me, that's just how American culture is. It doesn't make sense yet here we are.

That's a poor example pic. She looks different on the right but still cute. Right is more conservative if you get me, but no, you can't say she looks bad.

I'm willing to bet OP is another one of these Jow Forums faggots who hasn't interacted with a non-related woman since he graduated high school. Your standards are far above your own station, OP.

Men do it too. Every man in television and music videos wears make up.

Why do feminists do this? You literally do not know a single thing about my life yet you make a shit load of assumptions just because I said something slightly critical about women?

I've been with women and I've dealt with the disappointment of investing in a girl who I think is flawless only to later find out she completely altered her appearance with makeup. It's basically deception yet for some reason we accept it as normal.

The pic is a mild example in comparison to some of the shit out there, I agree, but still, you have to be delusional to say there isn't a massive difference between the 2 pics. Her face clearly looks more sickly and fatter in the right pic.

The average man isn't on tv or in music videos so that example doesn't apply to him except for the fact that it raises the standards women have and makes them think every guy should look like the boy bands and actors they see on tv.

You choke her during sex so her eyes will tear and wash up her makeup. Don't tell me you wouldn't a 5/10.

The fact you call women without make up "disappointments" means you're actively only looking for women who alter themselves. So you can't complain when you got what you wanted.

That's the thing though, almost every girl in her 20s is wearing makeup. And if a girl was naturally pretty I wouldn't even be able to tell because her face is underneath multiple layers of makeup.

She doesn't even look bad without it

You could walk into store to buy make up as a man and start looking like what you want. Don't blame women for your own incompetency to use make up. You could learn it in one day if you wanted, youtube has lots of make up tutorials for men.

She doesn't look bad without makeup, she looks average, which was the point of the thread essentially. But the thing is, this is a girl who literally made a career off of her looks. This pic went viral on twitter because all the incels who donated money to her for her looks are realizing she's just an average looking girl.

I'm a woman and I don't wear makeup simply because I'm not spending an hour to put that shit on my face, fuck that I have things to do.

I theoretically could, but it's not socially acceptable to do that as a guy in America like I already said.

wanna know how I know you've never been with a real woman?

I frankly don't understand your butthurt OP. Yes, women use make up to look prettier, it's socially acceptable because men want pretty-looking women. Don't even believe that a chick spends fortune on make up products and wakes up a solid hour earlier than she has to just to do her hair and make up just because she wants to good for herself. She wants to attract dudes. And most men, me included, are superficial fucks. I wouldn't look twice on the girl from your pic if she were looking like she does without make up. You wouldn't either. While genuinely beautiful women exist, they are rare and not for people like you. So either accept that and get an average gf who looks good in make up and average without, or stay mad and single.

Why do you need other men's approval for everything? Are you a cuck?

Well obviously she looks better with makeup, but she's still at least a 7/10 without makeup imo.

The incels are retarded if they don't think she's more attractive on the right. She looks like a clown on the left but marriage material on the right.

>I've dealt with the disappointment of investing in a girl who I think is flawless only to later find out she completely altered her appearance with makeup
That's your fault for being a naive retard. Lmao, how lacking in braincells do you have to be in order not to have a clue that women put on makeup to look better, and that they look worse/different without it.

>she looks average
And your point is...?

Please tell me how you know my entire life story based on a couple paragraphs I wrote on the internet.
So if you bought a decoration at a store then went home to open it up only to find it looks nothing like the picture on the package, you wouldn't be upset? The thing is, the only reason we have high standards in the first place is because every girl is lying about her appearance. If they stopped projecting a misleading image people wouldn't have such high expectations.
It's just that the social gain I would get from looking good would be counteracted by the social loss I would get from being a guy who wears makeup. It would defeat the purpose.

Ya, fuck me for not knowing that a girl looks like a completely different person when she takes off her makeup, right? Fuck off retard.

>incel mad that chicks who wear make up look better with it
Oh wow user, shocking.

>I've invested time in many women
>I still don't know how to tell what is make up and what is skin
>I think that the middle school /10 scale rating is valid in the real adult world
>It's the feminists fault
>I am very smart

>social loss I would get from being a guy who wears makeup
Explain what exactly is the social loss of getting more female attention.

Yes, fuck you for being an ugly brainlet who thinks he deserves the top 5% of naturally beautiful women.
And fuck you for being naive too.

You must be braindead if you compare real people to home decorations. No, I wouldn't be upset because I'm not 12, I know women wear make up, I'm not that shallow either so I don't get upset only because she looks worse without make up, and I'm looking for something more than just appearance in my partner or even fuck buddy anyway. When you think about it, people shouldn't be allowed to wear clothes, because they too may accentuate something and hide something else. Grow up.

>the only reason we have high standards in the first place is because every girl is lying about her appearance. If they stopped projecting a misleading image people wouldn't have such high expectations.

I'm with op on this one. I wish natural would be the norm.

They did back in the 80's, I wish I was around back then.

Hey OP your picture is dumb because that girl looks good enough in both pics.

Why do you think you deserve flawless females as a average male with lots of flaws? Why do you think you're buying an woman like an item when they're funding their own expenses such as the make up?

Be the change you want to see.

I don't want them to be flawless, I want them to be real. Is that too much to ask? That I know what a person looks like before I decide whether I find them attractive or not?

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If you don't care what your relationship partners look like that's good for you I guess, I'm sure there's some 90 yr old granny who would love a guy like you who can look past her appearance.

Do you get mad at chicks wearing bras too, virgin?

>I want them to be real
What the fuck nigger, just wait for them to wash it off. Are you this retarded for real?

>If you don't care what your relationship partners look like
It's not about not caring. It's about looking at things other than just appearance.
Someone as shallow as you wouldn't understand that, though.

Wow, most men actually appreciate it when their GF is putting effort into their looks to appease their partners. It's usually later in life when most people let themselves go.

I'm sure you'll find plenty of girls who never got to the stage of working on themselves if you focus on plain janes and lower.

It's not that I don't care, moron. I just don't expect my gf to look like a 10/10 without make up because that would be retarded, and I love her for other things too. I don't look like Henry Cavill either. Do you? Because you sound like one of these average dudes who think they deserve a foxy gf just bacause.

Makeup isn't "putting effort into their looks", it's hiding their looks. Working out and staying healthy is putting effort into your looks, not artificially changing what you look like through filters and shit loads of makeup.

I'm half tempted to try it.
I'm not ever doing drag like some females in my life suggest, but I'd be fucking gorgeous with some war paint.

Post body faggot.
I'm 110% sure that you look like a skinnyfat twig under your clothes.
And what should women think of that? Hiding your ugly body underneath neat clothing?
Sounds like hypocrisy.


no woman would ever be with such a weak man like you fella
no man that has ever been with a real woman would ever talk or even think about the autistic and retarded shit you're going on about
keep thinking that way, you drive away all females and that's actually great for them

Yes, it is effort. But you won't understand that until you'll be the laughing stock among your colleagues as the dude with the horse-faced girlfriend.

in reality op probably can't even score a standard 3/10 slag

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ITT: Women get triggered when man calls them out for routinely catfishing men.

Of course not, that's why he's so pissed about girls being able to improve their rating while he can't. Except by getting rich, but that requires more effort and time than he can handle.

Men can and should use make up. If you use it in a natural looking way other men can't tell you're using it.

It's effort, but not to change their looks, to HIDE their looks. The makeup isn't their real face. They're selling something they don't have when they put on a mask and trick people into thinking they have perfect faces, same as if you were to stuff your bra to look like you had big tits.

Yeah man and people should shower or style their hair or wear nice clothes either

m8 nobody cares but you and likeminded fools. Women have been using make-up for ages, get over it because your bitching won't change that

Meh, matter of taste. Personally I'd think a dude with makeup was gay. But my first crush had acne scars on half of his right cheek, which in turn also is a dealbreaker for many girls, so my opinion isn't exactly mainstream-applyable either.


No, to emphasize advantageous features of her face. You better not have a skull-shape- and face-flattering haircut if you really believe what you're saying.

>he doesn't date a girl who doesn't use makeup
Date thots, get thot'd
Lying about shit, IE needing to drown in makeup, usually ties together. It's like when people say "I hate myself" and their social media is an IV drip-feed of their selfies. At least daily, usually multiple daily. The old picture of "guys showing things vs girls showing things" comes to mind at least

But yeah. Learn to steer by your standards, not what people say is/isn't something-or-other. I don't like makeup, never have, probably never will
They do, they're just not really what you'd call 'men' at a glance.

I mean, there's a pretty obvious difference between accessorizing and staying clean, and literally changing the look of your bone structure and skin with makeup.
"Appeal to Tradition is a type of logical fallacy in which something is accepted as true or better because it's the "way it's always been done." There is no evidence that a specific belief or course of action actually is better. It is just believed to be better because it is the traditional belief or course of action."
Ya exactly, and that's why I'm not gonna wear makeup.
Thank you, finally a reasonable response.

How is her bone structure changed by the makeup? I see the same chin, the same nose (although slightly longer-looking due to different angle in the left pic), same lips, same cheeks.

Are you mad because she didn't curl her hair, doesn't have black eyelashes and isn't lightly tanned? Really?

Hey nigga, nice quote. Now listen, I'm not saying that wearing make-up is ok because it has longstanding tradition. I'm just stayin that its so deeply rooted in our culture that your bitching won't change it. Do you know what you can do to avoid your issue? Pursue girls who you know don't use make up. But you won't do that, right? Because they look like average plain chicks and you want a girl who looks like a goddess. Lmaoing at you hard because that sets you up for major disappointments as I'm sure you don't have what it takes to date a naturally gorgeous girl

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The problem is that there's a huge chance that even naturally georgous girl will sprout some pimples if her period-hormones come around, so he'd dump her within 4 weeks anyway.

>66 replies
>still no selfie of OP

You really need to stop looking at pornography and celeb threads as your basis for reality. You think that girl on the right is average looking? She's cute if you know what girls actually look like without make up. That camera is washing her out and flattening out her face. I'm sure she'd be much better looking in person. That's a part of why women that take photos/make vids for a living wear makeup. You look different on camera than in real life.
What is your complaint? Most women are average looking? That is how averages work.

I find left attraczive and right not at all. This is crazy.

post face/body OP

Just so you know, even without makeup women are desired by hundreds of men. Even if your fantasy of makeup being banned became true, you still wouldn't stand a chance.

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Unironically attracted to the fatty in the sailor suit

So many incels ITT

I don't get this "argument" Do you wish to be desired by women to this scale and do you think that's how society has been modeled to work? Have you actually stopped to think what the world would be like if you got what you wanted you mong?

You can tell when a girl is wearing make up, that changes it.
>unless you can't

There's fundamental difference between men and women. Men need to be fair and honest or they're simply are not men. That doesn't hold for women.

Men aren't judged by their looks as harshly as women are. If you're an average male, you don't need makeup. You can make up for it in other ways. Not that being average looking is even a problem

First of all, thinking cute girls don't exist is a real good sign that you are a shut in or at least if you go places you don't move from them much.
Usually if you go outside somewhere with a decent amount of people you would easily spot a cutie at some point.

Second, this girls a 4 with makeup, your standards are non existent if that's your 9

dudes can easily improve their own appearance. Being Jow Forums almost instantly improves your face by removing access fat or adding depth to places that were missing it. In addition you style your hair to match your face right, and you could bump yourself by a million.

Makeup isn't that helpful for women, ugly women still look ugly in makeup pretty women just look different, makeup is more the patchwork.In the end nothing makes a woman more pretty than being healthy and Jow Forums as well. There's a ton of women who look just as pretty without makeup, sometimes even better. JUST LOOK

It's christmas, bro, we gotta at least pretend OP saying women are liars because makeup isn't a permavirgin

>he can't tell if someone's wearing makeup

are all men this retarded, or is it just OP?

Plus men can grow beards, they'd look hotter and literally cover half of their face but oh a girl who wears makeup, when women will stop this witchery ah

t. Roastie

Time to fuck guys then.

Aww somebody had their feelings hurt

Oh no the roastie can’t handle when someone cririsizes her for altering her natural roastie face. Life’s hard when your body is all you have to offer after your 30s, and even that goes away from all the cocks you had. :(

Women can use makeup
men can use fitness.
if you're a 5/10. get in shape. it helps a lot.

Women can use fitness, too. She looks way better without makeup anyhow.

Studies have shown that the less makeup a woman does wear the more attractive she is since she does appear less of a slut.

I have a very pretty girl in my calculus class that has acne scars but I don't really mind it. We have holidays now and think daily about her yet I didn't man up to talk to her and most likely won't even tho she keeps looking at me. :/

>socially unacceptable for a guy to wear makeup

Says who? If you want to wear makeup then wear makeup. Why the fuck are you letting people dictate what you can and can’t do.

So said the person who never faced actual hardships at least without a very supportive surroundings, othewise you’re delusional.

Ask her out, better to get rejected than regretting it for all your life.

Seconding this. She's actually really cute.

Without make face is not that bad. No acne. No wrinkles. Better than most.

>he actually thinks this is true
No matter what happens to me, i'll always be fine
There will always be a decent man i can charm as long as i work out and dress right.
I'll lie to him and tell him i've only been with one guy and he'll believe me, because all i have to do is keep up kegels and i'm tighter than a virgin

Can't say the same for you....
Have fun coping when you're a 40 year old virgin that scares girls away while i'm having kids and a family.
I'll never be alone, but you'll always be alone.

that just makes it easier when they are all the same (ugly)
if you really have a problem with that get a girl where you get her to wear bulletproof makeup 24/7 lmao

Too bad I’m not a lesbian, no need to chase women.

Continue feeling better about yourself lying to men and hiding the fact you’re a slut. I know I have no need to lie, because I am complete with my choice not to whore around.

Don’t forget that lies eventually unfold sooner or later, you whores will have to face the consequences at some point. So enjoy your own single cock-filled life or until your beta bux cuck future husband realizes the truth.

>having kids and a family.
if that isn't some sort of weak bait then I can already tell that is gonna be one miserable piece of shit family with that attitude of yours

people who use others to fill up their void because they can't be comfortable around themselves alone are the worst kind

>women are pressured to wear make-up in order to meet impossible beauty standards
>this is why men are oppressed

You fuck off. If you have a problem with this, then stop dating women. You won't fuck an ugly girl accidentally that way.

>"muh impossible beauty standards. muh sexism. s-stop objectifying me!"
>"men under 5'10 are subhuman btw"