Too late to get a GF

30 years old never had a GF the averge woman my age is a over weight whore with a three figure partner count. Will it ever get better or am I doomed to Chads leftovers.

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Just gotta settle man.

Get a younger GF. I'm 29 and married a 20 year old. We started as family/childhood friends but yeah, she's fucking perfect and me and my entire family love her because she's a great cook, pampers me and is generally a wonderful woman. I also took her virginity when she was 19 and we've dated since she was 16

Living the dream my man, am jelly

That's fucked

>childhood friends
>9 years older
Sir you were an adult when she was a child.

That's why I said family friends first because I've known her family since forever. Her brother is my best friend and I knew her when she was a baby. Her parents have a 6 year age gap so they see no problem. It's not like I wanted to fuck her when she was 10 and we waited until we got engaged to be intimate.

Found the roastie

I'm a 25 year old man. I would never date a child at this age like you did.

9 is too much for me(I cap out at around 5-7 years younger) but as long as it's not a weird abusive situation it's fine I guess.

I think after university is over, the gap can get bigger potentially at least. At that point you'll hopefully both be in the career stage of life at least.

There are 55 year olds that rail bitches everynight and live on top of the world and are in peak shape.
You sound like a bitch user.
snap out of it. You got like 60 more years on this earth go live em up.

date younger bro!

Settle for Chads left overs. Yeah no.

>the averge woman my age is a over weight whore with a three figure partner count
>Chads leftovers

With this attitude, I am not even surprised.

Calling out pedophilia and grooming behavior doesn't make you fat or ugly. It's telling that you got so defensive over this to resort to that.

Man this site is so creepy. It's men fantasizing about taking naive children. I honestly doubt the story is even real, no parents would want their child to be with an older man that groomed her like that.

Why could you not get a gf at 30? You are not making any sense.

So, then date a overweight whore with a three figure prtner count. At least then you will have a girlfriend.

The girlfriend that you go out with will not necessarily be your last, stop worrying about picking the "right" girlfriend. Like with most things, knowing what you want in a girl requires experience.

You have no experience, so start with the opportunties you have (ie. overweight girls), and then work your way up.

I'd highly doubt that theres any guy that didn't date an overweight girl once.

Being with no gf ever at 31, I could give some perspective.

I kept saying I wanted a girlfriend - but if this was really true, I would make it a priority - I know people had displayed interest in me before, but I did not want to date them because they were too "boring" in my mind.

Now that I have accepted a lot more responsibilltiy for my situation, I can understand why.

1. The girls I really want - are not attracted to the person who I am right now (bitter, unorganized, low self-awareness, low status).
2. The girls who I would be able to date - I reject because "They are lower status" essentially.

Also, I think many people (myself included) are afraid of getting the "wrong" gf/bf, that they will be stuck with them forever, when this is definitely inaccurate.

As someone who got his first gf in his 30s, I can give some perspective. There are lots of options in your 30s, and in fact dating is far easier as is getting girls when you are in your 30s. The only thing holding you back is your bitterness and incel mindset. Grow out of it.

Younger girls exist

Yeah, I know. Its just money is a big big priority to me now, and I don't have time for a girl at the moment.

If the girl can pay me for being with her however, I'd definitely go for that lol.

I don’t understand how you could date a girl that young.. they are very unloyal

Posts like this give me hope. I just turned 32 and I've never had a gf.

I put it down to being an obsessive worker combined with not being very good at understanding people. I've never put any effort into chasing women or made it a priority, although I've asked out a few women over the years if things just happened to align and always been turned down.

I'm at a comfortable place career wise so I figure I'll try and do something about it over the year. Hell if I know what yet though.

I just don't want to be lumped in with those incel people. I'm not bitter or angry about anything, I just had different priorities to other people and talking to women clearly doesn't come naturally to me.

So what are we suppose to do, just be totally fine with the fact that the 30 year old woman spent her entire twenties chasing chad dick, but now she wants to settle with a nice guy? That sounds pretty fucked

if you're a 30 year old who has never had a GF I doubt you're in the position to be choosy over a womans weight or amount of sexual partners.
man the fuck up and be alone, or deal with it.

>25 year old raping a 16 year old
degenerate pedophile.

> the averge woman my age is a over weight whore with a three figure partner count.
Wrong. You are deluded and need more real life experience,
Get out and stop reading incel shit.

Also men can date younger without any problems. 3-5 years is completely normal

>"I expect the most perfect girl to come to me without me having to change anything about myself"
Yeah, ive got a bridge to sell you as well.

Most women have a couple of LTRs in their 20s and have some fun in between those. You would know this, and would be fine with this, if you hadn't spent your 20s alone in the basement.

Should women be fine with awkward virgin 30 year olds that have no life experience?

>Should women be fine with awkward virgin 30 year olds that have no life experience?
So life experience = sex?

Well if women are a bunch of degenerate whore I prefer to die alone .

so again, you’re saying that I should be totally fine that the 30 year old women sluttted around in her twenties and now wants to take advantage of me ?

>no life experience
I’ve had a gf before.

No, but the bitter incel virgins have barely left their basements. It's obvious due to their twisted and inaccurate world view

not that poster, but life experience does include sex.

Its literally impossible for anyone not to be laid unless they are horrible in social situations, and even then so long as you put yourself in circles with girls, one should at least take pity on you.

You can be a dick and still get laid if you put yourself in front of many, many women.

You can be a beta and get laid if you connect to enough girls social circles.

If you are a decent human being, then its impossible for you not to get laid.

Are you hurt by what I said? Good. Cause I am user, and I dont give a fuck.

This is exactly the incel mindset you need to grow out of. You are projecting incel cuck fantasies onto reality. Nothing you said is true, that's not how real life works.

Start by realizing that only thinking about other men's dicks means you are gay. Well, are you? If not, stop thinking about dicks.

You are safe. No girl would be attracted to an insecure whiny incel like you.

Sure. Doubt anyone wants to be close to you and your toxic attitude anyway

You are generalising due to bitterness. Both men and women fuck around in their 20s. People get bored of it and want something more meaningful and serious when they settle down.

If you are not fine with older women having a sexual past, then stay lonely.

Whatever loneliness is better than being near a bunch of degenerate like you.


Are you mentally retarded? And it would even make more sense to lower the age consent since girls mature faster. Something similar to the way the age of consent was around 10-13 in the 19th century. But of course, you roasties are jealous of younger girls since it means more competition for you.

so, I am friends with a girl. I’ve known her for a long time, and when she was in uni, she said how she would “live up her college years”. She fucks loads of dudes. She frequently partied and very often went home with different guys over the 4 years. after uni when she started working, she started to use tinder and have many ONS and multiple friends with benefits. I’m not sure on her number, but I have no doubt she’s been with more than 40 men. Well, she’s 29 now. She says now it’s time for her to find a nice husband. She stopped slutting around. She dresses normally now. She doesn’t use tinder, she doesn’t get drunk anymore. I’ve seen how she interacts with men now and she acts more shy and polite (she used to act slutty). She told me she wants to marry a handsome quiet type guy with a solid career. She said they are often the best partners and are more likely to be loyal. She acts as if she’s totally deserving of this.

She a whore like every women out there.

Answer this question: if you did not have much sexual experience other than one relationship, you be totally fine being the nice guy who ends up dating a woman who used to be a whore?

ITT - future 80yo man who lives in his own apartment who everyone has forgotten and no one cares about.

Saying you can't be a decent human being if you haven't had sex is very narrow minded and thoughtless. You're clearly only out to bully.

Yes, there are women like that. It's even more common among men.
Would you prefer that she had stayed lonely and never lived out her sexual fantasies, so that she feels the urge to cheat in her 30s and 40s instead?

She is a whore. The thing is she doesn’t think she is. She keeps talking about how she wants a really nice husband and to have a bunch of children with him. I genuinely feel terrible for her future husband.

I don’t want to be that guy. I don’t want to be the guy who marries a whore

if it works, then I'll rape you too.

I hope she dies alone as a cat lady .

Well, I for sure as shit don’t want to be the nice guy who gets taken advantage of. That’s literally what she is doing whether she realizes it or not. I didn’t have casual sex. I did have several opportunities over the past few years. But I never followed through with it. By my own choices. So, tell me why I should be fine with settling with someone who did the exact opposite as me?

Because if you don't you are an horrible incel according to the numerous cuck and White knight on this board .

I dont know about you, but Im more concerned about
a) Getting laid as much as possible
b) Finding a girl I love and settling down with her. It may matter to you, but doesn't matter to me about partner count. More partners generally =more experience = better sex anyway.

I'm all for women sleeping around more, since that makes it easier for guys to get laid. Less women sleeping around, less chance to get laid.

I doubt that will happen. If I hadn’t known her before, I would never have thought she did what she did. She did a complete reversal. If you met her right now you’d never think she was a big whore. She dresses very modestly, she acts very polite and respectful.

seriously why do you care so much about others sex lives?

You don't have to be. Obviously it's a big issue for you. Simply stop caring and don't spread your shitty attitude. Attempt to find a less experienced woman instead, but they are usually more picky and not attracted to bitter losers

Here's yer (You)

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>it doesn’t matter partner count
Ok. So you start dating a girl and find out that before you met she went into turbo slut more and fucked more than 60 men. You wouldn’t change your views toward her at all? No issues?

Clearly you shouldn't settle for anyone not as pious as yourself. It must be hard for those women to live up to the standards that you set.

Well like the horrible chimera women are they can fake a personallity to get what they want and a dude is going to fall for that trick before getting divorce raped I feel bad for him

if I loved her, nope.

Besides, Id probably built a large count by that time myself, so with my experience, I wouldn't feel insecure about it.

Thanks here one back

Go to /LGBT with this shit.

It says a lot about that person’s choices. It’s not different than how a woman wouldn’t want to date a man with a gambling history. Things like this can show a lot

People do what they want to do. They tell themselves the stories they want to hear about how they learnt over time to be wiser, more stable, a better human being. How they are thankful of their past because it made them into the person they are today. Thing is, it is probably the healthiest way to be. You can't be like ... well I only accommodate people smart enough to have never made a mistake or changed their mind or tried out something they later decided wasn't for them. You can be, and you are totally within your rights to be, I'm not going to try and stop you, but you've got to see how unrealistic that is. You are entirely allowed to avoid women who have done that in the past who now claim to have changed. As long as that is legitimate and authentic to you because that is what you want to do and it isn't masking some other fear or anxiety that is holding you back in life more power to you. Women really are snakes with tits sometimes. They just want what is fun, what is available, what makes them happy, safe, comfortable and so on. It often seems like take take take take take all the fucking time, but I don't blame them for it, they are what they are. As a man I can sometimes be aloof, prone to obsessions which are removed from the bread and butter of social living, striving for something more, greater, a purpose, a legacy through drive and desire. If I had my way we'd be a stoic society of repressed rational maniacs and we'd probably be colonising the solar system. But who says that is subjectively any better than having a fat ass and half a dozen children around you while you sit at the centre of a nest of shitty drama? So comfortable, so secure, such a life story to tell, so many sticky children.

She is the only woman in the world you know. And you are thinking all women are like that. Statistics show she is an outlier. Just like you, a bitter virgin incel, are an outlier. Most women are not as slutty as that girl. Most men are not as desperate and angry and entitled as you.

Oh no, you will never be a nice guy. You are an angry jerk and asshole.

Thanks I was able to learn something new today.

lol, agreed.

Being a massive whore isn’t a “mistake”. It’s an active choice.

Having a single ONS, and deciding to never do it again could be a mistake.

Explain to me why girls

Well two whore are on the thread

Explain to me how women not wanting to date men with a gambling history is any different? It’s not.

im not a girl retard.

multiple people have already told you. I know its Jow Forums, but your autism is definitely off the scale here.

The pseudo-intellectual whore apologists and cucks in this thread remind me why the sexual revolution was a mistake.
You and incels are different sides of the same coin.

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t. roastie

You say 'being a massive whore' she says 'when I was younger I wanted to believe that love had no boundaries, that it was infinite and as a result my capacity for love was limited only by myself. With so much potential love to share, I found it easy to be free with others and share in so much love and for a time it was wonderful. I occasionally wondered if I was hurting others because they were too repressed, to immature, too judgemental and lacking in wisdom to see that they were the cause of their own pain and suffering, but over time I realised that all the love in the world was meaningless in comparison to the love I have for my child. So your daddy came along and I decided that my love was going to be focused on family and light and love and magic and laughter'.

My point is these people won't see themselves as whores. They'll see a wonderful life journey that placed them exactly where they needed to be in the end and it is arguably quite healthy. What is the alternative? I'm not saying you have to be ok with it, but they don't have to give a shit about your rage, they'll just move on to somebody else who they can use as part of their narrative.

Say what, incel? All people are doing is pointing out what a moron you are. And of course, with your extremely limited thinking capabilities, you assume that anyone who doesn't subscribe to your incel cult teachings must be a woman.

>pointing out the truth to an incel means it must be a roastie whore
You were saying again how you are a nice guy?

No you are not a woman just a cuck

right. people who try to help him see that he needs to change his mindset in order to get better results (ie. better girls), are obviously in the wrong here.

>At least you will have a girlfriend
It's not better to have one than to not have one
I'd rather be by myself than being with a thot

You are choosing to die alone and bitter and a virgin. Stop blaming others for your own choices.

oh my god, just get out there sleep with multiple women and realise that no sane person gives a shit about partner count.

live a little.

I'm glad I don't need anyone's recognition to be happy and to live my life.

Go walow in degeneracy like everyone else and betray your own honour code . You degenerate are trying to subdue the world , you will not succeed as long as some people with pride are left behind.

Ok, and this is the better alternative according to you roasties?
>marry a worthless slut
>slut gets pregnant
>has a child
>decides she wants to cheat to relive her old glory days
>get a divorce
>forced to pay child support
>die alone and bitter anyway
>But hey, at least not a virgin, amirite?

Yeah that wasn't OP by the way.

Why do you want to marry a worthless slut? Oh I get it, because you are a worthless incel, and can only get the bottom 1% of girls.

degenerate - ok, sounds cool.
My honor code is live life to the fullest, and do what I want.
Subdue the world? I wouldn't know, since I just know whats going on in my life, and not the worlds.
I have a lot of pride lol.

Anyway, the bant's been real.

Conclusion: If you want quality girls - drop your shitty attitude and work towards becoming an attractive and interesting person

That's what some of you are suggesting in this thread. And she's a slut if she's had more than 1 sexual partner. Don't @ me.

>Family friends since childhood
>Both parents consent
>Brother is anons best friend
How is this grooming behavior? Both families consent, both the man and the women are adults

What kind of girl would save her virginity for a trash tier, raging autistic abusive incel like you?

Why are incels so damn entitled? If you are 30 and never had a gf then your value as a partner and a lover is as low as some used up slut's. Sorry.

You're right user. But remember, to deserve a nice 1/2/virgin wife you have to be the type that would attract her in the first place
Be a mans man and a woman's woman will come

Absolutely based.

I'm not like the other guys in this thread, all the girls I've had were virgins before they met me, granted they were young, but still. I just understand that other male virgins would like someone who's similar to them rather than someone who's had 50 dicks inside her.

That feel when my thread has gone to shit due to some autists not being able to control their "power levels"

Sure, but can you also understand their entitled and bitter attitude?