I had plans to visit friends in another city on New Year's Eve for a party but my mom wants me to take my little sister...

I had plans to visit friends in another city on New Year's Eve for a party but my mom wants me to take my little sister to a father-daughter New Years dance since our dad is a flaky alcoholic. I was looking forward to going to the party but I don’t want my family to think I’m an asshole. Would I be in the wrong to tell my mom I just don’t want to go to the dance?

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>father-daughter New Years dance
Sounds like a cringefest. Do something fun with her before New Years Eve instead, like ice skating.

Yes you fucking asshole. Take your sister to the dance, it’s a memory she’ll cherish forever. Be a good brother and prioritize caring for her over partying on New Years

Fuck that gay shit. Go party, you don't want to spend NewYears doing something boring with your sister.

Knowing this shithole of a site OP will probably take this advice

Based on OP’s post he doesn’t deserve to be a big brother anyway. Poor girl lost her father and now she can’t even rely on her big brother


Yea, she's gonna have major daddy issues, but I'm sure she'll find someone she can dance with....someone else she can call daddy.

Ask your sister if she really wants to go. How old are you two?

That’s a pretty good idea. She would probably have more fun doing that anyway.

I’m 20 and she’s 7.

Why the fuck can't you do both? A kids dance to be done with parents beat tired from life can't go all that late. You probably have time to hit both.

Dude it’s the thought that you prioritize her over partying that matters, not doing something that might be more fun before New Years. Holy shit you are a terrible brother if you’re actually going to do this to her. Man up and take your sister to the fucking dance, she’ll remember it forever. Fucking faggot

The party is a 3 hour drive away and the dance goes until 9:30PM.

So I shouldn’t ask her if she wants me to treat her to something other than the dance? I could plan an entire day of us going out and doing anything she wants.

Again, it’s the thought that you would prioritize her over a party on New Year’s Eve that matters. Asking her to do something else is just you saying “I’d rather go to the party on New Years”. Kids understand that stuff

Be a man and take your little sister to her dance. She’ll be so happy

If it makes you feel any better any qt chaperones there will probably want to jump your bones for taking the time to bond with your little sister.

Yeah whatever, you’re right.

How do you figure that

Think about it, you will most likely be the only guy who is 20. It is cute to take care for your little sister and and shows you are father material and such.

Honestly OP if you go with a positive attitude you could end up having a lot of fun with her and make some sweet memories. Yeah, no 20-year-old guy wants his little sister chained to his ankle when he could be partying with his buddies, but blowing her off will break her heart. Put your big boy pants on and make her feel like a princess for a night.

lol get off your high horse, as if you wouldn’t want to weasel out of this situation too

Go to the fucking party OP.

Jow Forums is full of virgins who have probably never been invited anywhere on NYE so of course they're telling you to ditch your friends.

Your mom is being unreasonable by expecting you as a young adult to do something totally boring on one of the biggest nights of the year, when all your friends will be out having fun. You can make this up to your sister in other ways.

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You got daddy things going on, with none of the daddy commitments a woman would have to make
Just be prepared for them to be older sometimes if it does happen.

Also I think the dance is a shit idea, I'd ask your sister what SHE wants to do. The party is a bummer but spoiling your sister is ideally worth it.

Pity about your father.

As someone who is older brother, who is past the party phase, and is hitting his 30s...

You won’t really remember the times were a dumbass getting wasted at random parties. Outside of a few exceptions, at most they’ll be like a montage of blurry moments that kind of string together.

After a while, those friends might also start to naturally fade away as you all go off to do your own things.

You *will* however remember the moments you were there for your siblings while they were young, and you will also regret the moments when you were assholes to them because you were selfish or just didn’t know any better.

OP's mother has forced an unreasonable expectation upon him. How is respectfully declining it an "asshole" move?

Young adults are allowed to party and drink with friends, you know. This is exactly the kind of age OP should be doing this. He won't be able to do this to the same level when he is 30. He can and should bond with his sister. But why does it have to be on potentially the biggest party night of the entire year?

I don't know about you, but where I grew up, NYE is universally viewed as "party time with friends", not a family occasion.

Take your sister to the party with you.