Getting someone to reject you

I'm tired of playing games and this person keeps acting strange like saying that they like me and asking about my life and then ignoring me. Can I just ask them to make up their mind? I'm tired of getting ghosted and ignored and not knowing if they are too depressed to respond or just hate me.

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women are such shallow fucking whores holy shit
Anyway as a man wiser than I once said, "He's just not that into you." Sorry.

They don't want to feel bad by rejecting you. I know, I've been on both ends of this. Move along OP.

I can't move on when I still have some hope

>Common sense
Do women even know what these words mean?

> miley cyrus
> common sense

why would you reject a girl?

>Calling people shallow on a website that has dedicated porn boards solely for objectifying women

Nigga fuck HOPE and FACE reality. She doesn’t wanna fuck you, there’s another girl that probably will.

Don’t chase girls, it will only make them not want you even more.

>going to a website must mean you agree with all its content

just ask him out if you like him wtf is the big deal

Because I didn't like her.

a man with 1, 2, 3, and 5 will have hoes. Just a fact of life

Maybe she/he tought by the way you talk to him/her that you didnt correspond his/her feelings and dont want to bug you anymore

People usualy probe before jumping, when the person probed she didnt felt anything

I was pointing out your lack of self-awareness

Can you explain

I got all of those if you're willing to round up on the height

none of that shit matters if you dont have a chad face lmao

No you were just being a self-righteous, pseudo-intellectual, reddit-tier faggot.

>no hoes

Lmao, yes they do. Miley Cyrus is a total fucking hoe

The women did porn to be objectified. Retard

>> Can I just ask them to make up their mind?

Yes. Or you can just ask them out and if they aren't enthusiastic, move on because they don't want you.

It's really not this hard, just be more direct and accept what comes. You can't change the outcome by some trickery, you just put what you are out there and see how they react, if it's good, cool, if it's not, on to the next one. That's how it works. Shoot your shot.

Literally just ask, "Can I get a yes or a no?" If their answer isn't "Yes," it is patently "No" (whether or not they literally say no).

You said the person kinda showed interest, right? It's possible that this person was "testing waters", and your responses indicated to the person that you do not have the same interest, so the person took it's distance because it would be the right thing to do after being kind of brushed of

Yeah I laughed at that too.

That shit drives me nuts. Hoes think it’s fine for them to slut themselves around, but in the end they want a nice guy for themself

This has been the truth for eternity, don't act like it's new. Shitty people have forever wanted their cake and to eat it too

It’s not cool tho. I’ve had 2 girls lie to me about their sexual history because I have a low partner count. They lied so I wouldn’t reject them.

I am scared to start trying to date again, because I don’t want more women to try to trick me

Yep. That's how it is. That's life.

So what should I do? Just not deal with women anymore? Two in a row already tried to trick and take advantage of me.

I mean basically yeah. Just friendzone chicks serially and eventually you'll get one or two who actually want to be around you and that's a decent start

Sluts are a lot like chips, the idea is probably tempting but it's not good for you in the end

Not really, they say they want a nice guy but the majority of them are attracted to fuck machines.

>Two in a row already tried to trick and take advantage of me.

That's how they are. Try to learn the intention behind their bullshit instead of taking things at face value. If they sense you're going to judge them for their sexual history, then they will lie about it.

Nothing I said was attempting to be "intellectual" if you construed it to be then I question your actual level of intelligence.
>Comprehension of a mouse

How should I form a question like that to get an answer?

It has dedicated porn boards for objectifying men as well. And for cartoons.
What the fuck are you trying to say here goober?

>chick sucks dick for money
>people share it for free

>the pronoun game
fuck off

>Still not getting the point.
When you say, "women are shallow" while posting on 4channel you are evoking a serious lack of self-awareness. This website is full of shallow men as well. I can already here you clattering away to call me an SJW and redditor or whatever other buzzword you've been programmed to call people who disagree with you but I found it ironic that in threads like these people are usually so quick to point out hypocrisies in women while ignoring that you are literally in a den full of shallow nitpicky women.

Yes, women are shallow, but so are men. The trick is to find someone who won't be shallow with you. If you want to date women like Miley Cyrus and cry that they only have a specific type then that's your problem to deal with. You do the exact same thing when you're salivating over Asian waifus or whatever it is you objectify.

To OP: Getting ghosted isn't the end of the world. Everyone has been ghosted at some point in their life. It's normal; Get over it and just move on; don't make things awkward.

>When you say, "women are shallow" while posting on 4channel you are evoking a serious lack of self-awareness
>Yes, women are shallow
So what the fuck is your point m8?

Both men and women are shallow. Based on my experiences here, I could even make the argument that men are more shallow but I won't do it cause I acknowledge generalizations are made by simple minded people.

Except women are shallow about things men can't change, such as height, whereas men for the most part just want women to be a healthy weight (which for some reason is incredibly hard for the majority of women)

Then that's a whole lot of nothing to get into bitchy twink faggot mode over.

>my experiences here
Go outside.

>men are more shallow

>I won't do it
You already did.

>simple minded people
You're a sub-100 IQ retard yourself, there's no way of digging yourself out of that intellectual bog you call your brain, bucko.

Comrade, good work trying to bluepill people!

>men for the most part just want women to be a healthy weight
This isn't all men want and you know it. Be honest with yourself.

Ad-hom ridden response laced with insecurity. It's okay you still have your Jow Forums safe-space to be a hypocrite in.

>This isn't all men want and you know it. Be honest with yourself.
Men will take what they can get of course, but what I'm saying is the bar is a lot lower for women than it is for men. Being a healthy weight as a woman automatically makes you fuckable to the vast majority of men. Even if their face is ugly they can cover it up with makeup. Meanwhile as a guy, you have to be genetically handsome, genetically tall, genetically extroverted, etc, to even be considered an option by an average girl. If a woman wants to be attractive she usually can be as long as she isn't horribly deformed, whereas an guys have to be lucky enough to win the genetic lottery. That's why you rarely ever see female incels, it's women are simply a lot more superficial when choosing partners than men are and therefore it's harder for men to find partners.

So not different at all from the shit you wrote lad.
You essentially got mad at a bunch of anons wanking it to porn on an image board who call women sluts and whores.
There's no lady to save here, whiteknight.

>This isn't all men want
Men want a good, healthy, non-ugly wife that will not act like a spoiled brat. Optionally bear his children.
Women for the most part want a walking-talking bank account ready to dispense money.

>Men will take what they can get
Desperate men* Then this is also an unfair generalization because you somehow believe that having abundance of choices is a good thing. Women for the most part desire affections and romantic love and men (desperate men) desire quick sex and "getting off" so their responses are going to be geared towards getting that.

Would you shack up with a single mom of 3? You most likely wouldn't because of fear of being called a "cuckold" by all the cool kids here. So in ways that you don't want to admit you're shallow about things like that.

> genetically handsome, genetically tall, genetically extroverted
False. These are just excuses most insecure men on this site make to compensate for their lack of a partner. I've been looking at Christmas family photos a lot this week and most of the men I saw with cute wives fit at most 1 of the 3 things you just brought up.

Like I said, if the only kinds of girls you want to date are instagram models who post pictures of their butts all day and have 500k followers then you need to know that those women have a specific type that you probably don't fit their expectations. There are lots of women who don't do this (and yes they actually do exist) You're shallow, I'm shallow, and so is everyone, what matters is the degree and you can't force someone to love you when you're not their type.

>non-ugly wife
This has "being shallow" implications because you somehow think all men have the same standards of what not being ugly means.

The majority of women aren't fat and a lot of men don't really care much about weight.
Jesus you just live inside and make judgements on the world based on what you saw on Facebook today don't you?

>This has "being shallow" implications
No, it doesn't, you braindead mong. People want to be with other people that aren't ugly. It's only natural, and makes most people put effort into themselves/dating.

>all men have the same standards of what not being ugly means
Where is it implied or where did I say that?
It's just your assumption?
Oh well, shallow assumption, then.

Also it's kinda shallow how you decided to ignore all the other traits that I put together WITH beauty to create a rough estimation of what type of woman men desire.

No sense arguing with a woman, they don't have the mental capacity to understand logic.

>ugly roastie doesn't get to date the top tier of men
>only gets to date the uggos/betas
>is mad and shouts "shallow" at everyone
Sad and pathetic.

>what type of woman men desire.
You said all men want a "non-ugly" wife and then you just brought up weight as the only thing that can make a woman non-attractive. This is a blatant lie and you know it. The character traits are not relevant to the discussion unless you want to cry about not being able to date Miley Cyrus.

Yes women are more selective. So what? Why don't you also get more selective and not just choose to settle. You know why women are selective? Because their biggest fear is being a single mom. Once a woman becomes a single mother men (like you) avoid her like a plague as if she's cursed and irredeemable, and in this age of beta, sissified men who refuse to take responsibility for any of their actions their chances of becoming single moms go up exponentially higher so their standards go up as well.

You're right people don't want to be with other ugly people so why are you crying about what Miley Cyrus and some literal who popstar has to say about standards? You wouldn't get along with those women any way so why do you even care? Are you that insecure you think every woman should find you attractive?

I am here to dispel your misinformed myth that women are only looking for 6'2" adonises who have been "genetically blessed" you are wrong and should know you are wrong. Last I checked this is Jow Forums not Jow Forums a place to give people advice not coddle manchild feelings to put it bluntly.
Are you okay? You've responded to my posts at least 5 times and I've ignored you 5 times cause your whiny posts are so easy to pick out but I'm a little bit concerned with the state of your mental health.

Also I'm not a woman. If I were, then the universe would collapse in on itself cause this would be the first time a woman would be talking to you in any context.

>unless you want to cry about not being able to date Miley Cyrus.
Lol in what world is Miley Cyrus the epitome of male fantasy? This goes to show how out of touch this femanon is.

Somebody is raiding Jow Forums with incel material...


Who the fuck would want to date Miley Cyrus

Yes, all men want a good-looking (from their perspective) wife/fwb/gf/concubine/whatever that will also check all the other boxes on their list.
Nobody wants an ugly social deadweight, and in the offchance that they are with that person - it's not out of choice/it's a complicated situation in their lives.
The betas that end up with used up roast beef flaps are in that situation because of their pathetic lives that groomed them to crave female attention so much, that they'd be actually ready to do horrible shit to themselves and enter a cycle of self-inflicted emotional pain just to touch a woman.

Men love beauty, they work hard in order to get together with beautiful, top-of-the-ladder people. It's either ambition, hard work or coincidence that they attain it. There's nothing shallow about that.

If this hurts/offends you on a personal level, then that's your issue, and you don't have to cry about it on a russian basket weaving forum out of all places.

>Also I'm not a woman
>the first time a woman would be talking to you in any context
That's something a woman would say. It's another variation of "u don't get any pussy boi".
Back to the kitchen with you, woman.

>Why don't you also get more selective
That's not how evolution works, you fucking retard.

>their biggest fear is being a single mom
That's oddly specific from you, roastie.

>and in this age of beta, sissified men who refuse to take responsibility
Lmao "where are all the good men".

>I am here to dispel your misinformed myth that women are only looking for 6'2" adonises
You're shit at your job, then.

Bruh confront them duh

Where do you sense any offense in my post? I'm pointing out the almost rhythmic nature of these threads at these points where it just becomes incels crying about women having weighty standards while claiming to not have weightier ones.

>Nobody wants an ugly social deadweight
Why do you cry when this is applied to you? Btw I never said Miley Cyrus was the standard that men should aspire to date, I brought her up cause she's the one in OP's screencap and I saw someone (probably you) complaining about women being shallow based off what Miley Cyrus, of all people, said. If someone won't date you cause you're 5'10" instead of 6'0" why would you cry about it? Is that really even someone you want to be with?

The initial discussion was in relation to physical characteristics not behavioral ones. You don't need to be Chris Hemsworth to get a woman to love you like the loser incels here love to shout out.
The reason 99% of the guys here are alone comes down to their rotten attitudes (the incel who keeps calling me his r9k buzzwords and implying I have to be a woman to be calling out his beta stupidity) and overall unappealing personalities as opposed to their "looks" and the latter is usually significantly affected because of the former.

No one wants to date a whiny manchild who complains about "society being unfair" all the time.

In my experience women think empathy means not getting mad at them when they do something wrong
>you said you’d pick up the stuff
>I’ve just been so busy at work, Melissa had a kid, etc.
>what does that have to do with anything
>you need to learn empathy!

Yes you can ask.

All your replies in this thread are either passive-aggressive or just an outright salt mine.
You keep talking how incels are crying at women that don't (wouldn't) want them, yet you're crying about incels all the time.

>Why do you cry when this is applied to you?
When was this applied to me? And when did I cry about it?
Are you schizo?

>physical characteristics
>not behavioral ones
That's what separates most men from most women, though.
Women seek looks/status in a primitive way.
Men are way more sophisticated on average than that.
Women will cut off any mates that don't fill all the checklist quotas.
Men will work on it.
Simple as that.

If basic biology/psychology hurts your ego, then go to a safe space, like reddit or something.

>No one wants to date a whiny manchild who complains about "society being unfair" all the time.
The irony, oh lord.

>women are primitive because they want a guy who brings something to the table

Wow that's some real based and redpilled truth right there brother.

I guess companies are also shallow and primitive for wanting to hire skilled people who will actually work too.

I mean, the rest of us are watching you guys complain about people you'll never meet, talk to or see in person.

Correction : women are leeches who expect men to be their parents. If women actually had their shit together then ya, I would respect their desire to be with career driven men, but let's be honest, most of them just want to live a comfy lifestyle without having to put in any of the effort. Some cucks are happy with that sort of relationship but to me that feels incredibly superficial.

My step brother has a wife who works and is pretty much an equal. They want a family eventually but she's on his level of intelligence and accomplishments career/education wise.

To be honest I'm not sure what the big deal is. As long as she does something with her life and carries herself well I don't actually mind paying for dates or taking her out in general, or even being the primary breadwinner. If you want a different arrangement that's fine, but to call women "leeches" cause they don't want to date a NEET is absurd.

I already explained to you the socio-economic reasoning for why women are highly selective but I'd be happy to explain it to you again. When two people have sex, a man and a woman, the woman is the only one who has the potential to be pregnant, if the woman selected a poor mating partner she is left with a child to take care of, the man can up and leave and that's why dead-beat dads are so common in this day and age, and single-moms are looked down upon.

Throughout the entire interaction you have been crying that women are selective about things men don't care about. Your problem is you haven't stopped to think about how life actually works.

Women seek providers because that's how society has been set up since before you were even born. Men are the leaders and should therefore be able to prove worthiness to take care of a family.

When you talk about women seeking status, most likely you are thinking about instagram models and the Miley Cyruses of the world who want a man who makes 8 figures and has a yacht. If it's these kinds of women that you desire then you're more than welcome to try to win them over or forever languish in your bitterness.

You are an inconsistent mess. You have standards and you are shallow in your own ways. Just from this interaction, you haven't showed any signs of being sophisticated.

>go to a safe space, like reddit
There it is. What an unoriginal cliche pre-programmed response. As if you think me being here and reading your incel posts burns my eyes.

I've been on Jow Forums for years for the sole purpose of giving advice not to coddle incels who want to scream about how unfair it is that the 500k insta famous model only wants 6'3" guys with ferraris and then applies this to every woman out there.

The big deal is projection and boys on Jow Forums have been doing it for many many years.

How’d you figure out they lied? That is a skill I wish to improve upon.

Not him but a little critical thought and logic goes far... And patience is ever, and always has been a virtue.


Can you elaborate a bit more?