I'm so lonely. All I want is to talk to a girl on discord. But that's a red flag to most girls in the first place

I'm so lonely. All I want is to talk to a girl on discord. But that's a red flag to most girls in the first place...
The only way to stop being thirsty is to get a gf but how am I supposed to get a gf if desiring one in the first place is creepy to them? I don't understand this endless cycle...
I'm not a creep, I'm not weird or anything, I'm not after pics or some nasty shit like that... I just want a girl to tell me about her problems, her day... maybe exchange music...
I'm not fat either, I'm in great shape if I'm being honest with u. I normally don''t say such things but I feel a need to say it, because if I don't, then you'll think I'm some neckbeard, or an incel or whatever... I promise I'm not. I'm not weird... or creepy. Just fed up with being alone.
Is there hope for me? Can I ever stop feeling this loneliness? I want to kill myself because of it... and it's worse when girls use it against me, calling me names and humiliating me, just because I want to talk to them. What am I supposed to do? Not talk to girls? But then the loneliness will never stop. I'll just end up committing suicide. But if I do talk to girls, they think I'm being creepy, which makes me feel worse. I don't know what to do, it's like being punished for trying to fulfill a basic need, and you're stuck between how much it hurts to get punished, and how much it hurts to go on not trying because you know you'll get the same treatment...
What should I do?
I'm mostly talking about online too... I'm too shy to talk to girls in real life.

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You need to fucking relax, man. You need to know that having a girlfriend is not the end-all, be-all of existence. Keep doing your hobbies, keep striving towards goals, add girls from the /soc/ discord now and then.

>the only way to stop being thirsty is get a gf

Bro you aren’t thirsty, you’re creepy and pathetic. You are. All the girls you talk to say that you are. Stop being creepy. I bet you start trying to flirt or ask them for nude pics. You probably tell them how you jack off to them.

The solution is to talk to people irl but you’re so weird and creepy that you think discord is an acceptable equivalent.

There's an epidemic of loneliness for young males and no one is doing anything about but making it worse by further popularizing "hookup culture". Here's the thing though, you're probably ugly, not literally, just not attractive to attractive women. Ugly girls would probably rim you desu. First step you take might include making a friend with a male who has at least one or two friends himself.

>All I want is to talk to a girl on discord
literally why lol

you cant talk to girls in real life?

God shut the fuck up please... I don't do any of that shit... you're just plain wrong... I look at /soc/ and see tons of those type of guys and I just think to myself man, how the fuck can they be so lame, so burdensome in their pathetiques... I'm the complete opposite, I swear to God, I swear on my life and soul I don't have any interest in sexual shit over the internet only conversation... really.

idk bro I usually get rated a 7 or a 8 I don't think ugliness is my primary problem although maybe I'm being cocky...

You really need to fucking relax, man. Women aren't attracted to the shit you're spouting right now about other men.

Yikes dawg, you sound like someone *deeply* disturbed

How much like a creep can you sound holy shit

Wow you’re pathetic. You swear to god? Seems like you have something to hide.

Alright, post screenshots of your convos where the girls call you creepy.then i might believe that somehow all the girls you talk to just say that you’re creepy, but you really aren’t.

I don't see what I said wrong... that person called me creepy and pathetic, after I just expounded all the variety of circumstance surrounding such conclusions, he went and did it anyway while being willfully ignorant to what I've said... I don't see what I'm doing wrong, or why every time I tell people these things they insult me further... I'm really on the fucking edge right now, I really got some suicidal ideation going on because of this. It's not just this thread, it's every thread I make. It seems like other people only exist to cause me pain, at this point. But I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I'm just telling you how I feel.

Jesus man go jerk off or something you NEED to relax. Don't you have fucking hobbies or goals? Go do those things. A girlfriend isn't going to solve your suicidal thoughts. It's going to make you clingy as shit and you'll drive her away.
>But I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I'm just telling you how I feel.

We can make assumptions all night or you can post some of those conversations to get explanations.

Im getting married to a girl i met on this website.
I met her because i was 3 days up on speed and really lonely. If she were an old nigger man instead of a beautiful young girl id still probably talk to her all night because i was lonely and bored.
Its been over a year. We have been through a lot together, and i can always think back to how when i met her, i didnt have any romantic intensions, she just happened to perfectly pass every single qualification i have in order to mate with somebody and proved time and time again over the course of this year of her loyalty and devotion, especially when she guarded me sleeping in a public park one night because no money for hotel.
I guess what im saying is.
Go looking for friends.
I wouldnt date a girl with any previous sexual partners or tattoos or even a giel that wore makeup. I didnt take these standards and go lookijng, i just magically found one. Its more likely youll magically find one that find one searching.

Have plenty of hobbies they just don't fill the void...

here's one... i was talking to her just fine about music before this... shes referring to a thread where I said I added her because she's a girl and everybody blew up at me...

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Is your name james?
If it is, you said it yourself, drugs over girls
If not i still know you who you are. Theres 2 reds

No my name's not james

Did you ever attempt to date a tranny that lived in KC
Shes a massive hoe now btw got corroupted by jews

I knew her. She's a nice girl, she's just not interested in someone who's solely interested in her sex, man. Try again with someone else. And stop using fucking ellipses.


I'm sure she's nice I just don't get why she had to be hostile about it that shit hurt my feelings fr.

She one of those new age hoes that wants to be seen as a human and not pussy.
Despite what literally anybody else would say, i vote she be slut, as shes willing to take on orbiters

Keep posting conv. Maybe find more girls from other sources and stop talking to them like they are expensive gems. Talk like they are a possible future friend.

I don't see her as pussy I just see her as a woman...

What makes a woman other than pussy
Im disagreeing with her, not you.
Shes a w h o r e. Looking for guys that are too weak to initate sexually tp give her attwntion while she gives hers to other men.
You just showed you liked her, and becausw ypu were on the orbiter side, not the chad side, you got burn.
I literally dont let me gf talk to any other men at all and she understands it

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